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“”I’d like to share some info I learned and Jagr’s comments for


Jiri Dopita won’t play for the Rangers (thank to God). He spoke with Sather this week and both sides decided not to sign new deal. The problem is said not to be in money but in spot on Rangers team. Like many of you said Dopita is useless in case Messier is back and it seems he is. So tomorrow Dopita will announce if he joins the Florida panthers or whether he stays home.


As I informed before Jan won’t play in NY for 99%. It seems (Larry) Brooks‘ sources were kidding again. Agent of Jan Hlavac contacted Slats (that’s right) but he had no interest to sign Hlavac.
Hlavac said „when I was leaving Carolina I said to Svoboda and Vasicek see you guys next year like an opponent, I really thought I am leaving, but now my agent is working on new deal with Hurricanes.


There was an interview with Rucinsky agent Svoboda in MF Dnes and question on him where will Martin play next season. He mentioned Kings and Blues. Then the question was „and what about Rangers?“ Svoboda replied that the Rangers always wanted Rucinsky and that he had several calls with Slats but nothing concrete. Svoboda said he had even call from Lindros who was asking on Rucinsky plans. Svoboda confirmed Lindros spoke again with Slats about Rucinsky (I thought Eric is rather hidden somewhere, not talking about TRADES with Slats)


Finally there was long interview with Jagr on , it was about nothing and everything. Only question interesting for us NYR fans was like

Q: What about calls from the Rangers? Is it gone? Few weeks ago Sather was assuring you that the trade is only question of time but now? Is it absolutely put to ice?

A: It isn’t so easy, they need agreement fro Washington. Clubs have to keep some rules. Rangers could get high punishment for it. But they got that permission during the Draft and then once again. I don’t know the reason the trade wasn’t finished. I even don’t know if it’s definitive or not. It seems nobody knows what will happen with me, what game are particular teams playing these days. I can’t read other people minds. Still there is one month to go and something could happen. Maybe if I start the season well I can help to the trade a bit by myself. Maybe they are waiting for it – to see if this is the old Jagr.””