Crazy Rumor…Malkin to be traded to Montreal ???? and JP Dumont to sign also?

Another crazy rumor for Montreal… At first I thought it was a joke but apparently it isn’t and came from a good source (, but like everyone else would be choqued if it happened.

“On the rumour scale, KGB(1) Ryder, Ribeiro, Souray, Aebischer and a first-round pick for Malkin. Montreal also signs JP Dumont as a result of the freed up cash.

Let me add this. I did not get this from PJ Stock, I have never even received and e-mail from the guy. I don’t listen to the Team 990 in Montreal (you’re welcome for the free plug). A retired player in Mount Royal sent this to me and it was not via PJ Stock. This is the only reason why I am posting it, because it is from a player. Not as guaranteed as my Pronger to Anaheim, but slightly better than Belfour and Shanahan to the Wings.

This ends the rumour, back to the regular Kevin Gibson blog tomorrow, where I talk about Babe Ruth and Elvis both dying on August 16th.”

When you think about it, this would be an excellent trade for both teams. Malkin wouldn’t solve Pittsburgh’s problem as he is a center just like Crosby and a few years from now will have have a 5-7$ million dollar contract just like Crosby. This trade would make Pittsburgh a true contender for the playoffs with the problem behind the net, and also Ryder would be a great winger for Crosby, Ribeiro would help Crosby as the 2nd center of the team, and Souray would add more depht on the blue line with Gonchar. For Montreal, Malkin would fit perfectly in the 1st Russian line with Kovalev and Samsonov, and there would also be strong 2nd line with Higgins-Koivu-JP Dumont.

I know this is a crazy, if not ridiculous rumor, but we can always dream…lol