Craig Rivet traded to San Jose!

Montreal Canadiens General Manager Bob Gainey announced today the acquisition of defenseman Josh Gorges and the San Jose Sharks’ first round pick in 2007, in return for defenseman Craig Rivet and a 5th round pick in 2008.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    sorry i didn't sleep last night my bad. although he's still on the payroll. 

  2. darcysucker says:

    Great move by Gainey, honestly it's the only move I suspected him making, Rivet hasn't played in a while, he got benched about a month ago, and if you look at the habs line-up there's no longer a place for him, Mark Streit has been playing great hockey and clearly took Rivet's spot on the roster, and I don't think Rivet would've been happy been the 7th defenseman, and definately wouldn't have resigned with the habs, so Gainey had to trade him, and the fact that he could get something for him is pretty amazing, on top of that he managed to get a 1st round pick, genius!

    As for the Habs D-situation, if they can sign Markov and Souray they're set for next year with Komo-Markov, Dandenault-Bouillion and Souray-Streit, that's as solid as it gets.  And if Souray wants to go out west, then let him, he has injury problems, this is the first time he's been able to play all season, he has a bad wrist and back problems, does anyone remember when they basically reconstructed his wrist in 2004?  The core of the defense is Markov, he hasn't been that great lately, but when he's on he's amazing, he makes great passes, has great vision and is very strong defensively, he can shut down a top forward like Crosby or Ovechkin, and him and Komo are a great duo, Komo hits everything he sees and Markov is great at moving that puck.  So if you know anything about the habs you know that Markov is the key. 

    As for the forwards, I still believe in Kovalev, we all know what he can do, remember the playoffs series against the Bruins, when the games are important Kovy comes to play, and there's nothing like seeing this guy "in his office", on the red face circel on the right side of the opposing teams side, he was playing hurt for a while, but I expect him to explode in the coming weeks.


  3. darcysucker says:

    Hainsey plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets, he actually scored a goal last night, and I highly doubt he's on the payroll, he got traded a long time ago, lik 3 years ago, and I'm sure he doesn't earn much more than the league minimum

  4. ThomasHawks says:

    He got pick up from the waiver when MTL was calling him up from the Hamilton Bulldog's.So MTL has to pay half of his salarie.But for how long???

  5. ThomasHawks says:

    Montreal just put Aaron Downey on waivers.Thats mean more space on the cap.Cmon Bob I want something big up front.

  6. Habroller says:

    I've read your other comments, and though I really agree with you (like I usually do on this site) you don't seem to consider how low was Rivet's value from a habs fan perspective. He's becoming UFA this summer, his health status is more than uncertain (he'll be fine for the playoffs, but we're not sure at all we'll be getting there), and he has been playing inconsistantly all year. I like the guy, but it really was time for him to leave. He is a 5th or 6th D at best, but we kept paying him over the years as he was a 3rd or 4th. This guy shouldn't get paid more than 1.5 million and I doubt we would've re-signed him for that amount. Anyway, nothing prevents Gainey to try re-signing him in July (though very unlikely)…

    SJ 1st pick will probably be higher than 23rd (especially if it ends up being New Jersey's, anyone's aware of this?), but it still is a definite overpaying considering my previous arguments. It's not as Gorges was to be a career AHLer anyway. He could turn to be a very decent puck-moving stay-at-home (though such definition may sound contradictory).

    I really think we got the best of that deal.

  7. kamullia says:

    And I agree with what you said. In fact, at the very end of my earlier comment, I do mention that it was a great deal, although I did not delineate that I thought it was a great deal from the Habs perspective, which was my intention.

    My apologies if you thought I meant it was a great deal for San Jose. It was not my intention.

  8. habsoverserver says:

     i think until his contract expires.

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