Crosby and Gatorade

This is great news.

Crosby now has endorsement deals with two companies big in the United States. Both of them advertise during OTHER major sporting events and the general athletic public uses one, the other, or both.

But why is it great news?

A hockey player will be ON TV. According to all “sources” he is the NextOne. Hockey’s up-and-coming superstar on TV. There is nothing better for the sport. Gatorade has tons of commercials showing OTHER sports, but NOT hockey. With Crosby in the mix, HOCKEY will (hopefully) be in some of their commercials. Getting the sport out where it hasnt been in a while does not hurt.

Powerade cannot compete against Gatorade, and its time for the NHL to switch. Hopefully this, along with the NHLs new “marketing campaign” will help the league come back strong.