Coyotes Acquire Ranheim

( — The Phoenix Coyotes have acquired forward Paul Ranheim from the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday for a conditional choice in next year’s draft.

“We’ve acquired a veteran NHL player whose versatility will help us in several areas,” Coyotes general manager Michael Barnett.

The 36-year-old left-winger has played in 28 games this season, registering 4 assists and 6 penalty minutes.

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  1. Tradedude says:

    talk about being desperate…..

  2. tsaler says:

    I think, surprisingly, this trade is pretty good for both teams.

    Phoenix could use some more veteran leadership, and I think Ranheim is the kind of guy that can be a veteran, provide that leadership, and not think like he’s the star and savior of the team.

    On the other side, Philadelphia has really needed to drop somebody, and I think Ranheim was the perfect person to trade. Now they can leave a Radovan Somik, an Andre Savage, or a Gillaume Lefebvre on the roster and allow them to have playing time and develop as NHL players. I think it’s as fantastic a trade as any for both teams considering only 1 player, a 4th liner, was dealt.


  3. Stuv_Dogg says:

    These are exciting times in the NHL …

  4. aafiv says:

    Philly has a lot of young players that are doing well when they are called up. Moving Ranheim gives the Flyers more flexibility to utilise this talent – as you said.

    On the other hand, I really liked having Ranheim. He was always solid on the PK and a hard worker. He will make for a good veteran to teach the ‘Yotes’ kids out west. This is a building move for the ‘Yotes and a good one too.

  5. big_booty says:

    The Rangers would do well to take heed of this minor deal and follow along in Bob Clarke’s footsteps.

    The Flyers trade away an aging role player for a draft pick, so that one of their younger skill players from the AHL can step up and get some playing time. Unlike in New York, where Slats likes to deal away prospects for older players who don’t help the team’s cause.

    This is how things should work for an NHL franchise, not the other way around.

  6. cecilturtle says:

    A few years ago the Flyers had the best line in hockey. A strong 2nd line led by Brendamore. A 3rd line that could not only shut down the opponants 1st line, but also wear them out physically. Great prospects in Prospel, Zubris, Renberg, Delmore, Ninama, (the guy on Calgary), Olette(?)ect, ect… A great young defence led by one of the leagues best D-men (at the time – not now) Dejarden. ONLY ONE GOOD GOALIE AWAY from winning the cup. Beezer? Good thing Clarke signed him over Hasik (via trade), Cujo, Richter, ect…

    Clarke took this team so close to the cup. Now look at the Flyers… Trouble scoring goals. A very slow & absolutly no offence from the Defence. A very good D corp though, because the constantley get to rebound shots before their opponant can put the rebound shot past a goalie who is always out of position on the rebounds. Rebounds shots are things a team can limit more in the regular season, but not in the playoffs when every player drives extra hard to the net every shift no matter what!

    Ya! Slats can learn a lot from Clarke. OK… Now I know why blunts are rolled best with a Philly. I will admit the Flyers are much better off then the Rangers right now, but you gotta put down the picture of Clarke skating around the ice with the stanley cup grinning his toothless smile!!! I know he is your hero, and thats fine he a hall of famer, but look at what he has darn done to a team that was as close to a cup as you can get. Sorry for the spelling-no time to proff read.

    Cecil Turtle

  7. mikster says:


    Let it go man….let it go…

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