Crosby isn't seriously injured, but Malkin

Dave Molinari

The Penguins lost a world-class center Sunday night.

Precisely what’s wrong with Evgeni Malkin — and how long he might be out — isn’t known yet.

He apparently was hurt when a shot by teammate Kris Letang struck him on the lower right leg or foot late in the second period of the Penguins’ 2-1 victory against Tampa Bay at the St. Pete Times Forum.

Malkin did not return, and coach Dan Bylsma didn’t offer much of a prognosis.

“I don’t have a great feel for the severity,” he said.

But regardless of how serious — or minor — Malkin’s injury turns out to be, the Penguins know they could have come out of this game in far worse shape than they did. Their other world-class center got what appeared, at first blush, to be a potentially catastrophic injury in the first minute of play.

Sidney Crosby was skating toward the Lightning zone 40 seconds into the game when Lightning right winger Steve Downie rode him down to the ice from behind, causing Crosby’s right knee to bend at a decidedly unnatural angle.

“I thought it was going to be pretty bad,” Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik said.

It didn’t take a medical degree to reach that conclusion, and Crosby adjourned to the bench while Downie went to the penalty box to serve a roughing minor.

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  1. hockey_lover says:

    Downie is a tool. If Cooke is so horrible and a menace to society and shouldnt be playing in the league, Downie should be right ahead of him.

    However, as bad as this play looked, I dont think its as horrendus as its made out to be. Yeah, he gave Sid a slew foot but really, that happens quite a bit in the game, sadly enough. Heatley is a good slew footer. Malkin has also done it once or twice. Anywho, should Downie be suspended? Meh, sure. Not that it will change anything. I dont think it should be a long suspension though. 3 or 4 games. Nothing big, if anything.

    Malkin possibly being out is a hit but, to be honest, he is having a pretty bad year, to his standards anyway. He isnt playing well, he isnt making his linemates better, he isnt playing hard, he is playing too "fancy," etc, etc.  Unless he takes it up a few notches, its gonna be a short playoff run. Sid and Fleury cant do it all.

    Also, in other over reacting news, the Ovechkin hit. Yes, it was from behind but come on .. he pushed him. Now granted, it was from that "sweet spot" of like 5 feet from the boards, but really? Was it really THAT bad? Sucks that Campbell is done for the season (ease .. broken clavicle and broken ribs? Ouch) and it hurts the Hawks cup run for sure, but I dont see it being THAT dirty. Yeah, it was a bit reckless and shouldnt have happened but, and we all know this about Ovechkin, he COULD have levelled him out completely. But he didnt. If he would have levelled Campbell with a big hit, everyone would be saying "what a ahole. He could have backed off a bit," aaand he did back off. He pushed him and Campbell fell awkwardly. No suspension is warranted (as a Pens/Crosby fan, its hard to say that as well) but I think the major and the game was sufficient.

  2. bbruins37 says:

    such awful luck for the pens

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