Czerkawski or Audette on the way out?

After seemingly boosting their offence in the offseason with the addition of Mariusz Czerkawski, it seems as if the Canadiens may want to get rid of the scoring winger. After 7 games with nothing to show but an empty net goal, Czerkawski was benched in last night’s 5-3 victory over the Ottawa Senators. Gritty winger Bill Lindsay was played in his place to give the Habs some much needed toughess after being dominated by the Flyers a few nights earlier.The move to bench Czerkawski comes as a surprise because he was a big part of the club’s plans coming into the season. Now, the Habs may even be looking to trade him. As ridiculous as this may seem, the Canadiens have an overflow of small skilled wingers and cannot play them all as well as the gritty players they must keep in the lineup to defend them. Because of this, the Canadiens may look to move one or more of these wingers in exchange for some more toughness or maybe some help on defense.

Another possibility is to trade away winger Donald Audette. The 5’8 sniper has 0 goals and 0 points in 8 games and is a -5. This caused speculation earlier this month that he was on the trade block. Despite being denied by GM Andre Savard, it still seems as if Audette, who will earn $3 000 000 in each of the next 2 seasons, could be on the move sooner than later.

Although it is still early in the seaon, the Canadiens definitly need some toughness and trading Czerkawski or Audette could provide the perfect bait for a team needing some scoring.