Current Attendance Streaks

OK, everybody knows that the Avs are reaching a milestone 400th sellout (anticipating tonight’s game) at the Can. That may sound good but there’s a bigger issue here that’s telling of the National Hockey League’s policy on the attendance statistic.My gripe is with the manner in which sellout has been defined by the league. A sellout to the NHL means that all publicly available tickets were sold — nothing more. It does NOT mean that everyone who purchased the tickets is actually in attendance. Seems to me that it would be easy for the league to get the figures on attendance from each rink (they take or scan your ticket at the door), but no one bothers.

Seems pretty lame to me to boast of a 400 game sellout streak at the Pepsi Center when

1) In terms of total capacity, the Can doesn’t even rank in the top 1/3 of NHL arenas

2) 4 of those arenas regularly have attendance that exceeds 100% (including standing room)

3) Only 54% of the seats in the Pepsi Center are available for public purchase! The rest go to corporate sales — not true fans… so sad.

I just like to complain every now and then about all of the silly trends people follow (and I am just as guilty) that most of us don’t take the time to understand.


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  1. original6dan says:

    OK, I actually wrote this up on Thursday (if I recall correctly)… and ranted on about it more on Friday in Defenestrate’s latest thread… sorry for the redundancy… sorry for the redundancy… sorry for the…

  2. SwiftLEAF says:

    You make a valid point. Good observation.

  3. Tweek says:

    U know what bugs me?….the stupid continental airlines arena…okay…i’ve been there and yes it is out in the middle of no where and yes its not a huge market but the corel centre is out in the middle of now where and they have a small market but they are drawing well….common people they got the best goalie in the league and the defending stanley cup champions….go watch the games!..i know there are some real good devils fans cause i met a couple at the game i went to against t bay but the place was empty must have been 12000 or so fans there… a toronto fan who puts up with a team that falls over themselves and i gotta pay hundreds of dollars for tickets. just go to the games!

  4. leafs2003champs says:

    I agree 100% with everything you said except… Toronto is not falling all over themselfs they are playing better now then in the first mounth of the season and are either tied for or 1 point back of the didvision lead I aint sure on that one. I think they would have the didvision lead and be on a 4 game winning streak if they had newendyke in the devils game friday the loss of him really hurt the leafs in the faceoff dot.

  5. AVSR1 says:

    1st of all. Why is it that you state that there was a game on Saturday when they don’t play until Sunday. AND IT IS IN CHICAGO!!! Before you go off on something make sure you have all your facts. I am tired of this site bringing up dumb articles about things without the FACTS first. I also want to know why this is so important. Why don’t you just give them their congrats and not complain about it. If it were in Detroit it would be expected. So becasue in Colorado which we do love our hockey it is looked down upon. Explain that!!!

  6. leafs2003champs says:

    I am guessing because he is a wings fan although that may not be the case if he is a wings fan however he is more likely to hate the avs which may cause him to complain about the avs sellout record. Now I am wondering why both ther avs and wings are overing around 500.

  7. Datsyukfan1307 says:

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I heard that the wings have had consecutive sellouts since like 1994, but there was a game in there somewhere where the game got cancelled because of bad weater or somthing? Dont know if thats true though.

  8. leafs2003champs says:

    damn I had a really good article done there about 2 seconds ago and my account told me I had to log in again thats not cool because it was really long.

  9. Tweek says:

    Yeah i agree but they still aren’t pumping on all cylinders jusy yet….when antropov and newy get back things will be better but the defensive play has been average at best so far…..when they all start to gel it will get better and maybe if guinn stop changing the lines so damn often

  10. kidhenry1 says:

    this is how sellouts are calculated in all sports. The NHL isn’t special…

  11. Bruins4771 says:

    First off who cares? I dont hear too many people “Boast” about attendance anyway. Second of all if your at a game you are a fan of the sport. If you dont like the sport why go? So most likely even if it is “Corporate sales” those people still enjoy the game. So I guess the big thing is whats ur point?

  12. Freeze says:

    What kills me is the Avs were built in Canada – as in the Quebec Nordiques. Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic were part of that Nordique team before they defected to Colorado. Previously, Colorado tried to support a team, but the Denver Rockies? was a bust. So I guess we’re supposed to bow our heads to the carpetbagger team that is now trying to rip off someone else’s “Hockeytown” nickname.

    Is there anything original in Colorado, other than an unsolved child beauty contest murder and mass high school killings?

  13. LondonKnights says:

    Sad, but this is how the world works.

    To promote deals from external sources you need to see a reason to do so. To market a product you want mass viewers. If all the tickets are “sold” then companies will feel that their product is getting out in the market.

  14. zeck says:

    The word is SELLOUT, meaning all the tickits are sold. It has nothing to do with how many people actually go to the game. There would be no team in any sport to have a sellout streak if every single person who bought a ticket had to go to the game; People get sick, there is bad weather, and some people just decide to not go to the game at the last minute.

  15. daredevil says:

    Don’t forget the Avs seeing fit to retire Ray Borque’s #77 after a little more than one season with the Avs. Pathetic.

  16. avsfan19-33 says:

    EXACTLY!!! About time someone said something on this thread that actually made some god damn sense. Avs rule…..period.

  17. defenestrate says:

    Yes – there’s me. And it was the Colorado Rockies, and the Denver Spurs before that.

    And why aren’t you puling and whining about the “carpetbagger” Dallas Stars, New Jersey Devils, etc.?

    Jealousy is an ugly thing. Don’t worry, though – we won’t steal your (self-appointed) nickname. Nor will we steal your crack habits, urban decay, shoddy automobile industry, repugnant caucasian rappers, etc.

  18. Lafleur_10 says:

    Totally agree with you daredevil. It astounds me to see a players number retired for only one season with the team. Bourque will always be a BOSTON bruin in my eyes. Looks as though they just wan’t more banners hanging from the rafters??

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