Cry me a river, Georges.

Here is an article who has been written by Big Georges Laraque that I want to share with you, HTR members.(From It’s a translation from a french text, so I hope you’ll be indulgent!

There is some trade rumours about me again. This time, we’re talking about the Senators who would be interested in my services, but me, I’ll repeat it again, I don’t want to leave the Oilers. If I’m traded, I wouldn’t lose my heart for another organization and I wouldn’t be the same player. If a trade happens, I will go at my new team but I will never drop the gloves again.

I’m very clear about it, I would never fight again. I know that my purposes will be controversial but that’s the way I see it.(…) With all the rumours I’m hearing, I wouldn’t be surprised if I am traded somewhere, but the team who would pick me risk to be disappointed and would have to consider to put my name in the waivers. So it’s an advice to the concerned teams.

You will say that I goes on and on about this, but I love Edmonted. I’m implicated in the community and I don’t wanna leave. Early in my career, I’ve never thought that I would fall in love with this town, but now, I’m deeply attached and I feel I belong here, with the Oilers.

I doubt that a team will purchase a player who’s getting 1,5 millions annually and who would not be motivated to play for this team. That would be too much paid, let’s say, a second liner for my acquisition.

My attitude will not change even if I’m traded to a Stanley Cup contender. I’ve more respect for a player who stays all his career with the same club than the one who’s travelling in all the league with the unique goal to win the great honors. The loyalty is really important to me even if I know that in the modern hockey, business rules.

My take :

I’m gonna keep my composure cause what I’ve read has pissed me off. Who this guy think he is? Is it bigger than his sport. Since when a goon can decide where and how he want to play. He would not drop the gloves for another team? I don’t know how many fights he did so far this season, he’s got 52 pim, so I will say five fights (correct me if I’m wrong), it’s not like he has fought often like in the past. It’s an healthy scratch for how many games this year, about the third? Laraque’s days in the NHL are numbered if he keeps this reputation at being a crybaby.

“but the team who would pick me risk to be disappointed and would have to consider to put my name in the waivers”

He thinks that Edmonton would give him a second chance? I don’t think so. If he’s playing this game than he will play in a semi-pro league or maybe the WHA or simply retiring and participating in some contest’s skating with David Pelletier in Alberta!?

Good retirement Georges. Enjoy your pension

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  1. Lint07 says:

    After reading this story on the site I lost all the respect I still had for laraque.

    This is a complete joke. I would trade him just for that.

    What’s next? Players threatening to stop scoring if they are traded? Gimme a freakin break!

  2. AfroCon says:

    What the fuck? What an amazing coincidence that I just sent this same article last night…

  3. Bretzky says:

    While it is a little outlandish to say what he said, he has every right to, and you can’t bash him for being loyal. I’ve actually gained more respect for Laraque after reading this. He doesn’t care about just WINNING THE CUP if his heart isn’t there and he hasn’t worked hard with a team to finally work their way up to the top to get there. He doesn’t want to goto the Sens and win a cup with them that their team has been building and working and playing for for years and he just came over mid-season. He wants to stay in Edmonton and persevere. THAT is respectable. Better than Paul Kariya who says that he has dreams of winning the Stanley Cup in Edmonton. They make it to the finals and lose to a trapping team so he gives up on the team and goes to Colorado? Yes I know he gave many great years with the Ducks but still. It’s just like Ray Bourque. He played his entire career with the Bruins and nobody would’ve knocked him for never winning a cup. In his final season he decides to goto Colorado JUST so he can win a cup with the strongest team in the NHL. Yes he’s a great player. One of the best ever. But how is that earning a Stanley Cup? It’s not. It’s cheap. Laraque is the man. Lay off.

  4. AfroCon says:

    I just think it’s too bad… the article is ok but with all due respect, the news I submitted was using better english and I sometimes just don’t understand how the admin here selects the articles…

    I mean, if you have two articles on the same subject, shouldn’t you take the one that’s written the right way?


  5. AfroCon says:

    I believe it’s indeed respectable that a player would want to stay in the same organization instead of just leaving for a Cup contender.

    However, taking his GM hostage is not respectable at all. With what he said, he just stopped any possible trade talks that the Oilers might have that included him. He’s stopping a trade from happening that might make the Oilers a better team.

    That is way too selfish if you ask me.

  6. Lint07 says:

    I’m the one who posted this article.

    1. I was about to do an article about it myself until I saw this one so I just posted it.

    2. This article was received before yours and that’s the only reason why it got posted instead of yours. As a matter of fact, because of the 6-7 Jagr articles in the submission box I simply didn’t noticed there was another article on the same subject. Otherwise I would’ve compare both and post the ”best” article.

    I am sorry about it but yes, IT IS a coincidence.

  7. AfroCon says:

    Quote of Lint07

    “I am sorry about it but yes, IT IS a coincidence.”

    I never doubted that it was a coincidence… I was just a bit struck about it… Maybe the “What the fuck?” put an agressive tone to my post but it was not an agressive type “WTF”.

    If there had been emoticons, I would’ve put a little face with big eyes at the end of the sentence.

    As far as the explanation about why the article got selected, I thank you for the explanation, it makes sense.

    As long as the news is out there, I’m quite happy because I wanted such comments by Laraque to be read by more than just fans.

  8. gr8haluschak says:

    Where the HELL does anyone out side of Edmonton come off saying that Georges is selfish, look what he has done for this city and the many charities that benifit from his work. But that is right he is selfish, it is easy for some bonehead in Ottawa or Toronto to say something stupid like this because they don’t have a #$%@ing CLUE about what happens in Edmonton, how about this either worry about your teams or do some god damn research before you run your mouth with stupid comments.

  9. spazmainia13 says:

    Yay George does charity work.

    Now maybe he can be charitable and give the Oilers back his 1.2 or whatever the hell contract and stop taking up god damn payroll on our small market team.

  10. IrishRinkrat says:

    For all the great things Laraque does with charity, and sticking up for teammates, this is not something a “class guy” in hockey does. Class people play hard, every night, regardless of the crest on their jersey. They are in a business, and you do your job. Somewhere along the line, he forgot that. He can lose plenty, if not most, of his supporters with this article, which is a shame. He has a job, and if he doesn’t want to do it, then he can leave hockey. I mean sheesh, most people here would not mind being in his shoes for a career… well respected, classy guy, playing a game for a living and being the most feared fighter in the NHL. But, he tarnished his image with this trash he wrote, and here’s to hoping he finds a way to regain his image.

  11. IrishRinkrat says:

    First off… Laraque’s case here is much worse than, Ray Bourque’s. Boston offered Bourque the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup via the Avs trade. I mean, he earned it. He would have been the best player to never win a Stanley Cup (now Mike Gartner earns that title in my opinion). And he would not have won it if he remained in Boston. It’s not like they traded Bourque to an archrival city like Montreal to win a cup, that would be wrong (like Ted Williams winning a World Series as a Yankee wrong). Bourque already had respect, but Jeremy Jacobs offering that opportunity for the good of a longtime franchise player… now that’s a class move.

  12. AfroCon says:

    First, I’m not from Ottawa or Toronto, I’m in Montreal.

    Second, believe me when I say that he does a lot for the Edmonton community.

    What bothers me with his comments is that he’s forcing Kevin Lowe to keep him on his team.

    By saying what he said, no team will want him now.

    This means that if the Oilers organization were to have a trade in the works to improve their team that included Laraque, they can pretty much kiss it goodbye. That is why I say that he’s selfish.

  13. Donovan says:

    What will Georges LaRaques do after he retires?

    Maybe he’ll host a music show called ‘Rockin with LaRaques

    Maybe he’ll join the WWE. Do you smell-la-la-la-laaaaa what LaRaques is cooking?

    I think he should host a French Cooking show.

    “Allo, I Georges Laragues, an tonite we cook a fantatique suflay.”

  14. AfroCon says:

    Meant to say

    Second, believe me when I say that I know he does a lot for the Edmonton community.

  15. Lint07 says:

    Last year: Big rumor–Georges Laraque will be traded to Montréal soon!!!

    *Laraque receive a phone call from a friend in MTL about this and quickly decide to write in his column on that if he is traded to Montreal he’ll retire the next day.

    Result? He is not traded and it becomes a big deal in the Montreal medias

    This year +/- same time: Big rumor–Georges Laraque would be traded to Ottawa soon.

    *Laraque receives a phone call from a friend in MTL about this and quickly decide to write in his column on that he’ll never drop the gloves again if he is traded to Ottawa… Or anywhere else for that matter.

    Result? Laraque probably won’t be traded because he just considerably dropped his own trading value by making those comments.

    Am I the only one who see a pattern here??

    this is childish.

  16. OldNord says:

    The problem is that Laraque do not perform well for the Oilers, so what’s his point? He’s more implicated in the community than his team.

    I kinda agree with your point that is an act of class at wanting stay for the same club, but he don’t help them. He will have a short career in the NHL for sure.

  17. Donovan says:

    Of course this is childish. Why is he even doing this? Does he want to stay in Edmonton where the fans are sick of him? He’s just bullshitting himself.

  18. OldNord says:

    That was written in the article that he’s implicated in the city in many causes but being traded is a part of the game, especially when the player don’t play as expected.

  19. OldNord says:

    What he gonna do? I mean, he will not be an Oilers for all his career. It’s inevitable that he will be traded someday. He must linstening to reason.

  20. Lint07 says:

    Well, let’s say he find a way to finish his current contract in Edmonton (with the help of his column).

    I say he’s digging himself his own hole cause when he’ll become FA no team will want to sign him considering all he said and Edmonton will take advantage of the situation by asking him to accept a significant paycut to comeback with the team…

  21. TC_4 says:

    Well, what does TC have to say about this is what your all thinking. Well, I think it’s Georges desperatly doing whatever he can not to be dealt. It’s very flattering to the city of Edmonton and the people that live here I’m sure. I don’t agree with what he said, and istead of saying “I’ll never fight again”, he should have said “I will give 110% every day both on and off the ice, I love the city so much, and I’ll do anything I can to stay here, weather it’s deffer some money, or fight twice a night, or be a healthy scratch, I’ll do it.” I love Georges, and as he has proved this week(more so on Tuesday), he can still be a force(yes, a force)in this league. I think a lot of people would agree, I know Stars fans would, that Georges when on his game is the best 4th line player in the game. I don’t think that’s a stretch at all. He brings so much energy to the team when he’s at the top of his game. He doesn’t NEED to fight, I know last year people would get on him for not fighting, but the guy has the rep that he needs not to fight. He should be if it’s called for(like when Horc gets nailed from behind by Jason Weimer), but he doesn’t have to every game just because the fans want to see him go with Dingman, Low, Shelly, Domi, Downy, Brashear, Fedoruk, Simon, Hordichuck, Barnaby, Neil, Dwyer, Worrell, Brennan, Roy, Flinn, Simpson(Todd or Reid), Peters, McMorrow, Teteranko, Commordore, Oliwa, Langdon, Brookbank, May, Belak, McCarty, Vandenbusche, Aiken, Johnson(Matt), Stevenson, Parker, goddamn I don’t want to think of any more!!! I’m thinking that Georges out of fear will get his game going again, and force Lowe not to deal him, much the same way Mike Grier did in the 02 season. I remember the game before the deadline, it was a Saturday night game vs the Caps, and Grier was having his worst season, and was on the block. Mike came out and had far and above his best game of the year. He didn’t score, I think he got an assist, but you could just tell the guy was going to go through a wall, and it was to stay in this city. Isn’t it a coincidence that he went to that team the next season. But that’s what I’m betting will happen with Georges. He needs to hit the gym A LOT harder, and needs to work on his skating(something he never does in the summer according to my sources). So yeah, I believe he’ll stay.

  22. nocuphere says:

    I gotta story for you TC. I live in Halifax. Georges brother Jules-Eddy is cop on the force here. I play hockey against him and part of the police force here in a hot stove league. This guy Jules is like the fastest guy on skates i’ve ever seen. He played on the Mooseheads here a few years ago if you remember. Anyway the cops are nuts here. They are all like 10 feet tall and fucking nuts.

    Jules was flying down the wing 2 weeks ago, and a defenceman on one of the other teams in the league got in front of him, and accidently knocked him down. The next shift 3 guys chased this kid down and finally when they caught him, Jules and another guy just pummelled this kid.

    Anyway this was like the 10th incident the cops had this year, and noone wanted to play against them, so they were thrown out of the league.

    Off topic, but I figured you would get a kick out of it. I had a chat with Jules after the game that night. Talking to him about George and he said that George’s hand is so badly destroyed he was thinking about retiring. Jules said he would definately retire if he was traded. At seasons end if George is still around is planning to use the lock out as the time he will get some kind of serious operation on his left hand, which is apparently held together by pins and other medical devices.

    It’s true according to Jules that George gets upset at the thought of leaving the oilers. But apparently he has been told by Lowe that he would not be dealt this year. Who know if thats true, but according to his brother it is.

  23. Bretzky says:

    Yes, it is selfish. But isn’t it even more selfish when players ask to be traded to a better team or demand trades? Big name players do that all the time.

  24. spazmainia13 says:

    Thats crazy

    I saw Jules Eddy play in the memorial cup and i thought he would of been NHL bound.

    That kinda sucks

  25. nocuphere says:

    He is definately fast enough, but he’s really short, but he’s rock solid on skates.

  26. The_Conductor says:

    He’s already done crap for the Oilers, so send him to the minors. Whatever…so he’s1.5 million. The Oilers have alreadt wasted the money. So put him down in the minors. So he wont fight in the minors… the Oil have fighters down there already so screw it.

    George if you read this stick to radio. Wait no dont do that… you suck at that too. However radio is the only job he try’s at… but still fails.

    Geez this guy is hopeless.

  27. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, I was going to say you should have tolde the part where is what…5’8? But you just did. I met Jules 2 years ago, he was down with Georges for a couple of weeks, and Georges brought him to a Grad where he was an escort(I’m not going to get into that). Everyone in the little town was more in awe of Jules badge then they were of Georges!

  28. nocuphere says:

    He’s pretty tough for a little guy. Well he’s not really little. He’s ripped to shreds.

    Any truth to the rumor the oil may get rid of smyth?

  29. Wills says:

    If I’m the Oilers and this guy is going to make threats that he won’t do this and won’t do that, I would send him to the AHL and see how he likes those 8 hour bus rides. This reminds me of Lindros who always tries to determine where he’s going to play.

  30. habs_for_the_cup says:

    eye laraque i just habve to tell you one thing……

    if you don’t wantto drop if you’re traded… well you should maybe go see children in Africa who are dying because of malnutrition, maybe you’ll see that being traded to another team is not that bad…

    oh ya and one last thing…… you suck LOSER!!!!!!

  31. LondonK says:

    There is a difference between being a good community guy and someone who dictates where they will play. Georges Laraque is not going to go down as one of the greatest players in league history. Heck he won’t go down as one of the greatest fighters.

    And it is not as if he has been there for a long career and has had a long journey with the team. This is his 7th season in the NHL with Edmonton. I realize that is a long time with one team, but he hasn’t even reached 10 seasons with a team and he is blubbering as if he is a guy who has spilled his blood over a 15 year career and is being traded against his will at the very end.

    Perhaps it is the very end of Laraque, but it is not because he has had an illustrious career and he is about to call it quits. It is because he can’t hack it anymore on a marginal team.


    I stopped even when Tie Domi made a similar comment earlier in the year. And he at least has some valid reasons hockey-wise for making the comments. Domi does charity, and has been in TO for a long time – the only things Laraque really has going for him.

    But Domi has 11 years with the leafs, is one of the greatest fighters in NHL history, is one of the leaders in PIM’s in NHL history, is the leafs leader in PIM’s, and for some reason (which still absolutely escapes me) is a leafs icon.

    Even with Domi I sat there and said….um who do you think you are.

  32. wayne2 says:

    As a quebecer i must point out he does not reflect

    our way of thinking.This said,if he doesnt fight anymore if traded then he should consider WHA

    cause his time will be done in the NHL.He`s a good

    fighter with decent skills for a “goon“ nothing


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