Coyotes Better Off Trading Turris?

League sources indicate as many as seven teams have presented offers to Coyotes GM Don Maloney in an effort to make a deal with holdout center Kyle Turris.

Many of theses offers have been termed “very strong” by those with firsthand knowledge of the Turris situation. It’s very likely some of these offers have included a least one quality roster player and a prospect.

Maloney has publicly said he’s not trading Turris, but the longer this continues we can only assume his mindset will need to change. At what point will he decide his obligation is solely on what’s in the best interest of the Phoenix Coyotes?

I can understand Maloney’s frustration, it’s obvious Turris wants out of Phoenix and he probably isn’t interested in allowing a 21 year-old player dictate how this is going to play out.

With that being said it may be time to put the emotional aspect aside and do what’s best for his hockey club. How many managers are interested in having a player on board who obviously doesn’t want to be there?

Part of the responsibility of any GM is to do whatever you can to improve your team. If you have the ability to upgrade your roster through a trade then it may be time to end the charade and move forward. Word is Maloney recently indicated to other GM’s that he would be willing to swing a deal involving Turris as long as the right deal was presented to him.

Many GM’s have brought deals to the table but once again Maloney is saying he’s not trading his former third overall pick.

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  1. Kramer says:

    Bookies are now accepting bets on the next NHL team to move or fold.

    The NHL doesn't want this sort of gambling, but the mob does it 'underground' like when they were selling booze in the 20s.

    Who you gonna put your money on? Coyotes, Preds, or Jackets?

    The Leafs should have 2 NHL teams. Leafs1 and Leafs2.

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