All right well just as I did with the Lindros rumors … when I put those to rest, I’m putting a few more rumors to a stop.

Some of the rumors have gotten so out of hand and so bad that I need to end them now.FIRST: Well, all the Cujo rumors obviously are done! mainly because … well….. Cujo himself is unavailable for 6 weeks about the start of the season by getting a knee surgery.

Why was Cujo not traded quickly…..? Why did the Rangers not jump on it? Well, I have to think half the teams going for Cujo knew about his knee…

One real rumor that can be started is that a deal had been done with Boston and Detroit but when Cujo was checked out by doctors they found out his knee needed surgery….. Now thats a real rumor!

SECOND: Messier to Edmonton … it’s over end it it’s done with … he’s not going there….. yeah blah blah blah… there is still a chance… blah blah blah! NO! it’s over I read a Ron Lowe quote a while ago “I would love to have him here but I think we all know Mess will end his career as a Ranger.” So there you go … it was in an Edmonton paper… I’m not Larry brooks I Read this when the rumors were hot! So end it. The rumors are done…. He’s a Ranger.

WANT MORE? OK Mario…. The guy is retiring after this year … that’s all I hear… o he wasn’t coming back this season…. He is done.. well he did come back.. and now we hear…. o this is his last season. Well,…. uhhh no, no, no it’s not. Hate to let everyone in on this but if Mario is done after this season….. well, … all I can say is the Penguins will go bankrupt. They need just to have Mario say he’s playing….. The fans will never watch that team when they have nothing.. not even Mario to watch…. The smart thing that Mario is doing is saying this could be his last year … that way everyone buy’s tickets to see him “one last time” but it’s not and he’ll back a least one more season after this….


Herb Brooks was a major part in getting anyone in the US to even think about hockey. In a time when Baseball ruled, and football was maing it’s way….. Hockey was left in the dust, No one cared…… Because Jordan was the King….. so Hockey was… well “what’s hockey?” until Herb Brooks made the word “Heart” in Hockey what it is today….. USA hockey grew … it was big in Canada … but America excepted hockey because of what happened in the Olympics that year. Kids instead of saying they were going to be Jordan or someone….. wanted to win the gold in street hockey, as they played with there friends….. highways stopped and people hugged each other because of that Hockey game…… that Hockey game and Herb Brooks bringing life to Hockey in America will have always of had more impact then any other sport ever could have had on American sports…… Thanks to Herb Brooks for making No-name kids … believe, and show, HEART, is everything…

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  1. Lint07 says:

    …Or Steve Heinze’s jersey number.

    …Or both since he wears it because of the Ketchup!

  2. cwthrash says:

    Well, I try. Could have been better though.

    Surprised no one has at least given that a whirl before. Maybe some really don’t know what a dictionary is.

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