Coyotes to change their look for 2003-2004…

ESPN had Mike Barnett, GM of the Coyotes in for an interview during Wednesday nights game again the Blackhawks and he revealed that along with the new building, the Coyotes will portray a new logo and new jerseys. Personally, I feel this is a damn good move! The current style is……ummm…..well, put it this way, the Canucks jerseys with the hockey stick on it were better! Watch for an outburst in jersey sales whether they come out next year or the year after. Jersey sales will go towards Amonte’s salary.

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  1. Tradedude says:

    What’s wrong with their logo, it seems fine to me.

    Teams that need a new logo are:

    1) Florida Panthers

    2) Boston Bruins

    3) Tampa Bay Lightning

    4) Toronto Maple Leafs

    5) San Jose Sharks

    6) New York Rangers

    7) Philadelphia Flyers

    and maybe the San Jose Sharks if they can upgrade their jerseys a bit.

  2. wayne2 says:

    Florida,San jose,Tampa Bay are all fine jerseys.The rest of your list i agree and would add:Montréal(at least a 3rd jersey),Carolina,NY islanders,Vancouver.Boston just needs to change their ugly 3rd jersey.

  3. nskerr says:

    Phoenix needs new uniforms. I like the Isles 3rd jersey. It might be loud, but you see them coming.

  4. mikster says:

    No original 6 team should change their logos. Only for a 3rd jersey.

  5. ball_buster says:

    i think that the leafs, rangers, flyers, or panthers should not change a thing. the habs maybe can use their old home jerseys instead of the ones they use today, but like mikster said, no original six team should ever chanfe their jersey…..only for a third. i believe the coyotes should change, but who knows what it will be, it could even turn out worse than this one. i do kind of like their jersey thiiugh, always room for improvement.

  6. Tradedude says:

    ya well not phoenix

  7. amok says:

    I like those Vancouver hockey stick jerseys. Glad to see people wearing them again. Now those hideous yellow jerseys with the skate going downhill were just atrocious, apt as they were.

  8. puckedinthehead says:

    FYI…Rumors are that when Vancouver plays Buffalo next year both teams will wear their retro jerseys, Vancouver will sport their hockey stick jersey and Sabres will wear their old blue and gold.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    The hockey stick jerseys rock!!! If only they weren’t $90 here. The mid 70’s expansion jerseys from the Pens, Sabres, Flames, Kings, North Stars, Golden Seals, Rockies, Scouts and Vancouver were the best jerseys. Even the WHA jerseys of the era were better than any of the 90’s expansion jerseys or the horrible third jerseys.

    If only we could bring back the 16 team league and the WHA along side it.

  10. Robert says:

    all orignal six have the best jersies, so original.

  11. rojoke says:

    If they are changing their logo, then I hope they don’t do anything cartoonish, like a coyote skating, carrying a stick, biting a stick/puck. Whoever is developing the new logo should check out the Hockey News’ annual logo ranking for what to do and what not to do.

  12. Aetherial says:

    NO team from the original 6 should change jerseys in any significant way. There is simply too much tradition.

  13. MantaRay says:

    This coincides with the new arena in Glendale, AZ.

    Its a smart move, but I kind of like the Jersey’s.

  14. MapleLeafs says:

    I think that the Leafs have one of the nicest jersey but i love the Leafs thrid jersey the one with the blue on the shoulder and the laceing.Besides they wont change the look for the Leafs cause it is part of Leafs history.


    Go Leafs Go

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