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Andre Savard is a smart GM going after the deals that are in the interest of the team.

What is Doug Gilmour’s current retirement status? Who are the Habs shopping and why?

General Manager Andre Savard is building the habs like a team is meant to be built; slow and accurate. Savard so far has done what the team needs by aquiring scoring with Czerkawski, grit with Mckay and getting rid of shooter Sergei Berezin.

Doug Gilmour is still un-retired but for how long? Gilmour said he will decide on his future by the quality of free agent signings made this off-season. With Mckay joining the veteran Montreal squad, I think thier is a good chance he will resign.

According to Dave Pagnotta the habs are shopping defenseman, possibly Patrick Traverse. The Traverse deal was the only questionable deal Savard has made since taking over Rejean Houle’s duties. The canadiens are also rumoured to be shopping big defenseman Sheldon Souray. Possible deals could see Derek Morris come to Montreal in exchange for Souray and Traverse.

The Habs are continuing thier search for Lord Stanley’s Cup, when will they find glory?

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  1. pantherboy says:

    I have liked all the moves that the Habs have made this summer so far. The McKay signing will provide some needed leadership and Czerkawski trade was great too. It looked like the Savage trade got the worst of the team, because now it turned out that he went for a 4th rounder, not too good. Hopefully they can sign Thedore and get Gilmour back.

  2. Stanajax says:

    Yeah, Savard is a great GM, one of the greatest of the league, for sure. He made 2 bad deals (Berezin and Traverse) but all others were very sucessful. You have to deal to improve your team quickly, and you can’t win each time, but, considering that Koivu and Petrov are the only forwards that were in MontrĂ©al before Savard, we can say he’s done a very nice job quickly.

  3. big_booty says:

    I highly doubt that a package of Souray and Travers is enough to pry Morris away from Calgary.

    If those two players aren’t that good, why would another team give up a rising star in exchange for them?

    Habs fans, don’t become like Leafs fans. You’re so much smarter than that.

  4. mikster says:

    I think Dave Pagnotta is right, the Habs will make a change on their defense. I think it would take more than just Traverse and Souray for Morris.

    Savard has made the best changes for his team other than Sather and the McLean. Savard MUST sign Theodore though. When Theodore signs, Gilmour’s chances of staying with the team are high and Selanne could still be a good fit.

    Also, this is out of the topic. Fleury has been offered a contract by the Coyotes worth $6 million a season.

  5. topshelf05 says:

    In response to the out of topic topic…

    Gretz and the Coyotes snagging Theo Fleury for $6 million could be a steal. NYC got the best of Theo, but a change of scenery could be exactly what he needs. Wayne has shown his interest in Fleury (i.e. being adamant about getting him on Team Canada), and Fleury has exhibited a concern for his addictions by going into rehab. Theo is a 70 point guy, and with Doan, Briere, Langkow, and the rest of the young kids, he could be the tiny spark (literally and figuratively) that ignites the Phoenix flame.

  6. Obcd says:

    Don’t worry i’m a habs fan and I don’t think this trade will ever happen. Trading two medium defensemans for one great rarely happens. Anyway it would take much more.

  7. topshelf05 says:

    Now to the actual post…

    Savard didn’t trade for Donald Audette for no reason at all. He has shown that even on a bad team (Atlanta) that he can score. It is imperative that he do the same with Montreal. Whether on the first line with the playmaker Saku Koivu or with Yanic Perrault, Audette must light the lamp. Except for Koivu, Perrault, and to a degree, Richard Zednik and Oleg Petrov, there are no true finishers on this Hab club. Audette can provide that quality – if he wants to.

  8. Chandlerisback says:


    souray and Traverse for MORRIS

    haha ah thats a funny one!

    Calgary needs scoring not more defensemen.

    IF they deal Morris it will be for some scoring help….not two mid quality defensemen.

    You can get a traverse on the amrket cheap Why trade a top d-man for one.

    That rumors a joke

    Morris for a young center is a possibility as well.

    Whoever gets Morris is lucky…he’s gunna be good.

    Its hard to evaluate him on the Flames.

    Put him in a good team and let him experience what it’s like to win and your set.

    But he isnt going to montreal for Souray and Traverse.

    You’ll have to give up a Bulis or Zednik to get him.

  9. wholefnshow says:

    If you trade a defenceman as good as Derek Morris, their will be a huge gap to be filled. I understand that Traverse sucks, but Souray has plenty of heart and is reliable defensively (most of the time). But as you said the Flames are deep at the d-man position, but it is essential for the Flames to fill up their vacant defense spot (If morris were to be traded) right away through the same trade.

    So I propose the Habs trade Souray, Bulis, Chouinard and a 3rd round draft pick (next years draft is considered to be deep, where good players will still be available in the 4th round).

    The HABS are NOT going to trade Zednik. and Why should they? He just came off one of the best playoff performances in the 2002 season.

    If the Habs are able to sign Selanne and keep Killer for one more year, I’ll be going nuts.

  10. wayne2 says:

    If Calgary are any smart at all,they wont trade a very solid defensemen for two so so defensemen.Only in Montreal could they think of something like that.

  11. Stanajax says:

    I wanted to speak about this. I really can’t see a trade like this happen. If Calgary wants to free some cash by trading Morris, they would ask for Hainsey or Komisarek, maybe Markov, but definitely not Souray and Traverse!!!

    Souray is a good D-man, that can hit (but he doesn’t all the time, unfortunately), but Traverse has almost no value. He can only play 5th or 6th D-man on a weak team.

  12. Stanajax says:

    You can add Czerkawski now!!!

    If all the 6 top guys score their part, the Habs will roll right to the playoffs.

  13. Stanajax says:

    In fact, we may not need Morris with Hainsey and Komisarek coming in the next years. I don’t know where this rumor started…..

  14. Lint07 says:

    yeah, right.

    You must come from Toronto.

    As you can see, we (unlike leafs fans) don’t jump on the bandwagon when an impossible deal like that pop-up. The only one believing this deal will/may/could happen, is in fact, the author. That’s it my friend…

  15. Naoned says:

    I completely agree with your statement on Zed.

    I don’t think he will be traded unless we can get VERY BIG players in return (Lecavalier?)

    But if GM from the other teams think Bulis is worth Z-man, he is available…

  16. Naoned says:

    Wait wait wait…

    If this rumor sucks, it’s not as bad as any rumor involving Toronto’s Cross&Hoglund.

    Souray is a very decent Dman. I can guarantee you he will have a great year if he’s notr injured.

  17. habsfan44 says:

    if the habs were willing to pay for selanne, why don’t they just sign tony amonte??? he’s had several years with 30 goals + and the habs can use him……just a thought. would amonte want to come here…..really doubt it, but we can wish.

  18. topshelf05 says:

    Stanajax, you are correct. I completely forgot Mariusz.

  19. zednik says:

    Traverese is going somewhere far away for very little. As for Souray he has the potental to be a blueline stud.

    The great think about a guy like Jan Bulis is the work “potental” and on that word alone we may be able to get something for him. If the Flames would take a Bulis and a Souray I would do it in a heartbeat.


  20. zednik says:


    I think its safe to say that Theo is going now where !

    Check !

    Backup goaltending

    If its Fiset or Garon whatever

    I would prefer resigning Fiset but no matter



    Andre, if yuo could so something about this I would really appricated it ! I like the d-fence but an offencive minded guy and maybe a Blue line vet.

    No Check


    We scored over 200 goals

    now we have Cherkawski and Audette and Koivu for full years, As well as maybe 10 goals from McKay



    Adding McKay was a good start, LIndsey for a full season will help. one big dman could really turn it around.

    Part Marks

    I think the Habs are looking great

    Great Farm system and the big team isn’t looking to bad !

    If we have as crazy of a playoff next year with the Jerseys and Flyers getting bounced the Habs may be the suprise next year !


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