Cujo, staying or leaving? Opinions?

Well, I was currently browsing the internet when I came upon this little site…. >
< Which spawned my interests in Cujo actually staying on Phoenix, I was indeed under the impression that Curtis was leaving, but then I found this. Basically I want to hear your opinions on Cujo staying on Phoenix and if there any other sites, quotes, articiles, etc on him and his curent status. Here’s a quote from the site I provided, which is what really got me wondering…: “Certainly I’d like to finish the season here and sneak into the playoffs,” Joseph said. “That would be my first thought. I don’t have a no-trade clause so it’s up to them.” -Thanks in advance.

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  1. The-President says:

    Another Dumb article, of course he is going to be traded

  2. mmatras says:

    He’ll be traded. Phoenix, although not in dire straits, does not have what it takes to be a contender this year or next. While they have a liquid asset like Joseph who’s value is declining exponentially with each month he ages, they should move him in an attempt to store as much player value as possible and carry it over the next season, or the one after that. Cujo’s player value, if it can be stored in the form of a pick/prospect/role player with a fair contract, is going to be worth far more to Phoenix in two seasons than it will this season.

    Sorry for the dependence on micro-economics, but I’ve been working on some assignments all week and it starts to invade most thought processes.

    Anyways, point is, if Phoenix wants to maximize the utilitiy value of Joseph, they need to move him in the next week or so when many teams believe they’re in the hunt and goalies are seemingly at the highest premium that I can remember. Very few teams are secure in their 1 and 2 spots.

  3. Shake21-12 says:

    Check out this rumored trade pending on Primeau’s announcement

    To The Yotes:



    First round in 06

    2nd round 06

    2nd rounder in 06

    To the Flyers:

    Shane Doan

    Derek Morris (if he can pass a physical)


    Dennis Gautier

    Draft pick back

    This trade rumor seems to be legit, but you never know

  4. Flyers70 says:

    Love to see this deal go down for Doan, but I’m not so sure. It looks very one sided to me (towards the Flyers). On the other hand, Shane Doan is terribly overrated, IMO, so maybe not. He would definitely help the Flyers, though. Good for Clarkie if he pulls it off.

    Another thing: If they do trade Umberger, it’s going to be for a forward to replace Primeau…not veteran defensive depth like Gauthier.

  5. doanerfan says:

    This is the dumbest trade rumor I have ever heard of…ARE YOU SERIOUS????? I don’t know where to start with this one, but ultimately…, in the words of former President George Bush…”Not gonna do it…wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.”

  6. Shake21-12 says:

    Primeau is holding a press confernce this morning at 11am to tell us what he’s plans are for the season. If he finally says he’s done, then look for this trade to be made sometime after the rangers game thrusday night or friday afternoon. IMO. The flyers would be giving up a ton for shane doan if you ask me. a 1st and two 2nd round picks and Umberger and Ellison. How could Phoenix not like this trade? Doan will be 30 in Oct. so it’s not like he’s the future of the Coyates.

  7. Shake21-12 says:

    And i just saw this on, in there trade rumors section, which was updated yesterday:

    “If Flyers center does in fact decide his concussion symptoms are too severe for him to return this season, look for the Flyers to use the salary cap space they save on a rental player for the stretch run, says the Camden Courier. Among the potential targets, Florida’s Olli Jokinen, Boston’s Sergei Samsonov, Pittsburgh’s Mark Recchi or Phoenix’s Shane Doan.

  8. dcz28 says:

    Like i said in the other article…a Flyers message board as a source is not much of a source

    Doan is their captain and second in team scoring and i dont think a prospect, a career AHL player, a late 1st and 2nd round picks with another 2nd rounder is enough for Phoenix to trade Doan and Gauthier or Morris (even if they are even healthy and ready to play right now)

    Sounds more like a Flyers fan wish then a rumour

  9. Marky2Fresh says:

    lol you’re always the first poster, and it’s always negative.

  10. The-President says:

    Always, 2 isnt always, it is because they were posted right after each other. LMFLO so FUNNY HA——————-HA, Im just telling it how It is.

  11. sid49 says:

    he will be traded to the oilers

  12. PaulK123 says:

    I think Cujo is gonna finish his career with the leafs

    Belfour for Cujo?

  13. oilers_rock says:

    no doubt, that he is comin’ here. I think Marc-Antoine Pouliot is great trading bait. And anyways, he doesn’t have much chance here anyways.

    Most people know him as playing on the same line with Sidney Crosby in Romuski, he had to be lucky to be playing with him.

  14. camillo1992 says:

    I think he will leave because he wants to add a stanley cup to his achements list before he retires.Staying with Phonix would be a mistake on his part.

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