Current Attendance Streaks

OK, everybody knows that the Avs are reaching a milestone 400th sellout (anticipating tonight’s game) at the Can. That may sound good but there’s a bigger issue here that’s telling of the National Hockey League’s policy on the attendance statistic.My gripe is with the manner in which sellout has been defined by the league. A sellout to the NHL means that all publicly available tickets were sold — nothing more. It does NOT mean that everyone who purchased the tickets is actually in attendance. Seems to me that it would be easy for the league to get the figures on attendance from each rink (they take or scan your ticket at the door), but no one bothers.

Seems pretty lame to me to boast of a 400 game sellout streak at the Pepsi Center when

1) In terms of total capacity, the Can doesn’t even rank in the top 1/3 of NHL arenas

2) 4 of those arenas regularly have attendance that exceeds 100% (including standing room)

3) Only 54% of the seats in the Pepsi Center are available for public purchase! The rest go to corporate sales — not true fans… so sad.

I just like to complain every now and then about all of the silly trends people follow (and I am just as guilty) that most of us don’t take the time to understand.