Cujo Back To Leaf Land?

It has been reported by TSN that former Leafs starting goalie Curtis Joseph ( Cujo) would like to come back to the Leafs, possibly to mentor the younger goalies.

Could Cujo’s experience kick start Andrew Raycroft’s(Rayzor) career again? Leaf fans could only hope so, because that would only make the goaltending fight for #1 in Toronto even more fierce. The only thing is, will Leafs fans still welcome #31 back to Leaf Nation after leaving to play with a team that he said “could win a stanly cup” (Detriot) ?

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  1. Afg_Pimp says:

    i think cujo will be a good idea for a cheap price like 500 000 – 750 000 a year

  2. FallenApostle says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous for anyone to say that Cujo could kick start Raycroft's career, simply because if Cujo signs in Toronto it's only because the Leafs found someone to take on Raycroft's contract. There is no way that the Leafs would carry three goaltenders at the NHL level, and there's no way they traded for Toskala to sit him on the bench. To me though I find it hard to believe Toronto would bring back Joseph, because if they were looking to do that they'd have done it at the trade deadline to work with Raycroft.

  3. brianc689 says:

    the only way cujo comes back to toronto is if rayzor gets traded so he will not "kick start his career again". we already have cap problems and bringing in a third goalie just makes them worse.

  4. KingCanada says:

    Its like HTR publishes anything these days before even reading wats been written…

    we have 4 goaltenders already

    Vesa Toskala
    Andrew Raycroft
    Scott Clemenson
    Justin Pogge

    4 goalies spread accross 2 teams (NHL/AHL), there is NO ROOM for CuJo.  The only way that is it possible is if someone gets traded.

    OK so when u sign a player it is insanely rare that he gets traded before even playing.  So that leaves Toskala and Clemenson out.  Justin Pogge isnt going anywere since hes the Leafs future.  So that leaves Raycroft as the only tradable goaltender. 

    So how Raycroft is supposed to "jumpstart" Raycrofts career is beyond me.  Think rationally next time before submitting something.

    PS ur one of the irational/ilogical leaf fans that make the rest of us look bad.

  5. KingCanada says:

    So how ***CuJo*** is sopposed to…..

    typo my bad..

  6. Oogie_Oglethorpe says:

    I agree, this is old news anyway. The only way it would happen is if Raycroft was headin the other way. Nothing personal against Raycroft, he did have some good games but they were few and far between and frankly as a Leaf fan I wanna see them win, Cujo is probably just as good as Razor at this point late in his career, so hopfully they can dump the salary and fill the hole

  7. LEAFS877 says:

    I thought Clemmensen killed this rumor
    Plus this was reported like a month ago, and we sill need to se a trade to make this even remotely possible

    Do we really need a fifth goalie?
    No, but I would take Cujo over Razor anyday

    Anyone know what are cap situation is right now?

    PS – JFJ L 2 sign PECA

  8. brianc689 says:

    1.2 mil left, but we gotta save at least 500k for injuries and stuff….and we should sign peca

  9. brianc689 says:

    personally, i dont want to trade rayzor, but if the leafs want to the opportunity to do it is getting smaller every day. all the teams that were apparently looking for goaltending have been filling the holes and very few teams remain. LA and Tampa are the only two teams left that i can think of, and they would both be willing to go into the season with what they got. LA has Cloutier and Labarbera, T-Bay has Denis and Holmqvist, so neither of these teams are desperate and will not sacrifice much for a goalie, especially one coming off the kind of season Raycroft had. so pretty much, odds are Raycroft is staying, and CuJo is not signing.

  10. toomanymistakes says:

    it might make more sense if it was Cujo to mentor Pogge?

    but we signed Scotty Clemsy so hey if i was gm and could get trade raycroft 
    and cujo agrees to mentor young Pogge cool cool but Cujo in the Marlies???
    something tells me that he won't win a stanly cup there! hey u never know though
  11. Glucker says:

    CuJo wants back in TO?
    this is news?

  12. thegenius says:

    Umm, was this article posted before the toskala trade cuz, how could we have 3 goalies, and mentor the young goalies? raycroft is 28!

  13. RealisticLeaf says:

    The only reason this is in print is cause Cujo wants to force Leaf managements hand into signing him. Get people worked up about him coming back so the people will force management into signing him.

    I would like to see Cujo back as i think he is better then Raycrap….if nothing else at least he tries and has more heart then Raycrap.

    I say trade Raycrap for whatever you can get or release him sign Cujo for the hometown discount and get Peca back in the loop with the money left under the cap with the money saved with Raycrap gone.

    Leafs have to part company with him…even if it means walking away. The fans hate him and everyone knows he was a mistake….admit the mistake and move on. Don't pull a Pat Quinn, trade for Aki Berg and play him every night cause you traded for him. Just to boost your own ego. Admit a mistake and move on.

    We have a good starter now and could have even better back up in Cujo. Cujo could show Toskala how to work the Toronto media and help him with life on the Leafs. Raycrap lends nothing. Even his presence alone if i was a player would kill my motivation. Much like Yashin did in NYI.

  14. thegenius says:

    realisticleaf is right, just trade raycroft for a bag of pucks, keep his brand spankin new leaf equipment cuz he let so many goals in his equipment never got touched by a puck, and sign cujo, and peca, and end your life, and voila an instant competitor!

  15. Glucker says:

    admit a mistake when its a mistake… 72 games for a young goalie, in one season, is not a way to tell how good a goalie is… its a sure way to make him look crappy though… the 1-2 combo of Toskala Raycroft will be excellent

  16. jarcpitre says:

    I agress with you, excellent point. This is just a waste article. I would like to hear if the Leafs are close to signing Peca and what is he actually asking for. Peca stated on TSN as saying he would like something done no later than 5 days, because of school arrangements for his kids, etc…

  17. RealisticLeaf says:

    Man Raycrap sucked all year….he let in easy goals in just about every game last season. He never stole a single game for them last season. Sign of a good goaltender is the ability to steal games. Raycrap never came close last season….and was always beat in the shootout.

    I would rather Cujo be the backup to Toskala at least he tries every night. Raycrap looks like his mind wanders every night with the soft goals he allowed from the start of the season on…which became a trademark. Even Glenn Healy on TSN pointed this out like half way through the season….he lets in one soft one a game. That is not good goaltending….Toskala is going to be a fan favorite in like 20 games in. He is way better then Raycrap and the fans will like him for this reason.

  18. m4gician says:

    Okay, stop ragging on him. He had a great bond with the players on the team like Tucker, he's just trying his own way to deal with Toronto media.        

  19. RealisticLeaf says:

    he is but he still could not steal a single game last season. A goaltender at the NHL level has to steal a game for the club. Raycrap could not do this.

    In fact he gave several games away with poor goaltending. At least two i can remember down the stretch. If the Leafs even had middle of the road goaltending last season…they would have been in the playoffs. Take the number of wins he had away and the rest of his stats were near the worst in the league. Numbers don't lie. And don't mention the wins…the Leafs as a team had to work for those points every night. In fact this is the first Leaf team in a while that i liked their work ethic. They tried every night…but the goaltending often failed them.

    Sorry man…but there is no excuse for poor goaltending at the NHL level…at least not on a nightly basis.

  20. gregpb says:

    Cujo stinks. Retire already. Same goes for the Eagle. Dump a salary, sign Peca, and see what the season brings forth.

  21. m4gician says:

    The guy played 72 games, he's not Brodeur. He's good for 30 – 40 games, and as a backup guess what JFJ is doing, building up the value of his asset so at the trade deadline if hte leafs are in good position, he gets traded for that last winger sundin needs.


  22. Scottman75 says:

    To L.A. Kings:


    To Toronto:

    Bag of Pucks


    Sign Cujo 500-750k and Peca 1-1.5mil.

    It would be nice to package a D or two to free up a little more money but I doubt that will happen. 

    Nothing will happen until all the dust settles from Arbitration hearings anyways.  So hang tight and don't post anymore obvious articles.

  23. RealisticLeaf says:

    I know he is doing that for more leverage for a future trade however his salary is stopping the leafs from re-signing Peca. And we need Peca for the PK. The Leafs penalty kill was almost the worst last season. Part of the reason was Peca being out for such a long part of the season. And you know the other reason why I think the PK was also bad. Bad goals being let in. If you really think his stock will rise that much then cool…i hope so too but i have no faith what so ever in Raycrap. If you do then kewl…hope all you think is right…

  24. RealisticLeaf says:

    I feel the exact same way however other don't understand that….please see above.

    Would rather have Peca and Joseph and get rid of raycrap….seems like smart hockey to me.

  25. Scottman75 says:

    I couldn't agree more.

  26. leafmeister says:

    Raycroft was one of the best before his injury. If we do trade him it should get us a good return. How about…


    Jason Labarbara He can play the 20 games that Toskala cant.


    3rd rounder


    Second one highly unlikely but the kings are not getting a bad return.

  27. wadeaminute says:

    Hey, I never sat here and made this shit up. IT WAS ON TSN. TSN. Canada's sports network! Read it carefully before you start accusing people.

  28. wadeaminute says:

    For all you people who said stuff about that this was not possible and that I should think harder before putting this, I must mention ITS FROM TSN!!!! Not my brain, TSN!!!! Read carefully the next time you people post stuff.

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