Daigle A Born Again In the NHL????

Alexander Daigle was expected to be a player full of talents that would dominate the NHL. Yesterday afternoon, Wolfgang Von Holfensteiner had a meeting with the former NHL player who disappointed the fans and the league. Daigle is willing to make a come back.Von Holfensteiner was sitting with Daigle in a local restaurant near the city of L.A. Together they discussed about Daigle’s career in the hockey world and his talents. At one point, Daigle, drinking a martinini on the rocks…frozen with slat around the glass and a pretty umbrella on it, mentioned how he missed the practices and the NHL itself. The 30 NHL teams, the competitiveness, the fast skating, the fighting, the body checks, and the emotions from the fans and the players.

After Daigle made it clear that he missed the game, Von Holfensteiner jokingly said while laughing “Let me become your agent and bring you back in the NHL.” Daigle did not answer immediately, but nodded. Von Holfensteiner was puzzled by Daigle’s reaction, and asked him “You really want to come back?” Daigle responded that if he had a chance to, yes he would.

Von Holfensteiner was shocked that he became Alexander Daigle’s new agent.

It is now rumored that NHL teams are willing to talk to Daigle and Von Holfensteiner, especially the New York Islanders. Mad Mike is showing off his “madness” again by giving the all for the money former NHL player Alexander Daigle an offer sheet exactly worth 3.5 million dollars for next season. For this post season, Daigle will sign a “daily contract” which will pay Daigle the amount of games he plays along with the total points he scores.

Alexander Daigle feels extremely excited about this and Von Holfensteiner feels delighted.

But, what feels more delighted is that there is no Wolfgang Von Holfensteiner that exists, and that you’ve been just fooled because it is/was April fools day!

Now that could have been lame, and maybe you actually believed in it. All I know is that my dad fell for it and so did a few of my friends. How about you? HAHAHA!

Micki Peroni

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