Coyotes Sign Buchburger

(Jul. 6th) — TFP has learned that the Phoenix Coyotes have signed winger Kelly Buchberger to a 2-year contract.
Details to follow…

10 Responses to Coyotes Sign Buchburger

  1. habs_88_4life says:

    Who submitted this?

    I submitted this, about an hour ago!

  2. titans says:

    You mean the Rangers missed someone?

  3. aaron says:


    I know I should know who this is…didn’t he play for the damn Kings team that knocked Detroit out of the playoffs?

  4. amok says:

    Why’s everyone talking about Tony, the Coyotes got Buchberger!

    Seriously though, this is a good move. He’ll help with the young guys. He was a pal of Gretz, wasn’t he?

  5. big_booty says:

    Maybe he’ll bring some of that vaunted “transition offense” to the desert.

  6. bruinsfan12 says:

    Is anybody else noticing that some of these free agent signings that are reporting aren’t being reported anywhere else?

  7. MantaRay says:


    I thought the same bloody thing when I saw this post. Its up to Ian Lapierre and Ken Belanger to keep that transition game

    intact at the Staples center next year.

  8. GrimReaper says:

    Good signing for Phoenix. Now hopefully they’ll trade that jack ass Lemieux for a high upside player. They could probably make Milburry look like an idiot. But who couldn’t?

  9. habs_88_4life says:

    Claude Lemieux is an excellent hockey player, he is the ultimate playoff performer. He gives out cheap shots but thats hockey!

  10. GrimReaper says:

    He had 0 points in the playoffs last year. That sure is ultimate.

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