Dallas makes offer for Richards

The Star-Telegram is reporting that the Dallas Stars have made an offer for Brad Richards

According to the article, TSN.ca is reporting that the Dallas Stars have made an offer for Brad Richards. Although Dallas GM is denying that report, he would not be doing his job if he said that an offer was on the table. The other two teams that are apparently in hot pursuit of Richards include Vancouver and Columbus.

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7 Responses to Dallas makes offer for Richards

  1. BruMagnus says:

    Well what's the freaking offer?

    The Blues, Canucks and a half dozen other teams have also made an offer for Richards! But it's hardly news worthy unless we have some names!

    Oh, by the way, 12 teams have made Hossa and Jokinen an offer… great eh?

  2. Kramer says:

    The Stars franchise is playing in Dallas under false pretenses.  They're really the North Stars and should be moved back up to Minnesota.  Then simply move the Wild south to Dallas and you fix the problem.

    Impossible?  How come?  Look at the NFL, they did it!  They weeded out the St. Louis Cardinals and moved the LA Rams there.  People should boycott Dallas and Minnesota because they have the wrong teams.  Obviously another conspiracy lies underneath.

  3. scoobiedoo says:

    They should trade Turco or Mike Smith,Both great Goalies. Turco for Richards makes sense, If that's the case Dallas will be deep at Center and hopefully can make a run at the cup. Mike Smith needs to be there for them in the playoffs. Or Turco.

    Turco was the best goalie in all of the playoffs last year. Did you know that.
    His team just stunk in front of him and could not solve Luongo and the Canucks.

    Today is the greatest day for TRADE RUMORS. I LOVE IT!!!

  4. goose says:

    if richards gets dealt 2 dallas its gonna be for goalie mike smith, and a draft pick, nd maybe including another player, but if to columbus its gonna be fore fritsche, and brule nd sum1 else

  5. Duecey says:

    I don't see the canucks being able to offer much. Their picks are low, their prospect pool is thin and they're not giving up a Sedin or Luongo. It would be sweet to see him here in Columbus so Nash can get a real center. It would be a blessing to get rid of Klesla in the deal too! Wishful thinking I guess, but Howson is not afraid to pull the trigger.

  6. 2006 says:

    meh, Vancouver has been quietly building a solid prospect base and are certainly no thinner than Columbus. 

  7. Elite_Destruction says:

    Well, I Just Heard On Tsn That Dallas Has An Offer That Would See A Draft Pick, Smith, And Jussi Goto The Lighting For Richards, I Think That's Far Too Much If Ya Ask Me, What Do You Think?

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