Cry me a river, Georges.

Here is an article who has been written by Big Georges Laraque that I want to share with you, HTR members.(From It’s a translation from a french text, so I hope you’ll be indulgent!

There is some trade rumours about me again. This time, we’re talking about the Senators who would be interested in my services, but me, I’ll repeat it again, I don’t want to leave the Oilers. If I’m traded, I wouldn’t lose my heart for another organization and I wouldn’t be the same player. If a trade happens, I will go at my new team but I will never drop the gloves again.

I’m very clear about it, I would never fight again. I know that my purposes will be controversial but that’s the way I see it.(…) With all the rumours I’m hearing, I wouldn’t be surprised if I am traded somewhere, but the team who would pick me risk to be disappointed and would have to consider to put my name in the waivers. So it’s an advice to the concerned teams.

You will say that I goes on and on about this, but I love Edmonted. I’m implicated in the community and I don’t wanna leave. Early in my career, I’ve never thought that I would fall in love with this town, but now, I’m deeply attached and I feel I belong here, with the Oilers.

I doubt that a team will purchase a player who’s getting 1,5 millions annually and who would not be motivated to play for this team. That would be too much paid, let’s say, a second liner for my acquisition.

My attitude will not change even if I’m traded to a Stanley Cup contender. I’ve more respect for a player who stays all his career with the same club than the one who’s travelling in all the league with the unique goal to win the great honors. The loyalty is really important to me even if I know that in the modern hockey, business rules.

My take :

I’m gonna keep my composure cause what I’ve read has pissed me off. Who this guy think he is? Is it bigger than his sport. Since when a goon can decide where and how he want to play. He would not drop the gloves for another team? I don’t know how many fights he did so far this season, he’s got 52 pim, so I will say five fights (correct me if I’m wrong), it’s not like he has fought often like in the past. It’s an healthy scratch for how many games this year, about the third? Laraque’s days in the NHL are numbered if he keeps this reputation at being a crybaby.

“but the team who would pick me risk to be disappointed and would have to consider to put my name in the waivers”

He thinks that Edmonton would give him a second chance? I don’t think so. If he’s playing this game than he will play in a semi-pro league or maybe the WHA or simply retiring and participating in some contest’s skating with David Pelletier in Alberta!?

Good retirement Georges. Enjoy your pension