Czerkawski in the minors ?

Czerkawski climb into the vehicle of the general manager André Savard to return to Montreal while the remainder of the team got into a bus in direction of the airport for the next game at Pittsburgh.


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  1. Tradedude says:

    He;s in my home-town of Hamilton. WooHoo!

    Go Bulldogs, lol.

  2. titans says:

    Wow! Can’t wait untill Hamilton comes to Philadelphia to play the Phantoms!

  3. Sane04 says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to get Czerkawski in a Leafs uniform? Although it might not happen, I’d love to see this guy play with the Leafs.

    Montreal: Belak, Corson

    Toronto: Czerkawski

    Montreal gets physical players… WHAT THEY NEED while Toronto gets another scorer… WHO CAN INDEED SCORE. All this guy needs is confidence and more ice time Therrien.

  4. IslesFan11 says:

    This guy doesn’t need a boost of confidence, he needs a slap in the face. There is no denying Czerkawski’s ability to score goals, but he likes to take nights off and that has hurt his ability to secure a top 6 foward spot.

    If he didn’t slack off from time to time, he would probably have 2 or 3 40 goals seasons to his credit instead of just 2 30 goal seasons.

  5. Leaf_Expert says:

    Sure Czerkawski has shown given confidence he can score but theres no way in hell we’d let that trade happen….

    Corson is too much a leader and defensive checker….

    A fair deal would be Peter Svoboda(a prospect) for him…and possibly a future draft-pick….

    Luckly you have me on your side protecting you from those bashers that are juss waiting for the right bash to say at a Leaf fan….

  6. Rico71 says:

    Its not all about bashing guys…*lol*

    The trade would never happen. Trading for Corson…for a second time? Nope. That would be the 3rd time he would play for Montreal…a record?

    Belak ain’t worth sit…or maybe Dykhuis. About the same value there.

    And ain’t it pathetic to see how Montreal now treat their players? Sending Marius to the minors? How stupid is that? His value drops even lower and they now pay him 2.6 million to play in the AHL. Savard is getting stupid. And with Therrien has a coach…no wonder Marius is now in the AHL.

    He let him play on the 1st line all pre-season, then he drops him to the 4th line 3 games into the season. Talk about a good coach. Meanwhile, we have losers like Ribiero, Lindsay playing.

    Let’s hope they manage to trade him to a team in return of some defensive help…not something like Belak and Corson.

  7. mikster says:

    Montreal would rather stick with Czerkawski than those two. Plus, Corson did not have such a nice finish with the Canadiens.

  8. mikster says:

    The main problem with Czerkawski is his salary. If he had a lesser salary, then i think any team would want him. I would definitely take him if he was paid $2M.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    How many years are left on his contract? Between Czerkawski, Audette and Hackett, the Habs are wasting a ton of cash. Just like in baseball, the owners realize this is a buyers’ market and no one wants any high priced average talent.

  10. Stanajax says:

    His salary for this year is $2.6M. Not that much over $2M…… And nobody wanted him…

  11. Stanajax says:

    Hackett is UFA at the end of the year (but there is less money waste on him than on Théo…..).

    Czerk has another year on his contract ($2.8M vs $2.6M this year). He’ll be UFA in 2004……..bad news for him!!!

    Audette has 2 years at $3M after this one.

  12. Stanajax says:

    I don’t know which trade suggestion is the stupidest…..

    Corson has a no trade option in his contract : that’s why he went out of Montréal (Houle didn’t want to give him this option and he was right!!!).

    Belak……better have nothing!!!!

    Petr Svoboda??? same thing. I’d rather pick Maxim Kondratiev (don’t even now you had this guy in your system, hey ;-)).

    No, stop joking. You’ll never have Czerkawski. Quinn is not interested, as no GM is. So, stop making stupid trade rumors.

  13. rojoke says:

    You haven’t a clue.

    1. Czerkawski spent more than 3 games on the first line. And all the while he was there, not producing, Koivu and Zednik were producing. He was back and forth between the 1st and 2nd lines for most of October and November.

    2. That “loser” Ribeiro finished the pre-season with 1 fewer goal than Czerkawski, in two fewer games. Had he not been injured entering the season, he may have ended up on the 2nd or 3rd lines.

    3. Sending him to Hamilton, the best team in the American League, is meant to instill a bit of confidence in him. They placed him on waivers earlier this month, and no one claimed him. Think that drove his confidence through the roof? The ‘Dogs are rolling along, and if Mariusz can feed off that for a few games, he may end up either back in Montreal on the top lines or elsewhere in the league. The fact that they’re sending him down could mean that they still have plans for him.

  14. BelZeBu says:

    Great move by the Habs i think. He’ll play about 10 games in the minors till a trade happens or an injury. I’m pretty sure Montreal will do a trade soon probably for a big defenseman. Czerkawski can’t slump all year long all he needs is to play regularly and he’ll be back in the lineup for sure.

  15. Rico71 says:

    I agree that Montreal needs a physical defenseman, but who is available.

    I’m really glad that Kasparaitis went to the Ranger$. Montreal wanted him..*lol* He sucks.

    Getting Boris Mironov would not help since he’s lazy and out of shape at training camp. We don’t need another russian bum like that.

    Souray is not coming back this year probably and they need a player to replace Karl ‘cone’ Dykhuis fast. He’s not doing his job. Brisebois is overplayed and it shows in his play. His offensive numbers are stalled and his defensive play…well…it sucks.

    Montreal needs a 3-4th defenseman that plays a physical game. The problem? None are really available unless a stiff price is paid. McLaren is available, but he will never be traded to division rivals and Boston is asking for too much. He’s not worth what they want for sure.

  16. mikster says:

    His salary this year is $3M.

  17. sterman says:

    i can’t beleive that a guy can go from 70 points a few years ago to the minors… he’s lazy thats all he is, Milbury traded him for that reason. no team would be stupid enough to trade for him with his salary… not even toronto or NY.

  18. Stanajax says:

    You’re confusing with Audette. Czerk’s salary is really 2.6M for this year and 2.8M for next year.

    I’m sure about it and I would have told you to check at but they erased him from the player list since he’s been in the AHL.

  19. Rico71 says:


    The fact that he played for 4 teams in his short career states something. He’s a lazy player with no work ethic. Some Montreal players even mentionned it to the french media. They said that he simply does not work hard enough.

    Savard is stating a claim here…work for your 2.6 millions or get sent to the minors. I wish more GMs would do the same.

  20. rojoke says:

    There was some speculation that Montreal tried to get one of Derek Morris, Denis Gauthier, or Robyn Regehr from Calgary last March, but either couldn’t afford to pay Calgary’s asking price, or didn’t want to upset the team’s chemistry that late in the season. Given Calgary need for an offensive stimulus, and their place in the standings, maybe Savard could package a couple of forwards (Jason Ward, Duncan Milroy, Eric Chouinard) and/or picks for Gauthier or Regehr, if they are available. Gauthier would be preferrable because he hits like a semi, plays well at both ends of the ice, and is French, of course.

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