Cullen back to Carolina?

According to the New York Daily News and the Raleigh News and Observer, current New York Rangers center Matt Cullen could be involved in a salary dumping trade that would help the Rangers free up space in order to sign RFA Sean Avery and possibly Marcel Hossa. Here are the links: The NY Daily News article also has a bit on Lundqvist’s resigning, and mentions that he was told negotiations for a long-term contract would be held in January.The idea of Cullen being traded seems like a good idea. It seems as if Cullen’s near 3 million salary is a bit much for a 3rd line center, that could easily be filled with a youngster from the minors at a much smaller price. Dubinsky is due for this spot, and I feel he would fit in well with Prucha and Callahan. Immonen could be a good fit, but I liked what Dubinsky brought to the table, a hustling center who will battle along the boards and would be a good fit on a speedy line with Prucha and Callahan, assuming neither are promoted to the second line.