Current GMs, how do you rank them?

It seems that with every trade I keep seeing how people are complaining about their General Managers. Now some I agree with. But I would like to rank them, not based on performance necessarily, but how they build a team, and the deals they make. Performance could be due to the coach. Not too many teams win the Cup with a crappy coach. So for Sutter, I am just looking at their front office moves. I am ranking the current 30 too. Some GMs inherited great teams. 1. Lou Lamoriello-New Jersey

Well, New Jersey has become one of the best teams. Not too mention that their payroll is quite less for a top NHL team. Lou is cheap no doubt about it, but he knows how to build a young, hungry team with the right amount of vetrans. They have 3 Stanley Cups in 9 years!

2. Darryl Sutter-Calgary

I am still in awe for how good this team is. Darryl has turned this franchise around. The Kiprusoff deal was a very good one. He has got this team young and hungry. He has made deals that we say “Big Deal.” Well it turns out it is a big deal. He also does it with a very limited budget.

3. Pierre Lacroix-Colorado

Pierre has been with the Avs and Nordiques for quite a while, well only one with the Nords. But look at the marquee names he has, and look at how many of them were acquired free agency…exactly. I am still wondering about the Skoula trade though…

4. Brian Burke-Vancouver

Vancouver is another team that has had a limited budget but through deals like Bertuzzi for Jack Squat, and others the Nucks have become a serious contender and are the team I think has an excellent chance at winning the west. I think that the Sedins are starting to come around. Cloutier and the goalie situation has calmed down but I wouldn’t doubt if the exit early because of it.

5. Ken Holland-Detroit

Ken has put together an allstar team. The Wings have one of the higher payrolls, and I question a lot of the moves they have done, but they have won a few times in the past ten years also. I dislike how Cujo was treated which moved Ken down the list, but I think they are still glad he decided not to hold out for a trade with the Dominator out.

6. Dave Armstrong-Dallas

The stars did get off to a bad start, but Dave and his team will get through it. Signing Turco and holding most of the team together while cutting payroll was quite the accomplishment. I wish Derian was still there though.

7. Doug Riesbrough-Minnesota

I and most need to respect this Wild club. A great hockey town with a team that surprised most. Doug has done a very good job putting this team together and hiring Jaques.

8. Dave Taylor-LA

With all of the injuries, he and Murray deserve a lot of credit. The Allison trade doesn’t look to good for the Kings. But Dave has also done a good job getting Palffy who is out, Deadmarsh, who is out, Allison who well who knows if he will be back, along with a very good defense. I think Cechmanek was a very good trade, and the Kings could be a strong contender when healthy.

9. John Ferguson Jr.-Toronto

I know I will get a lot of complaints about him being this low by Leaf fans, but he has been there for a few months, inheriting Pat Quinns team. Now the Klee signing was a very good one. JFJ has not traded for all of the people these Leaf fans say they will get, and why would he. I don’t think this team needs anything, except a strong defenseman. But still I doubt a cup as they alway mess something up since 1967.

10. Don Waddell-Atlanta

Atlanta has made a push. Heatley and Kovalchuck are looking like future superstars and record breakers. It is unfortunate with the offseason accident but that had nothing to do with Don. Getting Hartley was a strong move as well.

11. Bobby Clarke-Philadelphia

Him being 11th might have to do with a little bias. I have started to dispise him after the Lindros thing. Did Lindros really damn the Flyers? (AntiLindros fans don’t answer that one) No doubt he has put an amazing offensive team together. I think paying all that for Burke, well what was paid to Edmonton was a bit for a goalie who could retire anyday and is injury prone. I think of the lack of attention to the goaltending situation was a mistake. I am not convinced Burke is the answer either, like his first stint in Philly.

12. John Muckler-Ottawa

He inherited a good team. He did get Bondra and sign Havlat. I think Muckler is a good GM but hasnt had enough time to prove it.

13. Bob Gainey-Montreal

Des Canadiens have been up and down. Bob has gotten this team back in the playoff picture. He hasn’t made any noticible aquisitions.

14. Darcy Regier-Buffalo

The Sabres are making a push for the playoffs. They have a great goalie situation. Briere has been a good trade. Kudos to Regier for not trading everyone away last year.

15. Kevin Lowe-Edmonton

Cash has been a problem in Edmonton. Lowe has traded away guys like Ninimaa, Carter. Salo has been hot and cold, but the Oil have been a competator over the past couple season….Stupid Stars huh Oiler fans?

16. Ricky Dudley-Florida

Rick has done a good job turning this teams that were nothing into something, the Sens, Lightning, and the Panthers also have a bright future.

17. Larry Pleau-St. Louis

For some reasons the Blues can’t put it together. I don’t know why. Larry has traded away prospects for Tkachuck and Weight while letting guys like Young and Turgeon walk for nothing.?

18. Mike O’Connell-Boston

The B’s have a great talent developing team, but let the guys like Geurin, Allison and company walk because Jacobs is cheap. I have lost a lot of respect for the Bruins organization, especially Siddon. After the Bourgue, Moog, Oates, and Neely regime, they have continued to fall.

19. George McPhee-Washington

That Jagr deal isn’t looking to good for him. Financially the Caps haven’t done too well, and are close to last in the east. Yikes! What happenned?

20. Doug Wilson-San Jose

Doug has turned this Shark team back around. He hasn’t been GM long, so that is why he isn’t higher.

21. Jay Feaster-Tampa Bay

I give most of the credit of the Bolts to Dudley. They have succeeded under Feaster but was has he done to make the team that much better?

22. Glen Sather-New York Rangers

Numerous people blame Slats for inflating salaries, but I think it is mainly Dolans fault. Slats wants to keep his job. Unlike Neil Smith he hasn’t traded too many prospects. But the Rangers can’t play like a team. Sather doesn’t realize it and they won’t make the playoffs. The reason he is “high” on my list is because he has stolen a lot of guys and has but prospects in a Ranger system.

23. Craig Patrick-Pittsburgh

Money the issue in Pittsburgh. He like Lowe had to trade quite a few name, great names. But they will most likely get the first overall pick and get Ovechin. He could do what Mario did, but it remains to be seen. I doubt they could afford him either!

24. Doug MacLean-Columbus

Doug has great future on this club in Klesla and Leclaire, as well as Nash, but this was a result of the very high picks for aweful seasons, in the short history of this team. Guys like Cassels, Sanderson aren’t bad, but I don’t believe that keeping them a long time will do the team good. The Marchant signing was a mistake

25. Michael Barnett-Phoenix

Injuries have been a problem and firing their head coach today wasn’t a good move. AND naming Rick the new head coach… AH-hahaha…

hahaha…ha! Am I the only one who remembers him from the early90s Sens, and Bruins? The Amonte deal screwed him and the Yotes.

26. David Poile-Nashville

Well Nashville has done decent, but I haven’t seen Poile do anything until the Sullivan trade. That was a good trade, which wants me to move him up more but I think that there is a reason that the GMs listed above him are better. The Preds lack a defense and Vokoun isn’t going to be a goalie who will carry the team to where they need to be. Dave also said in an interview that he will indeed be a buyer which he hopes will increase support, sellouts, season tix…

27. Jim Rutherford-Carolina

One cinderella deal. Payed too much for Wesley. Signed Hedican to a bad deal. Aquired a fantastic goalie in Weekes but that is IT.

28. Bob Pulford-Chicago

In his short tenure as GM he traded Zhamnov for a 2nd rounder. Not too impressive. The Hawks are a poor team, bad owner. It isn’t looking good.

29. Bryan Murray-Anaheim

I thought he was going to be good for this team last year. But he went back to being a very bad GM. He wouldn’t sign Kariya and Selanne, but instead does Federov and Prospal. Prospal a won year wonder. Sergei is a great player, but was blessed by great teammates. And signing Giggy to that deal after a great season and post season. I could have old you that he’d pull a Theodore.

And the worst…#30 Mad Mike Milbury-New York Islanders

Luongo Bertuzzi Brewer traded for squat. Spezza Chara Muckault for Yashin. Yashin sign to a 90 million dollar deal! nough said!

Your thoughts, rankings?