Credit going to the wrong person

When you look at the trades the ducks have made you think wow what is this team on? here is what they have lost and they pretty much got for it.










Look at the duck team before these trades and after most would wonder how can they compete?

they currently sit in 7th in Goals allowed with 198 and tied for 18th with 218 goals. Now in a recent poll on Brian Burke won the poll as the gm having the best year. I saw this i could not help but laugh and neither could my brother or my girlfriend for that matter. How does selling your team make you a good gm? You sell your team and your team still manages to win. Who gets the credit here? GM? depends on the players he/she brings in and in this situation its not the GM. alot of the credit has to go to Randy Carlyle the coach.

Besides Selanne, Giguere and Niedermayer who is proven on this team before the season started? Absolutly no one.

for those i listed here are their stats

Selanne (Gp,Go,A,P,+-)

70 34 42 76 27

Niedermayer (Gp,Go,A,P,+-)

72 12 45 57 7

Giguere (Gp,Min,GAA,W,L,Ot,Sv)

51 2860 2.60 24 12 11 .913

So who should get the credit for this team? Burke no not a chance. He is a good gm yes but not a chance. I said it at the start of the season Giguere will need a solid season, Selanne will have to return to form and Niedermayer will anchor a somewhat decent defence.

this team is coming together after selling their team and overcoming many obstacles. one of the fortunate teams to not lose anyone to injury. Randy Carlyle, Scott Niedermayer, Jean-Sebastien Giguere and Teemu Selanne deserve all the credit for getting the team to where it is now. Burke Deserves only a bit for brining in 3 out of the 4 above but thats it.

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

    This team is now winning because of the players that Burke got rid of, not the ones he brought in. You think that he has pretty much lost every trade that he has made this season (and on paper he has), yet he is slowly building this team into his style and he will have his type of players on the team.

    So while Carlyle deserves a tonne of credit, so does Burke because he got rid of alot of crap on the team like Federov and Ozilinsch(sp.)

  2. Bacon077 says:

    It’s not about what players you have, it’s about the team you build. They weren’t doing so hot before Burke arrived, and as of now they are in the playoffs. Coincidence?

  3. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Brian Burke is the reason why this team is winning. Think about it he took and overpaid underachieving player in Federov and traded him which allowed an emerging McDonald to be put on the first line and gives them a 2nd/3rd line center in Marchant. With Sykora gone it allows some cap relief for the ducks and puts Lupul on the first line with Selanne and McDonald which allows the three of them to excel together. Ozolinsh I must admit bad trade there but with his Alcohol problem it was a gamble having him on the team in a salary cap NHL. Getting O’Donnel was a good move that team needed a defensive defensemen and Carney just wasnt playing up to par. Plus within that Federov trade they got Beauchemin who is a consistent 30 point player. And Friesen gives alot of upside on the penalty kill and is the type of player who puts in 110%.

    Seriously you like most people look at it and say WOAH they traded federov a guy who got over 100 points, or wow they traded Sykora for like nothing, and OMG they gave away Ozo. Really these players did not work out in Anaheim’s system Federov was absolutely useless in Anaheim, Sykora was pretty inconsistent and wasn’t putting in any effort, Ozolinsh is simply a risk in the new NHL especially with his contract and the salary cap.

    Burke went out and got players he thought would fit into the system and he also helped prepare for the future very smart moves by him its not 3 players carrying the team if you really think that then you’re and idiot the whole team plays the game and its the whole team that wins the game or loses the game not 3 players.

  4. thatleafsguy says:

    They should keep the “Mighty”.

  5. muckies says:

    so Burke brings in Selanne and Neidermayer, hires a new coach Randy Carlile and Burke changes the team from a dump-and-chase to puck possesion gets rid of the floaters and he doesn’t deserve credit?

    Makes sense to me.

    Just like JFJ bringing in a bunch of floaters and washed up veterans doesn’t deserve to be judged because he hired players that suck, and they shouldn’t.

    Makes sense to me.

  6. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    i see what a few of u are saying that burke deserves credit yes he does. but he is getting to much. federov and ozolinch and sykora are all doing better on their respective teams while karney is picking it up. burke gets credit yet you have niedermayer having a great year, selanne a career year and giguere coming back to form. Carlyle doesnt have many offensive or defensive studs yet he works with what he has and makes it work. all im saying is carlyle doesnt get enough credit neither does selanne or niedermayer or even giguere for that matter.

  7. muckies says:

    Fedorov has 8 goals this season. He’s making the max, 6.7 million.

    He has 35 points.

    Carlyle if he gets his team in the playoffs should be a COTY candidate He’s a rookie coach and getting alot out of his team, no doubt about it.

    But Burke shipped out all the expensive dead weight, made a youth move, stuck with his goalie who had injury problems early and now is winning games, and changed the eladership of the team.

    It’s all the moves Burke made this year.

  8. Gretzkin says:

    Too late, it’s been taken by Edmonton.

  9. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    federov also has picked it up since he left anaheim. remember all he does is pass the puck to rick nash and he pretty much has a point. thats why he has 8 goals.

  10. Tuner44 says:

    What are you smoking, do you know anything about the game of hockey or any team sport. He brought in 2 of 3 best free agent signings with Selanne and Niedermayer with anson carter being the 3rd. In the trades it’s not who he got for the most part it’s who he got rid of. Not only did he rid himself of cancer but he brought his payroll down alot. Forget about playing well lately and a chance of making the playoffs, thats a bonus, he has his team at the point where they can sign more key free agents in years to come to compliment his young talent and turn them into a Vancouver clone or better. He won’t win GM of the year, that’ll go to carolina or maybe buffalo but he has done a teriffic job and will be considered. So PLEASE before you post another pot headed or drunken stupper filled oppinion on here, write it down and re read it for one month. Maybe then you will see how little you know about the sport.

  11. muckies says:

    Anson Carter plays for the Canucks, maybe you meant somebody else?

  12. muckies says:

    for a guy with 35 points to be making the max 7 million, I’d say that was a bad trade for Columbus. He may teach nash and others how to play defence and be better all around players, but lots of guys can do that for around 2 million, like Stu Barnes or others.

    but still, 27 assists in 70 games, when you are on the frist powerplay unit with Nash, he’s not worth the Money.

  13. Tuner44 says:

    I know he does, hense i wrote Anaheim signed 2 of the 3 best free agents and just stated Carter as being the 3rd in that group.

  14. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    Agreed hes not worth the money but he has improved since he left the ducks to go to columbus.

  15. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    carter is good because he is a tough guy that can score. the sedins needed someone to protect him and thats what he does. any other team he wouldnt do much.

  16. Tuner44 says:

    Again a poor post from you. Carter is a solid man, you hit him he won’t feel it but to call him tough? He has to be one of the softest tough guys in the league then and trust me i’ve watched every game he has played in this year. I believe his last fight was while he was in Edmonton 4 years ago. As for the sedins needing someone to protect them? the new rules protect them. If someone did touch the sedins it would be the d-men or even goalie coming to their defence. Carter would do well on any team if he had play makers with him like the Sedins. Lindros in NY is not a play maker and in LA he had injury and playing behind Pallfy there was no center for him. Again think before you post.

  17. lynchmob540 says:

    IMO, the Fdorov deal was one of the best deals by any GM this season. Burke got rid of an overpaid, burnt-out Fedorov…and picked up some charcter in Marchment & Wright…BUT the biggest part of the deal was Beauchemin. He’s a SOLID NHLer (why wasn’t he a regular with the Jackets???), who is getting paid a fraction of what Fedorov was getting. So, Burke improved the team with talent and character WHILE reducing his payroll.

    This is proof that Burke is one of the top NHL GMs.

  18. SabresFan220 says:

    The Ducks’ success has come from the character of the players they have. Burke’s deals this season have largely been addition by subtraction, chopping off overpriced talent that wasn’t playing up to par for them. Signing Selanne and Niedermayer was the key to all the moves he made, they are the leaders of this team and both has proven to be worth every penny he signed for. I haven’t seen a team who appeared to be more a seller than a buyer at the deadline make a run like the Ducks have, but the only real selling they did was salary cutting.

    The coach has taken a young team and taught them how to win within the system they use, it seems somewhat a hybrid of the NJ system. The Ducks have several dangerous snipers and possibly the league’s best offensive defenseman. Bochemin is a tremendous offensive talent for a blueline rookie as well. They also have several checkers and grinders to play a defensive grinding style (Marchant, Friesen, Wright etc) but those players still have offensive skill. Dumping Carney and Ozolinsh may seem questionable, but O’Donnell replaces Carney’s physical presense for them and Ozolinsh was an expensive player with off ice issues who wasn’t producing like he should. Put all of this together with Giguere and you have a solid, underrated team that could win a playoff round or 2.

  19. Gretzkin says:

    Same thing happened when Jean Cretien became PM.

    Stole all of Brian Mulroney’s Tunderous groundwork…

  20. sithlords2552 says:

    OMG I laughed my ass off when this “hater” posted this! Ya know, I agree with you Tuner44. I’ve been a diehard Ducks fan since ’93 [I live in OC], and I’m used to all the Duck bashing…the lack of respect, etc. LORD KNOWS I’ve heard it all year from Kings fans and listening to Barry Melrose on ESPN who is the biggest IDIOT in the hockey world. NO ONE wants to play this team right now…INCLUDING Colorado mind you[even though you guys got lucky a few nights back]…and BB has done a fantastic job building a SOLID, young team here. I see glimpses of 2003 with this team and don’t be surprised if we sneak into the Finals this year. To you Mr. Avsfan4life, “don’t hate the player, hate the game”! You and all the other “haters” out there [i.e. Mr. Mullet Barry Melrose] can “puck” off. Plus…the Saturday signing of Cornell standout goalminder David McKee?? BRAVO!! Another fantastic move by BB! It just keeps getting better! GO DUCKS! =)

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