Current GMs, how do you rank them?

It seems that with every trade I keep seeing how people are complaining about their General Managers. Now some I agree with. But I would like to rank them, not based on performance necessarily, but how they build a team, and the deals they make. Performance could be due to the coach. Not too many teams win the Cup with a crappy coach. So for Sutter, I am just looking at their front office moves. I am ranking the current 30 too. Some GMs inherited great teams. 1. Lou Lamoriello-New Jersey

Well, New Jersey has become one of the best teams. Not too mention that their payroll is quite less for a top NHL team. Lou is cheap no doubt about it, but he knows how to build a young, hungry team with the right amount of vetrans. They have 3 Stanley Cups in 9 years!

2. Darryl Sutter-Calgary

I am still in awe for how good this team is. Darryl has turned this franchise around. The Kiprusoff deal was a very good one. He has got this team young and hungry. He has made deals that we say “Big Deal.” Well it turns out it is a big deal. He also does it with a very limited budget.

3. Pierre Lacroix-Colorado

Pierre has been with the Avs and Nordiques for quite a while, well only one with the Nords. But look at the marquee names he has, and look at how many of them were acquired free agency…exactly. I am still wondering about the Skoula trade though…

4. Brian Burke-Vancouver

Vancouver is another team that has had a limited budget but through deals like Bertuzzi for Jack Squat, and others the Nucks have become a serious contender and are the team I think has an excellent chance at winning the west. I think that the Sedins are starting to come around. Cloutier and the goalie situation has calmed down but I wouldn’t doubt if the exit early because of it.

5. Ken Holland-Detroit

Ken has put together an allstar team. The Wings have one of the higher payrolls, and I question a lot of the moves they have done, but they have won a few times in the past ten years also. I dislike how Cujo was treated which moved Ken down the list, but I think they are still glad he decided not to hold out for a trade with the Dominator out.

6. Dave Armstrong-Dallas

The stars did get off to a bad start, but Dave and his team will get through it. Signing Turco and holding most of the team together while cutting payroll was quite the accomplishment. I wish Derian was still there though.

7. Doug Riesbrough-Minnesota

I and most need to respect this Wild club. A great hockey town with a team that surprised most. Doug has done a very good job putting this team together and hiring Jaques.

8. Dave Taylor-LA

With all of the injuries, he and Murray deserve a lot of credit. The Allison trade doesn’t look to good for the Kings. But Dave has also done a good job getting Palffy who is out, Deadmarsh, who is out, Allison who well who knows if he will be back, along with a very good defense. I think Cechmanek was a very good trade, and the Kings could be a strong contender when healthy.

9. John Ferguson Jr.-Toronto

I know I will get a lot of complaints about him being this low by Leaf fans, but he has been there for a few months, inheriting Pat Quinns team. Now the Klee signing was a very good one. JFJ has not traded for all of the people these Leaf fans say they will get, and why would he. I don’t think this team needs anything, except a strong defenseman. But still I doubt a cup as they alway mess something up since 1967.

10. Don Waddell-Atlanta

Atlanta has made a push. Heatley and Kovalchuck are looking like future superstars and record breakers. It is unfortunate with the offseason accident but that had nothing to do with Don. Getting Hartley was a strong move as well.

11. Bobby Clarke-Philadelphia

Him being 11th might have to do with a little bias. I have started to dispise him after the Lindros thing. Did Lindros really damn the Flyers? (AntiLindros fans don’t answer that one) No doubt he has put an amazing offensive team together. I think paying all that for Burke, well what was paid to Edmonton was a bit for a goalie who could retire anyday and is injury prone. I think of the lack of attention to the goaltending situation was a mistake. I am not convinced Burke is the answer either, like his first stint in Philly.

12. John Muckler-Ottawa

He inherited a good team. He did get Bondra and sign Havlat. I think Muckler is a good GM but hasnt had enough time to prove it.

13. Bob Gainey-Montreal

Des Canadiens have been up and down. Bob has gotten this team back in the playoff picture. He hasn’t made any noticible aquisitions.

14. Darcy Regier-Buffalo

The Sabres are making a push for the playoffs. They have a great goalie situation. Briere has been a good trade. Kudos to Regier for not trading everyone away last year.

15. Kevin Lowe-Edmonton

Cash has been a problem in Edmonton. Lowe has traded away guys like Ninimaa, Carter. Salo has been hot and cold, but the Oil have been a competator over the past couple season….Stupid Stars huh Oiler fans?

16. Ricky Dudley-Florida

Rick has done a good job turning this teams that were nothing into something, the Sens, Lightning, and the Panthers also have a bright future.

17. Larry Pleau-St. Louis

For some reasons the Blues can’t put it together. I don’t know why. Larry has traded away prospects for Tkachuck and Weight while letting guys like Young and Turgeon walk for nothing.?

18. Mike O’Connell-Boston

The B’s have a great talent developing team, but let the guys like Geurin, Allison and company walk because Jacobs is cheap. I have lost a lot of respect for the Bruins organization, especially Siddon. After the Bourgue, Moog, Oates, and Neely regime, they have continued to fall.

19. George McPhee-Washington

That Jagr deal isn’t looking to good for him. Financially the Caps haven’t done too well, and are close to last in the east. Yikes! What happenned?

20. Doug Wilson-San Jose

Doug has turned this Shark team back around. He hasn’t been GM long, so that is why he isn’t higher.

21. Jay Feaster-Tampa Bay

I give most of the credit of the Bolts to Dudley. They have succeeded under Feaster but was has he done to make the team that much better?

22. Glen Sather-New York Rangers

Numerous people blame Slats for inflating salaries, but I think it is mainly Dolans fault. Slats wants to keep his job. Unlike Neil Smith he hasn’t traded too many prospects. But the Rangers can’t play like a team. Sather doesn’t realize it and they won’t make the playoffs. The reason he is “high” on my list is because he has stolen a lot of guys and has but prospects in a Ranger system.

23. Craig Patrick-Pittsburgh

Money the issue in Pittsburgh. He like Lowe had to trade quite a few name, great names. But they will most likely get the first overall pick and get Ovechin. He could do what Mario did, but it remains to be seen. I doubt they could afford him either!

24. Doug MacLean-Columbus

Doug has great future on this club in Klesla and Leclaire, as well as Nash, but this was a result of the very high picks for aweful seasons, in the short history of this team. Guys like Cassels, Sanderson aren’t bad, but I don’t believe that keeping them a long time will do the team good. The Marchant signing was a mistake

25. Michael Barnett-Phoenix

Injuries have been a problem and firing their head coach today wasn’t a good move. AND naming Rick the new head coach… AH-hahaha…

hahaha…ha! Am I the only one who remembers him from the early90s Sens, and Bruins? The Amonte deal screwed him and the Yotes.

26. David Poile-Nashville

Well Nashville has done decent, but I haven’t seen Poile do anything until the Sullivan trade. That was a good trade, which wants me to move him up more but I think that there is a reason that the GMs listed above him are better. The Preds lack a defense and Vokoun isn’t going to be a goalie who will carry the team to where they need to be. Dave also said in an interview that he will indeed be a buyer which he hopes will increase support, sellouts, season tix…

27. Jim Rutherford-Carolina

One cinderella deal. Payed too much for Wesley. Signed Hedican to a bad deal. Aquired a fantastic goalie in Weekes but that is IT.

28. Bob Pulford-Chicago

In his short tenure as GM he traded Zhamnov for a 2nd rounder. Not too impressive. The Hawks are a poor team, bad owner. It isn’t looking good.

29. Bryan Murray-Anaheim

I thought he was going to be good for this team last year. But he went back to being a very bad GM. He wouldn’t sign Kariya and Selanne, but instead does Federov and Prospal. Prospal a won year wonder. Sergei is a great player, but was blessed by great teammates. And signing Giggy to that deal after a great season and post season. I could have old you that he’d pull a Theodore.

And the worst…#30 Mad Mike Milbury-New York Islanders

Luongo Bertuzzi Brewer traded for squat. Spezza Chara Muckault for Yashin. Yashin sign to a 90 million dollar deal! nough said!

Your thoughts, rankings?

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  1. Mailman says:

    im not saying hes any good, just that he isnt to blame. especially when he and the owner are best buds and will cut money everywhere possible to put in their own pockets.

  2. wingerxx says:

    Great points about Pleau…they’re really treading water now, from how much he’s taken from their youth stockpile over the last few years for some very high priced players. Letting go of Handzus was the worst thing he ever did.

  3. gr8haluschak says:

    Lacoix should be number one, look what this guy has done, got Roy for just about nothing, signed both Selenne and Kariya without increasing the total team salary, brought in Bourque, Fluery, Blake, developed guys like Drury, Reinprecht, Tangauy, Hedjuk. That is amazing.

    Why is John Ferguson so high, he has done squat so far.

    Sutter has made one deal, sorry two, why is he so high ?

    If Sutter is that high why is Lowe not in the top ten, this is a guy who has got some great talent when he was forced to dump salary.

    Finally why is Armstrong up there, he has done jack shit as well. He has gone out and signed flaoters and ghosts like Turgeon and Young, brought in Billy who has not come close to living up to expectations and lost Hatcher and Belfour, the latter though is not so bad because you have Turco and it was doing him no good sitting on the bench. The one thing in his defense I will say is Dallas has been amazing at producing goalies, Turek, Fernandez, Turco comming down through the system is just amazing as well.

  4. FanoftheGame says:

    Well not doing all of these trades that most leaf fans say they will get… and his team is doing very well, they haven’t taken a step back under his regime

  5. FanoftheGame says:

    I realize that he wasnt the GM, but it wasnt Lindros that screwed the Flyers in that Deal.

    The Oates deal, 1 first 2nd and 3rd and Oulette, was that it…ahahahaha.

    Boucher trade was a good one too.

    I doubt that Slats would be dumb enough to trade him to the Flyers, and after Rutherford traded Sami there, I doubt Oneil will fallow.

  6. FanoftheGame says:

    Pulford gets payed?

  7. FanoftheGame says:

    Take it down a notch.

  8. Kashin says:

    Milbury also had trades that he had to do by palfy but he did also some dumb ones.

  9. FanoftheGame says:

    Well he is up because the Klee signing put critics down about their “poor” defense, added Joe Niewendyk who has helped, not gone after those stupid trades that we here occasionally on HTR…

    Sutter has taken this team out of the gutter. Miika has been very good. He has taken control of this team and turned them into a contender, with very little budget.

    There are a few moves of Lowes that I didn’t like. Do you put him higher than Muckler and Clarke?

    Armstrong cut the payroll of this team. He was able to resign Turco, and the Stars are coming back around.

  10. gr8haluschak says:

    wasn’t Niewendyk a Pat Quinn job,

    I would put Lowe higher than Muckler, it was not he who has built that team it was drafting in the top 5 for 4 years.

    Armstrong though cause most of that balooning payroll, if you say that then Pleau should be up there too, becuase Pleau has been more successful than Armstrong.

    Sutter has done on trade and Calgary is riding it, the team is falling back to earth very quickly here.

  11. bpanther83 says:

    This is my first time posting, as im a new member. I am a major leafs fan, but am definitaly not a JFJ fan. HE is alright, but still needs to prove himself. I don’t agree with ur bobby clarke, and not cause i hate him, but more he has mad dumb trades for goalies constantly. He went from Burke and boucher. Boucher was better then burke so he traded burke and drafted chemanak (however its spelt). The checkmanak was better than boucher he traded boucher. Then he trade checkmanac, and uses esche and hackett(both over-rated). Then he goes back and picks up burke who wasn’t good enough to take over bouchers spot…STUPID STUPID move!

  12. pinman says:


    Bertuzzi was dealt to the Canucks along with McCabe for Linden during the Keenan GM era, not under Burke.

    Who puts these posts up, is this site even administered????

    Brian Burke #4????? One playoff series in his tenure, yeah he’s well up there. (sarcasm)

  13. mikster says:

    Wow wow wow…..hehe Lou gets no credit for that system. Lemarie does. He’s been hiring coaches that use that same mainframe of the system.

    Good job overall though!

  14. mikster says:

    Jealous of……….what? Just stating out facts. I gave credit to Lou as well. He won Cups, period. But, he’s been a slacker as far as the Devils future goes. Can’t deny that.

  15. mikster says:

    Depends what you go by. If you go by statistical records. Sather wins. By draft picks, Milbury wins. By trades, Sather wins.

    Milbury has done some horrific moves. I mean, he just handed the Panthers Luongo. And, believe me. If you remember any of my goalie rankings i never had Luongo i the top 5. I didn’t know him as much. Now that i’ve been in Florida. He’s the number one goalie out there. I mean, he is just an unbelievable goalie. Plus, Jokinen is the leader of the youngest team in the NHL. Mezei, though injured a lot, was traded to the Panthers for Weimer to then only gift wrap him to the Wild on waivers. Then they traded Kolnik who has tons of potential for Sven Butenschon who is just a decent 3rd pair d-man.

    I mean, that alone makes a GM horrible. To give a young core to an organization for basically little to nothing is not being a good GM. Then you obviously have the Yashin deal.

    You know what he is, and i’m being an honest hockey fan with you here, he is an inconsistent GM. He can do from great to horrible disgustin gmoves. This guy does not guarantee you a playoff spot every year. And, the only reason why the Isle’s are in the playoffs is because the Rangers underachieved and coaching was definitely shitty. But, the brightside is that now he gets to rebuild. The Sabres are cashless and can’t afford to add help.

    The Panthers are still young and Keenan should not have started the season with them.

    So, Isle’s are getting lucky this year. Things went wrong for other teams. If that didn’t happen, then i seriously would have doubted that they would be a playoff team.

    And, they are not ready to be a playoff team. Dumping Weimer like that was a huge mistake. These guys got destroyed by the Rangers 6 times, and in all categories they got destroyed in.

    That only makes them a weak team.

    I think that the Deadline will decide the Isle’s performance in the playoffs as their wekanesses have been shown in those 6 games.

    So, he is a decent GM, but a hge liability.

    As for Sather. Well, he did kind of wimp out on the media. But, i thikn he just about had enough. He did the right thing in saying that he beleives it is better to rebuild instead of fix, and that it was a mandate to fix the team up quickly.

    He made Dolan look like an ass, but it’s what he had to do. It’s no wonder that Dolan keeps defending Sather. He did what Dolan wanted, and i think now that Dolan will let Sather do what he wanted to do.

    Dolan would not have hired any GM that would want to “sell our players and rebuild”.

    However, Sather has been horrible in picking out coaches. I think Low and Torttier would have been solid if the Rangers were a group of vets and youngsters, not just big names.

    So, i think his mentality acted like a drop of oil in a glass of water. Not combined even if on the same place.

    In conclusion, i’d say that Mad Mike wins because of playoff action, but as far as hockey smarts go….i’d trust Sather more.

  16. the_expert_44 says:

    the aucoin deal was mathieu biron and a 2nd round pick (in a very weak draft) for aucoin

    isles got hunter from anaheim for a pick or a meaningless player, i forget.

    czerk. was traded for asham and a pick, and then resigned next offseason, so basically he got 15 goals and some grit for free.

    the rangers arent a much better team, or else theyd be in the playoffs..maybe the rangers use up all their energy on isles games?

    just look at their records against the rest of the league

  17. the_expert_44 says:

    i dont follow the careers of journeymen

  18. TC_4 says:

    You put a nice spin on everything buddy, but you know I’m right so what are you acting like an idiot over? Bottom line: 60 million to work with, you better have better results then 1 Presidents trophy and 1 Conference finals appearence where you got handled. You guys ended up with nothing for Conroy, why did he ditch Stillman for a pick anyways??? Osgood isn’t a great goaltender, he played for one hell of a team and was better back in those days. Oh and about Van Ryn. If he didn’t want to sign with Jersey, there was nothing they could do about it. Pleau could have kept him though. I think I will apply for that job in St.Louis, thanks!

  19. Sunnyg says:

    interesting article…i don’t agree with all your rankings, but interesting to read nonetheless.

    one thing i don’t understand is the amount of people critizing Lou Lamoriello….are you guys kidding me??? this guy has been a model for other GMs on how to build a franchise….they have made it to the finals 4 TIMES in the past 9 years, and won the Cup 3 times!!!! and btw….out of the last four years, they made it to the finals 3 times and won the Cup twice, so its not like his reputation is resting on things done several years ago.

    he has done all this with with a limited budget relative to teams like Detroit, Philly, and the NYR. he has drafted very well with guys such as Brodeur, Niedermayer (sp?), Elias, Gomez, Rafalski, and Madden….he has managed to hire good coaches such as Lemaire, Robinson, and Pat Burns. has he made some mistakes in terms of trades and stuff?? of course…but i challenge anybody to find a GM who has been around for as long as he has who hasn’t made some mistakes.

    the reality is that he has built a team that has won the Cup 3 times AND been a perennial contender for the past decade, and without the unlimited budget that some other teams have.

    he may not be the best GM in the league hands down, because there are also some other great ones out there (such as Lacroix in Colorado), but I think it would be crazy not to acknowledge that he is in the top 3, at the very least.

  20. FanoftheGame says:

    I agree, Lou is one of the, if not the best. I think that he is criticized because he is a firm believer in the trap which we all hate.

  21. FanoftheGame says:

    Don’t dis the admin. Why don’t you take a couple of hours and write this stuff. Lets see your perfect article

  22. FanoftheGame says:

    That is one of the main reasons Clarke wasn’t in the top 10.

  23. FanoftheGame says:

    As far as Lowe and Muckler talk look at some of the debates I’ve gotten in over Muckler. I think Lowe is also inconsistant. I question a lot that he does.

    Pleau has made some god aweful trades. Tkachuck was a heavy price to pay. And still hasn’t brought in that goalie.

    Nieuwendyk was JFJs first move:

  24. hoser24 says:

    I’m sorry, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. Trading Boucher for Handzus and Esche was a steal for the Flyers. Boucher gets hot for five straight games and everyone thinks he’s God…look what they’ve done since.

    Handzus is a solid #2 centerman on most teams (if the Flyers get healthy…he’ll be their #4 behind Roenick, Zhamnov, and Primeau. How scary is that?).

    Esche is at least as good as…and in my opinion better than…Boucher. Plus Esche is a year younger. Everyone keeps saying that Esche will never be a #1 in the NHL because he’s a lifetime backup…but he’s only 26. I think (and hope) that he’s starting over Burke in the playoffs.

    As other have said before…the only really bad Clarke trade was the one for Oates. But with all of the steals he’s had (like Leclair, Desjardins, and Dionne for Recchi…then getting Recchi back for Zubrus) I think he’s allowed a bad trade now and then.

  25. NYIchooch75 says:

    Well, I can say that I am not happy overall with the Luongo trade, but I will say that Kvasha is a MUCH better player than Jokinen. He has more points and his +/- is a lot better, too. As far as Parrish, I hope they trade him by March 9th. Waaaaay overrated. Parrish has scored 30 goals for us, so it’s not too bad, but I really don’t care for the guy. But, they have DiPietro and he seems to be pretty solid, and he is only 20. But, I’ll admit, right now I’d take Luongo over DiPietro.

    The Peca trade was excellent. He does a lot more than score. He hits, plays great defense, and is the captain they haven’t had since Potvin. Pyatt plays like a woman sometimes, but he is still young. Connolly has a head injury and they don’t know if he’ll ever play again.

    I’d take Hamrlik over Brewer any day.

    Bertuzzi was a huge disappointment. The McCabe part of that deal was the killer.

    Kasparaitus and Johansson for Smolinski. The team was desperate for offense and Smolinski came off a 60+ pont season and was a former 30 goal scorer. Johansson? Wahtever, no one heard of him until last year anyway. And didn’t Sather let him go for nothing? Thought so.

    Dumont, if I remember correctly was up for a contract and he wanted a lot of money for never having played in NHL. And Nabokov….he was a star, man. AWESOME!

    Milbury has gotten Aucoin for nothing. Hunter for nothing. Czerkawski and Asham for free. He originally got Czerkawski for LaCouture. Who won that one?

    Don’t forget that he also picked up Osgood for nothing too. That was a great move and got the team in the playoffs.

    He is not even close to being the best GM, but I really don’t think he’s the worst. He’s had the team in the playoffs 2 years in a row, and quite possibly 3 this year.

  26. bpanther83 says:

    Ur defending him picking up burke? Ur defending him getting hacket? Esche is pretty good granted. But he is nothing more than another checkmanak. He will fall apart in the playoffs. With the team they have I could post decent numbers. And im not saying esche won’t become a #1 in the FUTURE, but right now he is not capable of winning a cup. He is trying to bring a cup to philidelphia then he better get a real #1 goalie who is ready NOW. Thats what I am saying

  27. NYIchooch75 says:

    He actually drafted Redden 2nd, the traded him to Ottawa for Berard. This was after Redden watched one of his teamates get his ass kicked and just stood there while a huge pile on ensued. It was really bad. Redden just STOOD still with this dumb look on his face and his hands at his sides. Milbury ripped Redden to shreds in the papers the next day. Redden didn’t last too long after that.

  28. Killa_Bs says:

    I am not going to say that Mike O’Connell is a great GM but I think he’s doing pretty well though. My only problem with his work is that I feel that sometimes he’s unwilling to sign obvious talent. The problem isn’t that there is no money, the Bruins have a sound financial situation. Yes he has let some players go during the last couple of years but right now most of his decisions look pretty good.

    The times that the Bruins have actually opened their wallets are the times that they have made the worst decisions. Trading Smolinski and Murray to Pittsburgh for Kevin Stevens and Shawn McEachern was exactly a great trade even though it looked good back then. Stevens and McEachern, both from the area, were stars and lots of people were surprised by this move. McEachern turned out to be the better player of the two.

    The signing of Martin Lapointe is also somewhat questionable. He had a great season with the Red Wings and the Bruins stunned the NHL by signing him for a large sum of money. Even though Marty hasn’t produced the way we hoped he has still done a good job in terms of leadership.

    The Bruins are often accused of being cheap and never resigning UFAs or FAs. It might be true but these examples show that the Bruins were right when they held on to the dough.

    Dmitri Khristich – Did well in Boston but the Bruins chose not to resign him. Where is this guy now? What did he do after that season?

    Jason Allison – How many games has he played since he was traded? I’ll admit that I was sad to see him go and he did nothing but good things for the Bruins, a classy player. Still he wouldn’t do anything good on the Bruins IR.

    Byron Dafoe – See comment on Allison + Raycroft has gotten a chance to shine and is moving closer to stardom.

    Kyle McLaren – Loved his hitting but the way he left was disappointing. Still I think the Bruins have replaced him with equally good and even better players.

    Bill Guerin – Great guy who did great at home in Boston. The close, but still far from, a replacement for Cam Neely. Wouldn’t mind having him back. Still, this season he has scored fewer goals than Murray so basically he has been replaced as well.

    Anson Carter – The Bruins wouldn’t resign him for the money he asked for so they traded him to Edmonton for Bill Guerin, a great trade.

    So in hindsight most of his decision has been correct and sometimes even brave. It would have been easier to listen to the media and the fans and resign all these players.

    The Bruins believe in developing quality players with character and class. The idea is that the players should want to play for Bruins because of their love for the club rather than the money they are given. Eventually the Bruins will go far in the playoffs and they will do that without sacrificing their economy and being forced to trade off everybody on their team (which we see other teams doing these days).

    So even though, at times, the clubs management can be frustrating I support their work because history shows they are making mostly good decisions.

  29. NYIchooch75 says:

    Lamoriello is the best GM, hands down. LaCroix and Holland are a close second. I am a big fan of Brian Burke. Was he the GM when they stole Naslund? Sutter has done a wonderful job for Calgary. Kiprusoff was a great pick-up. Ferguson at 9? Hasn’t he been a GM for like 5 months. Has he even done anything besides Klee? Regier should be higher. He was another GM that had no money, and once he was given a little to spend he made the most of it. Drury and Briere were great pickups. Larry Pleau and McPhee should be a lot lower. St. Louis has no minor leaguers. Depleted.

    Milbury at 30 is wrong. I’d have him around 23-25. He is definitely not the worst. Sather is HANDS DOWN. Sorry, it’s not a rivalry thing here, it’s because of a $70+ million payroll, and no playoffs. Kasparaitus is a #4 d-man at best, but he signed him to a huge contract. Same with Holik. I don’t care if they had other offers, the fact is the Rangers signed them to those contracts. If Detroit or Toronto signed them and they didn’t make the playoffs, their GM would be here.

    Lindros –

    Hmm, he’s only had SIX HORRIBLE CONCUSSIONS, let’s trade the best d-man we’ve drafted since Leetch for him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Lindros looked great until he got hurt. But seriously, EVERYONE knew it was a matter of time. Bad trade.

    Oh, how about the Karpa and Ulanov signings. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wasn’t it something like over $3 million each.? Need I say more?

    Fata vs. Kovalev – Kovy has 1 more goal than him. And Samuelsson got Pittsburgh Fleury.

    Mike York for Poti – dumb. Got rid of his hardest working (and arguable his best) for this female defensman. Yeah he can score, but can he play D. Needs to play wing.

    Marek Zdlicky (as a throw-in in the Dunham trade) – Bet he’d love to have this kid back, huh?

    And dont forget he is responsible for hiring the coach. Three strikes and you’re out. Lowe, Trottier and himself. Enough said.

    Yeah, Milbury has done som stupid things, but he was finally able to spend the league average and they have been in the playoffs 2, maybe 3 years in a row. $70-80 million and no playoffs is unacceptable.

    Now, I know I’ll catch flak for this but I’m not really that impressed with how he has drafted. Jessiman seems like a good pick up, and I’ve heard a lot about him on the board, but it’s like me saying how great Nilsson is and will be. Can’t say yet.

    Dan Blackburn – My problem was how they used this poor kid. Shell-shocked. Sather is such a dick for what he did to this kid. HE wasn’t ready. Very few at 18 years old are. This idiot, with the deep pockets can’t go out and get a back-up goalie?

    Kloucek – Knee injury? Bust.

    Brendl- Yeah, ok. Toss in on the Lindros trade.

    Garth Murray seems like a good player, but he may be buried on this team. Tyutin doesn’t seem that solid yet, but he needs more time. Not fair to judge him yet. Could go either way.

  30. kidhenry1 says:

    You said that “I would like to rank them, not based on performance necessarily, but how they build a team.”

    I would argue that Mike Milbury has built as good a team as anybody in the NHL. If we aren’t talking about performance, than how can you argue with the Yashin trade? He was an elite player for Ottowa, and is still a damn good one for the Islanders. But the real telling thing about the team he’s built is that when his two top goal scorers went down, this team kept going without losing a step. That’s got a lot to do with the depth of the team. Also, for all the prospects he’s traded away, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers are still a perrenial NHL power. He should be higher than, for example Glen Sather, whose team totally fell apart after losing Eric Lindros.

    But I like the rest of your rankings. Lou is an easy #1, but going back to what you said about performance, Lacroix should be #2. You can’t argue with getting Selanne and Kariya for nothing.

  31. FanoftheGame says:

    Jacobs needs to be shot. He his ruining that franchise. The best deal in their history, besides drafting Orr, Neeley and Wesley for Pederson

  32. FanoftheGame says:

    Sather is not a bad GM. You forget that it is the owner Dolan who demands these players. Perhaps now, they will both see it won’t work like that.

    Do you really think that a guy who bashed the Neil Smith era so much would be such a hypocrite? Seems a little wrong to me.

    Milbury has made so many braindead moves it is not even funny. The only thing I like better about Milbury is his choices of coaches that make him look better than he really is.

    Now why I think you are wrong with the Rangers.

    Lindros, a premier player. Gave up Kim Johnsson the last pick in one of the entry drafts, Brendl was a bust, a Neil Smith pick. Kloucek injuries. Not a bust as he wasn’t taken too high and should he be healthy will be huge on the blue line. Blackburn was used poorly.

    Marek Zdlicky? Are you kidding. He plays only the powerplay. Do you think that the Rangers need another defensive liability?

  33. FanoftheGame says:

    Milbury has traded away an allstar team. I mean when you where last in the league for 8 years, you get some decent picks.

  34. Just-Checking-In says:

    “29. Bryan Murray-Anaheim

    I thought he was going to be good for this team last year. But he went back to being a very bad GM. He wouldn’t sign Kariya and Selanne, but instead does Federov and Prospal. Prospal a won year wonder. Sergei is a great player, but was blessed by great teammates. And signing Giggy to that deal after a great season and post season. I could have old you that he’d pull a Theodore.”

    Hey I am no great fan of the quacks, however most of your rankings look more like “which team or general manager do I like the best” and less of which has done the best.

    Take this case in point. Bryan Murray is ranked next to last because he didn’t sign Kariya and Selanne, instead deciding to go with Fedorov and Prospal. Yet when I look at the scoring stats it looks like:

    Selanne 14 goals – 15 assists for 29 points

    Kariya 8 goals – 14 assists for 22 points


    Fedorov 23 goals – 31 assists for 54 points

    Prospal 18 goals – 27 assists for 45 points

    Fedorov and Prospal are numbers 1 and 2 on the Ducks in scoring and both of them have way better numbers than Kariya or Selanne. And that is with Fedorov and Prospal playing on a defensive orientated team and Kariya and Selanne playing on a more wide open team.

    Knock Murray and the Ducks all you like (I think letting Oates and Thomas leave was a bigger mistake than letting Kariya leave.) however don’t pont to the Fedorov and Prospal signings as a bad move. In fact getting Skoula from the number 3 guy on your list for a player the Ducks got from that team for nothing was nothing less than brilliant.

    So maybe next time check your team and player bias at the door when writing.

  35. FanoftheGame says:

    To be truthful I was rooting for the quacks all the way last year.

    BUt I seriously doubt that you can compare those pairs on two on different teams.


    1) Injuries

    2) One pair plays first line

    3) One pair plays 2nd line

    4) One pair gets 2x the ice time

    5) Different coaches, responsibilities

    6) Different homes, tough adjustment.

    I think it is b.s. how they lose their leader, not even for a compensary pick, and yet through their *****ing of how financially they are tight add millions more to their payroll, have less sucess they did before.

    I have nothing against any of these four players, nor the teams.

  36. kidhenry1 says:

    But he hasn’t traded any prospects of note except for Jason Spezza since Charles Wang took over as GM and he was allowed to spend a little bit of money.

    And even though people knock the Yashin and Peca trades, it’s not like they could have made the playoffs without making those trades and establishing themselves as a team dedicated to winning. If they hadn’t gotten Yashin, Spezza’d probably be in Ottowa anyway. The only difference is that the Isles would have the Senators first round pick instead.

  37. NYIchooch75 says:

    Like I said, it wasn’t a rivalry thing at all. I agree with Dolan. He is a big problem. But I think a lot of Sather’s previous success was due to the fact that he had Gretzky, Messier etc fall into his lap. Not all of his trades were terrible, but I can’t stand it when Milbury gets bashed so much. Yeah, he made some boneheaded moves, but hasn’t every GM? Who gave up Naslund? How about Forsberg in the Lindros trade? I can name a hundred other trades. I don’t know if you live in NY, but Bertuzzi was horrible. Yes, he was young, but he was lazy and totally uninspired. If he didn’t get traded I don’t think he’d be half the player his now. He was the first Isbister. So much talent, just couldn’t tap it. Plenty of people bash him for the Yashin trade. Do have any idea how many people that trade put in the seats that first year. He was an all-world player, and they sold out a lot of games after seasons of hearing an echo in that building. Remember, it’s a business, and Milbury has a boss. The Bertuzzi trade was over 6 years ago. They were THE laughingstock of the NHL, hell in all of sports! But now they are a playoff caliber team. He picked up Jason Blake for nothing. Bates was signed as a free agent, and I know he can barely hit the end galss, let alone score a goal, but he is an awesome penalty killer.

    Anyway, my point was that Sather had the means to go out and get everything and anything and he failed. Miserably. Maybe, looking back, I was a little out of line with the draft picks. Only time will tell. But you can’t seriously say that he shouldn’t be last. 70 million for over 4 years and no playoffs. He should be fired.

    Oh, it doesn’t matter where someone was drafted, Johnsson has talent. And as for Zdlicky, the kid has talent. He is another Tarnstrom, but valuable nonetheless. And sorry ’bout Brendl, I couldn’t remember if he was a Smith or Sather pick.

    Lindros was coming off of a horrible concussion, his brother just retired (speaking of great GM’s, Thanks for Brett Lindros, Don!!) and everyone knew it was only a matter of time. That’s why a trade from the Flyers took so long.

  38. FanoftheGame says:

    Why would Spezza be in Ottawa? And what was Wang smoking to pay 90 million to a crybaby like Yashin? I don’t see anyone else who does that to Jaques Martin?

  39. davidhabba says:

    One thing I would add id the Sami Salo trade for Peter Scheafer. Perfect trade for the Sens (and possible the Nucks too). Scheafer fits in well. I think the Varada trade was huge as will be the Bondra trade. Muckler definitely should be higher on the list.

  40. the_expert_44 says:

    dipietros a couple years younger than luongo, hell be going to many all star games

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