Coyotes, Rangers Swap Centers

According the the Coyotes official site, Phoenix has traded center Jeff Taffe to the New York Rangers in exchange for center Jamie Lundmark.

Lundmark spent last season with both Hartford of the AHL and HC Bolzano in Italy.

Taffe notched 11 goals and 11 assists over his professional career with Phoenix.

Both players are 24 years old and both are expected to bloom into productive NHL centers. Lundmark will be joining the Coyotes thursday night in Vancouver.

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  1. Bretzky says:

    I personally don’t really care either way, I think both players are about the same. Also, I’m pretty sure Lundmark is 23 and Taffe 24, although it doesn’t matter much. Hopefully the change of scenery will help both players. I liked Lundmark a lot as a person but he didn’t really show much heart compared to some of the other young guys the Rangers have starting now.

  2. Kamakaze says:

    Agreed, for a while I was thinking the Rangers should have been giving this kid top-line duty with Jagr, but after seeing him, especially compared to some other young players they have, he really didn’t pan out at all the way I thought he would.

    I don’t think much of Taffe, but I honestly haven’t seen much from him. I don’t really expect him to be in the lineup honestly, the Rangers have much better players I think, and should only reward Taffe once he shows what he can do in Hartford.

    As for Lundmarks future, I don’t think he’s going to have much, sounds like another Brendle or something. He may crack the Yotes 4th line, but I don’t think he should. They should send him down, condition him a bit, let him score some goals and get some confidence, then reward him later on when some of the older guys need a rest.

  3. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’m not going to say I called it, but in the back of my mind, I thought of something like this happening, considering the Balej for Fedorov and Murray for Hossa deals, exchanges of young talent.

    I like Taffe, he’s a blue-collar kid with talent who plays both sides of the puck, mucks in the corners, and is decent on face-offs. Lundmark just hasn’t shown the heart to overcome a lot of things, and sometimes it doesn’t look like he’s even skating. But after all he’s gone through, I can’t say that I fully blame him, even though with obstacles, you have to battle harder to overcome them, and he just did not do that.

    There was no room for Taffe, they valued Kolanos more, and with Nedved coming back from the IR, either Kolanos or Taffe would have to clear waivers, which wasn’t going to happen.

    I wish the best of luck to Jamie, and I hope he does well… I just hope this isn’t another Doug Weight situation where he goes and scores 100+ points a few years later.

    As for Taffe, I think he’ll be a hell of a player, kind of in the mold of Craig Conroy.

  4. TrueBlue0917 says:

    If you are a Rangers fan you just knew that lundmark wasn’t going to be around any longer, considering that Renney only played him once in the last 4 games. I think this trade will benefit Lundmark, cuz he just couldn’t handle new york . If we had traded him 2 or 3 yrs ago we could have gotten more in return, maybe a guy named Iginla. there were rumors igina for lundmark and draft picks but Slats did not pul lthe trigger but opted for anson carter instead.

  5. Beckfan5 says:

    Get ready boys and girls! Tonight starts the night of a home and home with the hated Islander *****$. Could we see some hatred brewing? Then to face them again next week at the Garden, which I will be attending. I hope to see some old school hockey from these two teams.



  6. RangerSteve says:


  7. RangerSteve says:

    I think the deal was actually Lundmark, Dvorak, Poti, Blackburn and picks. I loved Dvo, but the other 3 think we wish we woulda pulled that trigger now huh?

    I agree, you knew they were shopping Lundmark around as soon as he played himself right out of the lineup and Prucha stepped in and played very well with Jagr.

  8. Beckfan5 says:

    I think it was Tyutin, not Poti.

    And why is everyone praising Prucha already? Dont get me wrong, he looks good so far but he has one goal and was taken off the Jagr line already. Give a few more games, 15-20 or so more till we all analyze his play.

    Players like Moore and Ward, yeah we can praise them. They play every shift and kill peanalties. Praise the ones who have shown more than just one goal and a spot on the top line in one game.

  9. GretzNYR99 says:

    Um actually, he was just put back on it for the game against Florida, thank you very much.

    I’ve been praising Moore and Ward as well, Hollweg should get some praise too, as he should be with this club, but a surplus of players and not enough roster spots has screwed him over.

  10. Aetherial says:

    What I don’t understand is that Rangers fans have been lauding this guy for a couple years on this site. They have consistently mentioned him as if he was a can’t miss, top-notch NHL center.

    Why trade him for a “blue collar” guy, who, frankly, a lot of people have never heard of?

    I am not being sarcastic, I am serious. I though Lundmark was supposed to be a better prospect than that?

  11. GretzNYR99 says:



    I’m going tonight, you might hear me scream “Potvin Beats His Wife.”

  12. GretzNYR99 says:

    Lundmark as I said from the start, and in past articles was overhyped, as was Manny Malhotra, who the NY Media had as the next Mark Messier. Jeff Taffe if you remember was a big key to the blockbuster Keith Tkachuk deal, there were 2 different deals St. Louis offered for Keith Tkachuk, and the first one had Handzus, Nagy, Hecht, Bartecko, and a 1st rounder. Phoenix insisted that Taffe be included in the deal, and once Taffe was included, the deal went through. Taffe was a star with the Golden Gophers.

  13. cecilturtle says:

    I would do that trade over again no question! Forget about it… Essa was such a big part of the Rangers winning the cup in 1994 and also for the team reaching the playoffs for the few years after that, until this 7(8) year drought. The Rangers could have signed weight (2 times? already) as a free agent but decided not to. Think about it… Rangers have not made the playoffs since Buggs Bunny retired!

    Cecil Turtle

  14. moosehockey says:

    I’m just wondering if anyone knows this… but when you trade for a player when you acquire him can you send him to your minor league club right away without having to clear waivers? Or do they need to have a 2 way contract in place for them to send him down?

    If Phoenix traded Taffe to make room would they not have wanted a draft pick instead unless they can send Lundmark down to the minors? What is Lundmark’s contract status?

  15. cecilturtle says:

    This years Rangers are more exciting than any other Rangers team in the last 7-8 years! And the Rangers have not commited one major penalty yet… Not one fight! It seems as though the Rangers are skating around the ice too fast to stop and fight someone, even after hard checks are thrown… I guess this will change in the next couple of days against the Icelanders home & home (mano e mano over macho grande), but it really seems like the Rangers are working too hard on their hockey to slow down for a few minuets and fight someone?

    Cecil Turtle

  16. cecilturtle says:

    Nothing else need be said!

  17. cecilturtle says:

    It seems the bigger Taffe fits in better (as does Federov & Hossa) with the Rangers, get the puck in deep and cycle, style of play than the smaller “west coast type player” Lunmark and Balaj. Murray is not a finesse west coast type player like the other players the Rangers traded this year, but he does not have anywhere near the scoring touch as any of the above mentioned players.

    Cecil Turtle

  18. cementhead says:

    Coyotes were needing to make room until Hull retired. That put them at a 24 man roster with Boucher on the IR – and when Boucher returns LeNeveu will be sent to the minors for more ice time. (also, Gauthier can be put on the IR as he is expected to be out 4-6 weeks – that would have given Coyotes even more room had they wanted it).

    Coyotes had been shopping Taffe and/or Kolanos up to the Hull retirement and perhaps that stirred enough interest to make this deal happen. Seems definite to me that neither team will be worse for the deal and both teams may be better for the deal (all depending on how these guys react to a change of scenery).

    I think the most benefit will go to the players themselves – they are both getting a new opportunity.

    This deal makes a lot of sense as both teams may benefit but neither will be worse.

  19. Aetherial says:

    OK Taffe is supposedly more highly regarded than I thought and Lundmark was perhaps overhyped… it makes a little more sense now.

    I was pretty damn surprised recently when Balej got traded for much less than I thought he was worth and now Lundmark.

  20. wingerxxx says:

    What Rangers fans have been saying that? A can’t miss top notch NHL center? Lundmark? Whoa. It sure as heck wasn’t me. I never thought too much of Malhotra, Lundmark, Brendl, any of those guys. That is Neil Smith for you.

  21. nyrules11 says:

    lundmark could have been overhyped but its hard to say since he didnt really get a shot until last season. If he had been playing for the last 3-4 seasons like he should have and actually got more than 5 minutes a game it could have been totally different.

    and malhotra was definitely not overhyped. He was the real deal but got ruined playing 4th line on the rangers. He really had a lot of skill and worked hard but no matter what he wasnt moved up. They screwed him bad.

    At the rangers all star competition that they used to do he won the speed skating and 2nd in the accuracy shooting in the same year. His skating time was behind only Bonk and one other NHLer that year.

    He should have been the 2nd line center his first few years. If they knew how to develop players back then he would have easily been our #1 center and probably captain toady. He would be right up there with Lecavalier for players in that age group and that style of play.

  22. WangKumar says:

    Its just funny how this summer (I am not saying it was you) every ranger fan was complaing on this site that they hadnt signed anyone. Callers on WFAN were screaming their heads off. John LeClair? Wait a year to snag Thorton? or St. Louis?

    I think its too premature, but as an Isles fan, I must admit its hard to root against a bunch of kids who play their hearts out each and every night. It kind of reminds me of the isles 4 yrs ago when they won their first 11 games.

  23. WangKumar says:

    Yeah, but Potvin’s wife didnt listen!

  24. RangerSteve says:

    It’s a change just because they play with heart now. They haven’t had that for the past 7 seasons. I know what you are talking about with some Ranger fans going nuts about how come we didn’t sign Forsberg, Naslund etc. The goal from the beginning was to build a team from within and get Jagr complimentary players. So far it has worked.

  25. Beckfan5 says:

    Funny, when did they allow the callers talk hockey on the FAN?

  26. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’d have to agree with that.

    If Gretzky gives Lundmark a shot, I think he can be a 2nd line scorer at this level. But he just couldn’t do it in NY, and Taffe was well behind in the depth chart considering the value of Kolanos, who I think is the one that should have been shopped, I think Taffe is a more well-rounded player.

  27. GretzNYR99 says:

    How you couldn’t think too much of a 70 goal scorer in the WHL, is beyond me. He also scored 55 I believe the year after.

    Remember, the WHL is Sutter hockey, the western canadian game, not that soft, offense-first Quebec League deal in the Q. Brendl’s feat was something to behold.

    How you can downplay that is beyond me, if he had the work ethic to become the player he could be, the Rangers would have a top notch scorer playing for them right now. I guess he thought the millions of dollars would have been handed to him… shows you what the Euro’s are all about.

  28. wingerxxx says:

    Brendl’s scoring with the Hitmen especially was very impressive, but he’s just a plain lazy player. You can see it in his skating. I downplay that because of that “if”…if he had the work ethic. Which he doesn’t. Big scorers in the WHL don’t always translate to success in the NHL…I don’t know what kinds of numbers Lundmark had playing for Hartford and what-not, but I can see why the coaching staff was always reluctant to give him more ice time when he played for the big club. I don’t think he’s a bust or anything (Lundmark), he can probably be a serviceable NHL player somewhere, but it’s obvious he needed a change of scenery.

  29. wheresthesoda says:

    about f*ckin time

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