Cujo to the Wings


The Detroit Red Wings, who saw goaltender Dominik Hasek retire last week after leading them to the Stanley Cup, will announce the signing of free agent goalie Curtis Joseph today, a team source said.

Joseph, who played for Toronto last season, had not yet signed a contract but had agreed to join the Stanley Cup champions, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Joseph scheduled a news conference for late-morning ET in Toronto.

Joseph told the Maple Leafs he had no interest in signing a new contract with the club, ESPN The Magazine’s E.J. Hradek reported Monday. League sources said Joseph also was considering an offer from the New York Rangers

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  1. TC_4 says:

    Hey buddy, I also said that if they continue using Federov on the right side on the first line. Add to that, Yzerman is gone for the first three months next year. And you can’t honestly think that Datsyuk is going to be as good as these guys are. Larionov can’t log that much ice time anymore, Zetterberg is not ready to have a heavy load yet, and Draper, as much as I like him, is not going to score. So uh, you tell me how strong they are at centre after all that. And the thing about Hull, what would you rather have next year? A 38 year old sniper who’s best days are behind him, or a young sniper who with guys like Yzerman and Shanahan, could put up 25-30 goals. That’s the type of player they could get for Hull and a prospect. Trade that package to the Flyers for Justin Williams. Or maybe to the Bruins for Sergei Samsonov.

  2. habs_88_4life says:



  3. Hockeytown says:

    He’s signed 2 years for $14 million.

  4. MantaRay says:

    I love the Wings, but Hasek was amazing during the Conference Finals and the SC run.

    Joseph usually folds when the pressure is on. I would have gotten Richter.

  5. guinsfan4life says:

    Say what you want, it is a fact.

    By the way, Detroit being “Hockeytown” is a farce. A name given to itself by itself.

  6. Hockeytown says:

    I agree to a point. I’ve liked Richter for a long time. When I started playing net I watched film of him and picked up alot, but that’s besides the point. I think Cujo has gotten a bad rap. I seem to remember a St. Louis team that was tough to beat because Cujo was there. I think he finally has a team in front of him. Not just a bunch of good players, but a TEAM. I’m still pretty confident.

  7. Hockeytown says:

    So is guinsfan4life. It’s a name you gave to yourself. So what? There is no other city in the NHL right now that can even compete for that title. Check attendance of home games, check attendance of away games, check t.v. ratings, check merchandising, and recent Championships. The Wings pretty much lead in every category. Say what you want, Detroit is “Hockeytown”, it is a fact.

  8. Freezer says:

    If Mike Vernon can win a Cup with the Wings, so can Cujo.

  9. aaron says:

    Hehe…who cares about the first three months? Its the last two months that matter. Yzee could pull a Forsburg and I wouldn’t care, as long as he’s back for the playoffs.

    So…we have Fedorov, Yzerman, Datsyuk, Draper, Larionov, Avery, Williams, Zetturburg, technically Deverauex’s a center…I’m sorry where is this so called weakness at center?

    First off, you’re smoking crack if you think we could get Samsonov for that little. Second off, Hull led us in goal scoring in the playoffs. I don’t think we need to be tossing him away just yet…

    Anyway, that would break up the Two Kids and a Goat. 😛

  10. aaron says:

    What? But Pittsburgh’s Hockeytown! They have…uh…a couple good players, and uh…they used to be kinda good…and uh…well, they just are!


  11. habs_88_4life says:

    Vernon 6 years ago is better than Cujo right now

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