Cuban to invest in the Penguins

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Pittsburgh native and current Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban has joined a group headed by Andrew Murstein to purchase the Penguins and with the intent the team stays in the Burgh. Pittsburgh native and formed NFL qb Dan Marino is also rumored to be part of the Murstein group to buy the Pens and keep them in Pittsburgh.


As a Pens fan this is great news. We have seen what Mark Cuban has done for the Dallas Mavericks, he clearly knows what it takes to run a succesful business and sports franchise. The Pens have an incedibly bright future and a smart astute businessman like Mark Cuban clearly sees this and wants to keep the Pens in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

24 Responses to Cuban to invest in the Penguins

  1. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    that would be good for you guys. lol an owner who goes to games dressed in a t shirt and jeans and sits with the fans rather than his box. lol great owners great.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

    Cuban would be great for the NHL.

  3. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    This couls be great not just for the team, but for the league. Mark Cuban is always a popular story and could generate positive mainstream interest and publicity for the NHL.

  4. Guinsfan87 says:

    This calls for a sexy party!!!

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Best thing to happen to the Penguins since Mario Lemieux.

    This is going to be great for the NHL!

  6. bleed_penguins says:

    Well, lol. I’d Crosby was the best thing to the Pens since Mario, but this is easily the best thing to happen to the Pens since Crosby lol. Man oh man, if this happens it’s going to be great. I wonder how much more money they would be able to spend.

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Sidney Crosby is a diving, *****ing little nancy boy.

    He’s a great player, but he’s a *****.

    Mark Cuban is awesome.

  8. merr29 says:

    how many pts. did your top scorer have? he can be whatever the F*** he wants to be with that many pts. as an 18 year old

  9. merr29 says:


  10. Air33 says:

    That would be sweet

  11. Guinsfan87 says:

    leafs fans should need a licence to speak.

  12. bleed_penguins says:

    Yeah until you can pick 2 leafs that combined are half as good as Crosby then you have no right to speak.

  13. Lint07 says:

    best thing that could happen to the Pens.

    Altough Cuban said he wouldn’t be involved much with the Pens.. just throwing some money outthere, that’s it.

  14. zdeno_duchesne says:

    Mark Cuban is a marketing genious. This can only help the Penguins’ franchise.

  15. SoBaZzZz says:

    He can dive all he wants as far as I’m concerned. Rather be a diver than a Leaf. Okay, bad example, I’d rather be anything but a Leaf.

    Once again, I stand corrected, I’d rather be a Leaf than a Leafs fan.

  16. SoBaZzZz says:

    .. and I thought Castro wanted in.

  17. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    There is not one bad thing that can come from this… Mark Cuban might not be the main person involved in the organization but he will not tolerate losing and if dishing out a couple million to put a winning product on the ice night in and night out then thats what he will do… the penguins franchise is going to be strong for years if this man takes over

  18. NiittymakiForVezina says:


    At least Crosby has his talent to fall back on.

  19. GoalJudge says:

    Yes Stewie!

  20. GoalJudge says:

    This looks to be the Savior of the Franchise right here.

    Cuban, a billionaire, has more to offer than any other prospect.

    Mario is gone, I like him as a player, but he was in it for the money nothing else. Thats why he put forth such terrible teams year in and year out.

    To save the buck for himself. Can’t blame him really, but now you know why he is in such a hurry to sell. Before it costs him more.

    The city of Pittsburgh is not high on the idea of bringing in casinos or slots, especially not at the arena. This is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

    And this is a business man they will be more willing to put there faith in.

    Proof is in the Pudding. Pittsburgh, the city, said it had no more money in its coffers for a hockey arena, then shelled out big bucks to build a baseball stadium. The money is there, the faith is not. With a billionaire on board, who also owns an establish sports franchise will make them much more secure.

    Welcome John MUCKLER jr., here to save the day.

    And besides now they can have a laugh when the deal is done and they sit around smoking CUBANs.

  21. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… i already created the Winnipeg Penguins on NHL 2K6.

  22. oilersreal1fan says:

    hes a great owner and hes very passionate about his team….but i think that the penguins need a guy like him to keep hockey exciting or just entertain the fans by looking like a clown

  23. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    I TOTALLY was going to make that joke! Congrats on beating me to it.

  24. magnifikko says:


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