Coyotes may start making moves

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  1. leafy says:

    The Leafs are not a bad looking team. If only they could learn to play better in the defensive zone. But I like the way they played in the last 10 mins tonight, after Vancouver came within 2.

    • Gambo says:

      I like Holzer. Plays tough and can skate. Loved how he went at Burrows. Would rather have him playing than Robidas when Polak is back.

      I also like Panik. Fast, good hands, good shot and can throw the body. I was watching some clips of him on youtube, he’s actually a pretty good fighter. Him and Peter Holland got in a fight before haha

      • TmLeafan says:

        Not 100 % sold on Holzer, he does look like a good penalty killer though and is generally solid.

        Agreed on Panik, really smart pickup. Everything you would want from a 4th liner he is big lays the body on the forecheck and can finish nicely when given the chance.

        How about Peter Holland? He is starting to look good with more of an opportunity. He has got a really good shot as you saw last night. Got size and seems to be using it more than last year. Think he has much more offensive upside than a guy like Colbourne.

        Where are all those people who said the Leafs were a lottery team?

        • Gambo says:

          Yeah Holland has been looking good, getting a lot of chances on the PK too. He’s gotta work on faceoffs though. I don’t really think it’s fair to say he has much more offensive upside than Colborne, Joe has been nearly a point per game player with the flames this year.

          • TmLeafan says:

            I think it is definitely fair to say. Almost a PPG for Colborne is pretty misleading considering he has 8 assists and zero goals in 11 games. Hasn’t scored once, and how many of those were 2nd assists?

            Look at their AHL numbers too. Holland has scored at a higher rate, plus he is a year younger.

  2. leafy says:

    I’m no yet sure if this is a playoff team or if they’re just teasing us. They’re sort of on and off.

    Some big tests coming up this month including a tough 6 game road trip.

    • Gambo says:

      If they are a playoff team i’d love for them to trade for Briere at the deadline. He’d come really cheap and is clutch in the playoffs. Could play wing in the top 6 or even 4th line center on the skilled 4th line.

      Would allow for a more organized 2nd PP if he replaced Clarkson on. Lupul could be the guy in front rather than him and Clarkson both sharing the screening role, while Briere works the side wall like Kessel. Plus he’s a veteren leader.

      • leafy says:

        Yeah Briere is Mr. clutch kind of like Claude Lemieux from a few years back.

        If the Leafs are a playoff team, I’d also like to see them add a big strong defenceman as a rental.

        I have a feeling there’s gonna be a significant trade well before the deadline. Probably something involving Reimer.

  3. doorman says:

    This is off topic but is there a bigger pice of crap fighter than Chris Neil? Always with the late punches when qa guy is down or tied up by a linesman. It’s fricken brutal seriously.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      The only image I have of Neil is of him skating away from Domi when confronted on endless occasions.

      And for some reason it reminds me of Tucker beating the piss out of Patrick Eaves.

  4. leafmeister says:

    Paul MacLean anyone? I’d take a guaranteed MacLean over a potential Babcock. Time for Randy to go.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      It’s funny I was day dreaming of MacLean being brought in as assistant coach and literally heard he was fired ten seconds later. Would love a Babcock/MacLean team to take over.

      • blaze says:

        Just because there’s going to be quality coaches available Toronto is going to make the playoffs and lose in the first round and Carlyle will stay.

        Playoffs will be nice though.

        • leafy says:

          If they get to the playoffs, they could be dangerous. Teams that can score are always dangerous. The question is if they can get to the playoffs. At this moment, I don’t know.

          • doorman says:

            They will go as far as Bernier takes them. Speaking of which it is time to proclaim him #1 as he will start for the 9th time in a row tonight. Reimer is something hopefully they can turn into some sort of an asset.

            As far as the coaching goes, well if Babcock becomes avail, IF and he is interested in the Leafs job, carlyles job is not safe.

          • leafmeister says:

            Very true. Especially since other than Pittsburgh, who we all know are far from unbeatable, I wouldn’t say there is a favourite in the East this year.

            Boston appears to be on the decline, and Montreal has been inconsistent. Tampa looks good, but they are still a bit unpredictable due to youth. NYI could turn heads, but they lack sufficient playoff experience to be considered favourites. Detroit is likely to run into injury troubles due to age. With a hot Bernier, and solid offensive depth, the Leafs could take any of those teams.

  5. leafmeister says:

    I am really liking Kadri’s game. He is noticeably improved in his two way play, and now the points are starting to come. He, Winnik and Santorelli are also showing a great puck possession game.

  6. leafy says:

    Am I reading the NHL standings correctly? The Leafs are 6 points behind first overall.

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