CuJo an answer for Chicago?

According to and the Chicago Tribune.

Although It’s believed the Hawks aren’t entirely interested in Cujo, But many believe they should be.

If the Blackhawk’s were to sign Cujo the hawks would then have a tradable asset in Thibault (currently injured and returns in February). Especially since Thibault contract is up next year. By doing so that would give Craig Anderson, Michael Leighton and junior prospect Michael Brodeur another year of development. This is not that far of a deal especially since Detroit is willing to eat 6 million of Cujos contract and would take just abut anyone in return as long as the can unload Cujo.

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  1. Tweek says:

    Thibault gets no friggin respect…….god he’s one of the 10 best goalies in the league and is much better then cujo at the moment…he’s injured but the fact that chicago would trade him once he got back if they would get cujo is rediculous…..if thibault played a GOOD team he would be a vezina nominee

  2. MantaRay says:

    Thibault is a great goalie and cheaper and better than Cujo. Its no coincidence that the Hawks have lost almost every game since he got injured.

    Chicago is looking to drop salaries– Zhamnov will be dealt before Cujo comes to Chi-town.

  3. Kyleton says:

    Thibault is a solid goaltender, and does not get the attention that he deserves. He plays with heart and is the reason that the hawks win most games. I would take thibault over cujo.

  4. RangerSteve says:

    The Hawks aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and they’re better off playing Leighton and Anderson in Thibault’s abscence. Why on earth would they want to help out their rivals in ridding themselves of 8million dollars down in Grand Rapids? If they were to trade for CuJo and then have Thibault available for trade, can you honestly be sure that Leighton and Anderson are capable goaltenders of the future? Just like Luongo, Thibault is a great goaltender and a lower tier team that gets not publicity or respect.

  5. FMIR says:

    id like to see boston trade potvin to chicago for thibault (right now while thibault is still injured). potvin would come cheap and would help them stay competitive(playoffs already seem to be a long shot). boston could likely ride raycroft until thibault is ready to go.

    ^ wishful thinking by a bruins fan.

  6. wingsrock34 says:

    I wouldnt bet on this but stranger things have happened, you have to look at some things first off there is only $5.5 M left on cujo’s contract this year and i doubt the wings will eat $6M next year, what do the hawks have to trade that the wings would want the only player that i think the wings would want is Zhamnov but hes out until feb (i think). and cujo would be replacing their golie so a three way trade would be needed and i dont see that happening since the wings are having a hard enough time trading their goalie like many other teams with extra goalies, and maybe the most important part why would the blackhawks trade a younger, IMO better, and most importantly for the penny pinching hawks cheaper goalie (how much does Thibault make) those are my thought ne comments

  7. rojoke says:

    The next NHL goalie to be traded will probably be Roman Turek. With Kiprusoff playing like a Vezina winner since coming over from San Jose, he’s not only passed Turek but Jamie McLennan on the Flames depth chart. Turek is skating but not practicing yet (I think), so look for him to get a couple of games as a showcase before being dealt.

    And Thibault’s main problem is that he hasn’t had a quality back-up since he came from Montreal. By the time the stretch run comes around, Thibault is either injured from overwork or tired from overwork. Leighton played great in the AHL, but he’s still adjusting to the NHL game.

  8. Zamboni says:

    Not gonna happen:

    -Bill Wirtz is too cheap. Wings hate the Hawks, Hawks hate the Wings. I don’t see Detroit eating a significant part of CuJo’s salary in Chicago.

    -Thibault is a great goalie. Why create that logjam when he comes back?

  9. DaMick says:

    makes no sense…

    1. CuJo’s NOT THAT GOOD of a GOALIE anymore…its not like Cujo was winning with Detroit what makes you think he can win with the ChickenHawks?

    2.Considering Wirtz is cheap [as mentioned above] why would he take on a 8 million a year salary? especially since they already have thibault?

    this is a classic makesnosense Larry Brooks rumor

    next ill read hes going to My Isles..


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