Coyotes Sign Kyle Turris

The Phoenix Coyotes have signed Kyle Turris from the Wisconsin Badgers, their first overall pick. He should compliment an already fine group of rookies in Mueller, Hanzal, Carcillo, and Weller. Hopefully Blake Wheeler from the Minnesota Gophers will soon follow as the Gophers are finished for the year.

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  1. Habs_pm says:

    If Pheonix stays patient they will have plenty of depth in the future.

    They actually got a goalie now and you can already see the improvement.

  2. Desertdog17 says:

    Dont forget Winnik and yandle in that mix. Over the last ten games it appears Enver Lisin is finally living up to expectations he has been spectacular.  As a coyote fan iam most excited to see chad kolarik who is tearin up the college level with michigan in the usa. he is expected to be a coyote next season.

  3. HABSSTAR says:

    The Phoenix who-whats-now?  They have a hockey team???  How come I never see them in the playoffs?  lol!

  4. BruMagnus says:

    I bet the Turris-led Coyotes beat the Stars in Turris's debut, but the Stars get revenge the following game.

  5. Clearly says:

    Maybe because they are a developing team. You don't become a great team over night. But they're on their way.

  6. HABSSTAR says:

    They've been a developing team since their days in Winnipeg.  They need less developing and more great.

  7. nosnow_here says:

    Wow, the Habs finally do something and their closet fans come out and talk smack.  Typical Canadian.

  8. flyersfan10897 says:

    If Turris is signing, it makes me wonder how far Van Riemsdyk is from signing.  I'd like to give him another year in college, then maybe a year in the NHL.

    On another note, this Flyers-Pens game is being very fairly officiated.  Hartnell gets smashed in the face with Gonchars stick, bleeding everywhere, five feet from the referee who watches the whole thing and doesnt call any penalty, let alone the 4 minutes he deserved.  And then a scrum in front of the Flyers net results in a 5-on-3? So no Penguin did anything illegal during that?  Good job referees.

  9. HABSSTAR says:

    Wow the Yotes still haven't done anything and all their fan come out and talk smack..Typical DOUCHEBAG!

  10. HABSSTAR says:

    Don't let BruMagnus hear your blasphemy! 

  11. flamingsenator says:

    i agree for the most part…..malkin seems to have no problem getting a couple of cheap shots in before the refs stop it

    still….the flyers-pens rivalry is pretty crazy….id say the toughest one in the league this year

    i usually hate hartnell…but i feel sorry for him in this game hahaha

  12. BruMagnus says:

    Here's how I scored it:

    The Pens fans at the Igloo aren’t known to be overly critical of the refs, but in this game they were booing nonstop. The commentators made a good comment that Kerry Fraser and Dan Marouelli are old-school dirty refs who don’t understand the new NHL’s rules. That much was apparent in this game, especially the lack of obstruction/interference calls.


    First period.

    Crosby tripped behind net. No call.

    Gonchar slashed/hooked. No call. Leads to Flyers call.

    Crosby viciously Bertuzzied by Hartnell. No call. A minute later Hal Gill gets called for nothing and the Flyers score… again. On the PK Orpik is cross-checked in the back by Lupul, leading to a fight between them. No call.

    Kukkonen elbows Crosby. No call.  Crosby wants to fight him but the ***** won’t.

    Malone gets interfered with completely away from the play with 90 seconds left in the 1st. No call. 

    Coburn knocked Sykora down going to the bench. Interference. No call.


    Gonchar’s sticks butt-ends Hartnell accidentally. Shoulda been a 4-minute penalty. Good karma on Hartnell, though, for his cheap shot(s) on Crosby.

    Coburn slew foots Hossa, but do we get a 5-on-3? Nope. But they did call Hartnell for his cheap shots on Crosby. Laraque should ***** him up.

    Hartnell comes out of the box. Slew foots Orpik. No call. Then Orpik gets a penalty for delay of game. Fans boo. But Hartnell gets a roughing penalty instead.

    Gill gets a penalty for hooking. Maybe weak. But they did a good job and made it up on Dowd.

    Laraque gets a penalty for elbow to the back of the head, called roughing, for overpowering the ***** Flyer.

    Crosby interfered with, but instead Thoreson falls on his own or dives, and Hossa gets a penalty.

    Two quick whistles by Dan idiot Marouelli. First, puck was obviously not frozen, even the blind could see. Then a minute later Ruutu scores but the same idiot calls it dead with a super quick whistle.

    Gonchar gets a weak hooking call. A very quick hook. Fans boo. I’d say in the first year post-lockout it’s a penalty. But these days, those go uncalled 90% of the time.

    Briere crosschecks and highsticks Malone. No call.

    On the PP, Richards BLATANTLY high-sticks Crosby. No call… strange.

  13. BruMagnus says:

    Oh, and the refs missed a penalty when Ruutu sent out his knee.
    But all in all, the Flyers got the heavy advantage for what was called and what should have been called.

    The Flyers made a mistake pissing the Pens off tonight because now we wont take it easy on you guys even though we already locked up at least 2nd seed, and THE ATLANTIC DIVISION!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!

  14. azzkikr2100 says:

    I am a Pens fan as many of you guys know… But i couldnt watch the game because NHL Center Ice channels are being overun by the most boring and uninteresting sport ever created… Baseball…

    But if you want to complain about Refs… you really need to become a Pens fan. I see at least 5-8 penalties that dont get called per game. This may be because of my biasness for the Pens, However i see no-calls going both ways… Just more going against the penguins.

    In these rivalry games, it has to be extremely hard to officiate because you dont always see the "cheapshots". And there are alot of them. Like i explained before, i couldnt watch the game so i didnt see it. But every team gets away with cheap shots… Ask crosby and malkin about them. At least 1 per game against each of them.

    I just dont understand how a flyers fan can ***** about penalties…? Your team is the dirtiest team ive ever seen. Always looking to hurt someone. Always looking for a fight. Always throwing their weight around after the whistle. They even always manage to spray the goalies with ice when they actually manage to shoot and it makes it to the goalie.

    Every occurance ends in a skirmish that should always result in a flyers penalty. However that is not always the case. But it should always be the case. So your lowly flyers are lucky.

    Even more lucky if they make the playoffs.

  15. careyprice31 says:


  16. Clearly says:

    They haven't been known for developing good. Signing veterns (Roenick, Hull, Joseph, etc) but now they have young talent. Are you saying you wouldn't want a Brysgalov, Mueller, Turris on your team?

  17. HABSSTAR says:

    Did I say that anywehre?  Of course I didn't.  What I said is that the Coyotes have been a "developing team" since their days in Winnipeg.  The problem is they never develop into anything.  

    They're like a catapillar who just keeps building a new cocoon every year but keeps on emerging as….the same ugly catapillar.   

  18. kamullia says:

    You forgot to mention the refs missing Crosby’s headbutting the stick of Hartnell with the back of his head while he was kneeling on the ice and getting in the way of Scott’s glide. For God’s sake, you could even see the flying helmet!! How can the refs miss that??!! I bet poor Harnell had to get another stick after that.

  19. HABSSTAR says:

    I bet he did!  Rotten Crosby!  The devious part about it is he made it look like a Hartnell cross-check BASTARD!

  20. Clearly says:

    You were poking fun at Coyotes not making the playoffs. NOW they stated they aren't going for veterans and have a lot of young talent.

    Expect to see them as a playoff threat in 2-3 years.

  21. nosnow_here says:

    Yeah, Gretzky called Gainey to set up a tee time for them together for round two.  Habs will be out then.

  22. nosnow_here says:

    Speaking of Ugly… Get a load of the Canadiens jerseys.

  23. HABSSTAR says:

    Oh clever!

  24. BruMagnus says:

    Which post were you refering to?
    I wrote:
    Crosby viciously Bertuzzied by Hartnell.

  25. BruMagnus says:

    No way! In 2-3 years they won't be able to keep all of their star players and will be in the worst position in the NHL, just like the Penguins currently are!

  26. morrissey says:

    the Penguins are likely to have a weaker lineup as soon as next season, so if you don't win a cup this year, where will you be then?

  27. kamullia says:

    I always reply to the post I am referring to, therefore my guess is that you are seeing the posts in “FLAT” format, which is when all the posts are just one under the other all with the same left justification and you cannot tell if the person is answering the one right above it, or one from farther up.

    The way to go around this is by going to the setup and choosing either of “Thread” or “Nested” for display mode in your account, my suggestion is use “Thread”. Once you do this, you can go back to the home page and click on the article and then it will all make sense to you, and you will know to which post I was responding to.

    I am guessing that is the problem, because if you are actually seeing it in thread or nested format and you are still asking the question, that would make you outright dumb. I consider you many things, but dumb is not one of them.

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