Dandenault to ask for a trade soon?

In Montreal speculation is beginning to arise about the possibility of the Canadiens moving Dandenault.

Faceoff.com is reporting that although Dandenault has not yet asked for a trade he is not happy about sitting out games. Dandenault is presently in a tough situation because he is battling for a job with players who are playing really well right now and to make matters a little worse for him Ryan O’Byrne, another roster player is set to return soon. As a result of the amount of depth that the Canadiens have not everyone is able to play ever night. As mentioned previously, although this article does not say that he is asking for a trade HTR has to wonder how many more games he will have to miss before he does indeed ask to be moved.

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  1. probit says:

    Who really cares about Dandenault anyway ? A 8th defensman and maybe a "5th line" forward…

  2. BruMagnus says:

    Amen to that! I'll be surprised if this article gets more than 10 legit posts.

  3. Benstheman says:

    This was ment to happen.

    Carbo have so much depth to work with, that even if Dandenault plays well, Carbo have to sit him. Heck, he had no choice but to sent Chipchura down to Hamilton.

    The problem with depth is some players are bench even if they play good hockey and that really is frustrating. I absolutely am with Dandenault on this one. He still can give good hockey to a club in need of a versatile player.

    With that happening, i think we begin to see whats the next trade will look like.

    1-Dandenault wants to go.
    2-Ryder must go.
    3-One goalie must go.

  4. habsalicious says:

    As much as I like what Dandy can bring to the team, he will have to realize that he's nothing more than a fourth line player (I believe his days as a defenceman are numbered). He brings speed and does a great job on the forecheck, but he will never drop the gloves (unlike Kostopoulos) and has the team's worst +/-.

    Either he stays, play his role and shut the hell up on a team that's going in the right direction and might actually go somewhere in the near future, or he gets dumped to God knows where. he also have to remember that he's way overpaid (not his fault) so not that much of trade bait.

  5. Habbertime says:

    No Player is happy sitting out games but personnaly I’m happy that Breezby is out right now, come on O’Byrne.
    Dandenault is a strong, tough, speedy versatile player. I like him as he has somewhat of an offensive upside.
    Having said that we also have Streit who’s is the same type of player just not as tough and costs less.
    If it would help the team to package him up with Ryder, (who we all know is going somewhere), and a draft pick or prospect like Grabs or Locke to get a much needed 1st line Center then I would be all for it.
    But if he goes for nothing, (3rd or 4th round pick) I say don’t do it.
    He’s worth more to this team than what we would ever get back in a one-for-one trade.

    HUET for 2 more years!

    Halak’s gone (He’s not playing anyhow and won’t)

  6. darcysucker says:

    It might seem that Dandenault might not be worth much to some outsiders, but if you look at the situation, that means we have two veterans available (dandenault and ryder) and atleast 3 good prospects (halak, locke and grabovsky).  As Pierre McGuire said last night, the habs should make the playoffs, so that means that at this point we will be buyers, and have decent assets to sell.  Dandenault and Ryder are players that can fill in roster spots on many teams, and add a prospect and you could have a top line forward (someone for one of the top 2 lines), I expect Bob to make a move very soon.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    what's wrong with depth?  if someone wants to throw a second line player at montreal for a veteran and a prospect, then great, but guys like dandenault and smolinski are worth having around during the playoffs. 

    would i swap dandenault and prospects for a team needing someone a player like Boyle or Dumont?  sure but i don't think that's likely. 

  8. careyprice31 says:

    i think a move has to be done soon because like evryone is saying overhere montreal has too much dept, but the question here whats gonna happen when o'byrne comes back ? Chances are there going to scratch gorges. Personnaly i think if montreal makes a trade they should package bouillon in a trade to make room for obyrne or just a suggestion here try to acquire the services of rob blake. I can guarantee he will help the power play tremendously

  9. CanadaIsGold says:

    Give me a break because he’s been benched a few games. Complete B.S. if you ask me, no one’s gonna want him unless they want to pay a 5th or 6th defenceman $1.8M, he’s staying in Montreal whether you like it or not, what a stupid rumor to even post.

  10. darcysucker says:

    but it might be nice to unload dandenault because of his contract, you can then sign streit with that money, give streit like 2.3 mill

  11. habsoverserver says:

    you can sign streit with the money from brisebois or smolinski. don't be deceived by his stats, he is a powerplay qb and forward, not a defenseman.  he doesn't kill penalties that much and he isn't physical.  $2.3 mil is expensive for what he does.   especially since he has been a minus player for all three seasons. 

    back to dandenault, when you say unload him for his contract, i guess you mean trade him for prospects or a pick.  you can't trade him for another roster player and not get salary in return, unless you want to trade him for a pending ufa but an aging fourth line forward is not what teams want for a ufa.

    you could trade him to the West for a second round pick and a non roster player.  that doesn't help  montreal get closer to the playoffs, but moves salary should montreal go after someone expensive. 

  12. darcysucker says:

    I know he could be useful, but I rather pay around 700,000$ for a player of his caliber, like Kostopolous, so if we can unload him it would be great, and I think that would be a good move for him as well, he could play a lot more somewhere else

  13. KINGSHEW says:

    Montreal is going to keep their goalies.. they need 2 goalies… all the successful teams recently have had 2 goalies.

  14. Benstheman says:

    Yeah but they have 3. On top of that, Halak is RFA and Huet is UFA after this season.

  15. careyprice31 says:

    thats what was being said he didnt post it out of his own free will CIS. The rumor going around is hes not happy about being benched again and he did not ask for a trade yet but he is implying about asking for one.

  16. careyprice31 says:

    it is not mentioned anywhere but i washopping someone can enlighten meon whats happening with obyrne and when is he coming back?

  17. habsoverserver says:

    he broke his thumb in a fight on dec 30th.  he is expected to return in 2-3 weeks. 

  18. yarfangor says:

    Ryder-A 30goal scorer
    Dandenault- A 3 time Stanley Cup Winner
    Huet- One of the Best Goalies in the League at times…


    Michaelek and a Pick
    Tanguay and a Pick
    or Someone who is a first line/franchise center/leader then we could throw in koivu and a pick if its a really good player.

    Thats the situation we could be in, in the near future.

  19. careyprice31 says:

    k perfect thank you

  20. careyprice31 says:

    we got a pretty good team right now seems like we can make a decent run in the playoffs we should be buyers not sellers although all your scenarios seem good montreal should make a trade this year for one of those guys u mentioned but excluding huet including halak because lets face it if we make the playoffs i doubt halak will take us deep

  21. habsoverserver says:

    ryder is a 7 goal scorer.  dandenault is a defenseman playing fourth line forward and getting benched and getting paid $1.75 mil for another season to do it,  huet is a pending free agent who has never won 20 games in a season and has almost no playoff experience. 

    there is no possible reason that anyone would take a package of these three players.

    gainey is not going to trade Huet.  montreal has no other starting goaltender. 

  22. morrissey says:

    He has not been used on defense all year long, frankly on the Habs he's more like 8th or 9th defense man than 5th or 6th. I'd like to keep him though; he's a great checking forward with offensive upside, is possibly the best skater on the team and does have 3 cup rings and a ton of experience that will be really useful when taking a young team into the playoffs. Anyway, rumors of his seeking a trade have been greatly exaggerated, he simply stated that he was not happy being benched, but well that's the situation in Montreal, there is a lot of depth of NHL caliber players and few injuries at the moment. Carbonneau has stated publicly that he will not sit anyone out for an extended period but cycle the 3rd and 4th line players to allow everyone a chance to play on a regular basis.

  23. morrissey says:

    Be fair with Ryder, he's had 30 in the past 2 seasons, this year is somewhat of anomaly also given his streaky tendencies he still could attain 20 goals by year end.

    Dandenault has only been benched because of Carbonneau's rotation policy, not because of his play which has been fine. He's also played far more games at forward in the NHL than on defense, so your qualification is misguided. His playoff experience would not be ignored by teams seeking depth for a long playoff run.

    Huet will be traded if he is seeking a long term deal or pricing himself too high. He is not in the long term plans of the team and if he insists on a long term deal, he'll have to get it elsewhere.

  24. Habs38 says:

    Don't touch to this  guy, it's a veteran, and he knows what you have to do to win in playoff. This best skills is on the locker room, every day on pratice and when he face the media… So don't bullshit me with Dandenaul want to be trade….Carbo came from Quebec not Ontario…. *****.

  25. teezer6969 says:

    This guy is a little *****en baby honestly when your team is doing good and you have depth don't complain of not playing once and a while your becoming a distraction and we don't need players like that hopefully there's someone out there willing to take him away from us take care little baby begin sat out kostopolous sat out and there ok with it boullion sat out brisebois sat out and none of them are complaining i hate players like that
    LOOK at toronto raptors gret depth and none of the players complain of not playing i know its basketball but the only team i could think of that has depth

  26. CanadaIsGold says:

    God as a Habs fan most of these "Habs" fans on here are a joke.

  27. yarfangor says:

    duh, i just come here to get a good laugh lol, some of these rumors are fun to think about but never will happen nor have they happened. so LOL

  28. lafleur10 says:

    trade him to carolina they need help on defence!!i'm sure we could get a5th-6th r.d pick from the hurricanes for him!!he is a versitile player but we have streit playing the same role and on defence on our team dandeneault doesn't have a spot anymore!!o'byrne,gorges have take his job!!!

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