Cullen back to Carolina?

According to the New York Daily News and the Raleigh News and Observer, current New York Rangers center Matt Cullen could be involved in a salary dumping trade that would help the Rangers free up space in order to sign RFA Sean Avery and possibly Marcel Hossa. Here are the links: The NY Daily News article also has a bit on Lundqvist’s resigning, and mentions that he was told negotiations for a long-term contract would be held in January.The idea of Cullen being traded seems like a good idea. It seems as if Cullen’s near 3 million salary is a bit much for a 3rd line center, that could easily be filled with a youngster from the minors at a much smaller price. Dubinsky is due for this spot, and I feel he would fit in well with Prucha and Callahan. Immonen could be a good fit, but I liked what Dubinsky brought to the table, a hustling center who will battle along the boards and would be a good fit on a speedy line with Prucha and Callahan, assuming neither are promoted to the second line.

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  1. wheresthesoda says:

    risky, what if Dubinsky comes in and has a bad training camp, because Immonen is going back to Finland then what is the backup plan? Have betts center the 3rd? and have Hollweg play center. We'll see what happens

  2. wingerxxx says:

    If Cullen is traded, the team should be fine…Betts can adequately fill the role of a 3rd line center.  I've liked him for a while, he's a hard worker and a good penalty killer.  Not spectacular, but in his role, he doesn't have to be. 

    I still don't believe that landing Souray is a must.  The team can live without Hossa and Cullen, but Avery really should be brought back.  His acquisition last year was a stroke of genius in hindsight (I was probably one of like 3 people on here who defended that deal lol).  Hopefully he can be signed somehow.

  3. Girardi46 says:

    I see your point, but who knows what the Rangers would get back for Cullen, whether it be draft picks and prospects or another center from Carolina.  This could all have an effect on that.  And isn't Alex Bourett(sp?) a center as well? I believe he is and he is said to show a lot of promise. 

    I forgot about Immonen and his plans to go back to Finland, so scratch that one. Unfortunate, I'll always remember the first NHL goal he scored in his first NHL game against the Islanders, and I was at that game.  🙂

  4. Girardi46 says:

    He will be. The Rangers will find someway to bring him whether it's by trading Cullen or dumping someone else's salary. He was too integral a part of the Rangers through the second half of the season, the fans love him (myself included) and seemingly the feeling is mutual. I, and I believe most Ranger fans, would be severly dissapointed, and shocked, if he did not return.

  5. NHLman says:

    For insight into this you should vist

    An article there mentions that Anton Babchuk, an 23 year old defenseman requiring a qualifying offer of approx. $950,000, could be going the other way.

    In addition, there are reports that GM Sather will try to deal Marek Malik and would be willing to send him down to the minors if there was no interest.

    I think the aformentioned trade makes sense for both sides. I have no problem putting Dubinsky or Immonen in as the 3rd line center or even Pyatt or Anisimov if they are ready. I also believe one of Mara or Malik will be gone to not only free cap space but create an opening for Staal, Baranka, Sauer, Sanguinetti, or Babchuk if he were acquired. If both Mara and Malik are moved Souray could be signed, however, it would create a very young d-corp with Roszival and Souray the only seasoned veterans:

    Tyutin 24, Girardi 23, Staal 20, Pock 25, Baranka 22, Sauer 19, Sanguenitti 19, Baranka 23.


    Should get interesting.

  6. Girardi46 says:

    I gotta say, I would love to see the D lined up that way.  The addition of Girardi last year was a nice surprise, and who knows? Staal or another rookie could come up and do the same thing. The thing is I never heard of Girardi until he was brought up to the Rangers, and I was thoroughly impressed at how well he played right off the bat and how well he fight right in with the team. I believe the Rangers defensive prospects could do the same if given the opportunity.

  7. mundus80 says:

    dump malik, i really like what cullen brings to the team if they can keep him we would have the strongest centers in the league. i also like mara so just get ride of malik, package him with montoya and get a first and maybe a 3 or 4 rounder for them.

  8. tacitus says:

    the rangers will get very little for Cullen mainly because they are 1.39 mil over the cap so every team will see they have to dump a player. Why offer anything when u can get him for cheap.

  9. tacitus says:

    ok even if they bring over Babchuks 950 for cullens 2.85 mil that puts them just 500k under the cap. Even if ya dumped Maliks 2.50 mil now u have 3 mil for souray which would bring them back to the cap limit if souray somehow signed for only 3 mil. Then u still gotta try and find room for Avery and or Hossa.

    What they gotta do is dump Kasparitis let Cullen go for a 5th rounder which would free up close to 6 mil then sign Avery and Hossa which would fill out their roster atleast then worry about adding Souray.

  10. NHLman says:

    If you read what I wrote I said if they got rid of Cullen, Mara, and Malik, then they could sign Souray.

  11. gronk says:

    the rangers don't need souray.  this team is top heavy with offense on the top 2 lines as it is. dump malik and cullen and add depth to the bottom 2 lines while creating some much needed cap space. keep mara and let the young guns on D step it up.  it would make for a good mix of young guys and vets.

  12. splendidchink says:

    Another high draft pick coming the Rangers way this year….so sad……

  13. Girardi46 says:

    Not so sure about that… this team will be a force to be reckoned with… I also think the Flyers will be a pretty good team this year, unfortunately. The East is going to be the division to watch.

  14. Girardi46 says:

    I think I’m one of the few who isn’t so down on Malik. I mean, yeah he isn’t the greatest, and I wouldn’t shed a tear if he was traded or demoted to free up some cap room, but if neither was to happen, it’s not so bad. The poor guy puts effort into his game and hears the boos rain down on him for a few sloppy plays, and continues to put his effort into helping the Rangers… but c’mon, everyone makes sloppy plays once in a while. His +/- was great, one of the top in the league, and I’ve seen him make some nifty plays. It would be nice if he used his frame more though, he could run down the opposition like a train hitting a deer if he wanted to.

  15. wheresthesoda says:

    yup, i kind of like Malik, very solid defenceman and every once in awhile he'll have a breakaway pass. The only thing i don't like about him, u already said, doesn't take the body. I want to see Malik next season, rather have Malik than Mara

  16. wheresthesoda says:

    I think i got arrested that day

  17. Girardi46 says:

    Just a thought… Malik, Mara, and Roszival will all be UFA's after next season… so I think it would be best to dump either Malik or Mara rather than Cullen, and give  Staal or another youngster time to develop this season, seeing as 3 of the Rangers veteran D-men will most likely be gone.  The Rangers will need those youngsters primed and ready for the following season.

  18. canucklehead_101 says:

    yeah then trade Pock or Strudwick (Can't have 2 defensemen of that calibur in the press box, maybe one at the most and i'd take Experience over skill for a 7th D-Man.

  19. GlenSather says:

    I think its a bad move trading Cullen now that Souray is off the market.  He clearly had some chemistry playing along side Prucha in the playoffs.  If they add Callahan or Dawes or even Hossa to that line it could be pretty good.  The Rangers keep talking about depth well if you trade Cullen you will lose a superior third line.

  20. mundus80 says:

    who would you rather have come playoffs gomez/drury or malkin, cullen or staal? come on proven winners or young kids? in few years the pens will be awesome but right not very young

  21. mundus80 says:

    i like malik, but looking at the roster hes the one i would trade. mara plays very well so i think hes a keeper. and he would be good to play on line with staal. then there is cullen or straka and those two are very important to the team make up. so its malik

  22. tacitus says:

    ya but that makes no sense cuz ur getting rid of 3 players for 1. Then u dont have any depth for your D and u still gotta replace the forward. I think u make ur team worse taking Souray over Mara Malik and Cullen, thats the depth that will get you further in the playoffs

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  24. Glucker says:

    if Rangers want Avery back… then some1 needs to be moved for next to nothing…

    currently, NYR has 2.565 to sign Avery and Hossa… and signing those 2 will complete their roster… 2.5 is the bare minimum that Avery could get… although I believe the figure is more like 3-4… that's what I would give him anyways…

    so anywho… the Rangers need to move salary while taking very little back… and I don;t think to many GMs want to help them out… its gonna be an ugly trade methinks

  25. Glucker says:

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