Daniel Carcillo points a (bitten) finger at Marc Savard

Philadelphia Flyers enforcer Daniel Carcillo anticipated he would be involved in some unpleasant incidents during last night’s playoff game with the Bruins at the Garden.

An act of cannibalism was not one of them.

insisted that he was bitten in the finger by Bruins center Marc Savard during a scrum to the left of the Flyers net at 5:55 of the second period. The forward didn’t expose the indented digit in the visitors dressing room, but he had some harsh things to say about Savard.

“I did, yeah, the last time I was bit was in grade school,” said Carcillo when asked if there were bite marks on his hand. “It’s not a good feeling and it’s pretty cowardly.”

didn’t deny that his teeth came in contact with Carcillo’s hand, but he insisted that the Flyers left winger was practicing an unlicensed form of dentistry.

“He pummeled on my face,” said Savard . “He pulled on my teeth, so I guess that’s biting when a guy tries to pull your front teeth out like his. I don’t see how that (is biting).”

In the seconds leading up to the alleged gorge, Savard was whacking away at Flyers goalie Brian Boucher . Carcillo reacted in a rage as he and defenseman Kimmo Timonen drove Savard into the boards behind the goal.

Left winger Scott Hartnell joined the fun and landed a dropping shot on the side of Savard’s helmet. After the combatants were separated, Savard was sent to the penalty box for slashing Boucher .

wasn’t buying Savard’s version. An accomplished NHL brawler, Carcill o insisted he has never tried to extract another man’s teeth with an open hand during a hockey game.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I do when I get in a scrum, I try and pull people’s teeth out,” said Carcillo in a tone of biting sarcasm. “He bit me, and the ref didn’t see.

“Guys don’t bite, men don’t bite.”


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  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    I can't stand Carcillo. The only problem is that I know it's his job to have everyone hate him.

    He's clearly had it out for Savard this whole series, picking on the weakest player on the team in a weaker than usual condition. While there isn't really a problem with that because it's the playoffs, I'd only say that when he's actually getting called for this stuff. The fact that the refs are letting him get away with his shenannigans over and over again is pretty ridiculous. Coming into this series I thought the refs SURELY hating Carcillo would work in the Bruins favour, but I guess not. I never understood (and probably will never understand) why Savard got a penalty and Carcillo got nothing on that play. Players swing at the puck all the time, that's hardly worth a penalty. And then to have Carcillo go apeshit over Savard and not get called is crazy.

    There were some other bad calls in that game that didn't favour the Bruins as well. You had Sobotka getting called for being checked by Richards, Carcillo's embellishment on the Begin cross-check and another instance where I remember Pierre Mcguire going off on the refs. I understand human error, but that was as frustrated as I've ever been by the refs. Safe to say if the Bruins' PK wasn't any good my TV would be broken from me chucking something at it. It was no Detroit/San Jose reffing, but it was still really bad. I might be over-reacting because I'm biased but still.

    As for the "bite" I choose to not believe Carcillo on accusing someone of doing something that the refs missed. Or maybe we should? He is an expert on it afterall. Carcillo has entered my Hall of Fame of most hated players (through Bruins goggles) along with Ribeiro, Jones, Komisarek and Cooke. I'm sure he'd be happy with that.

  2. number15 says:

    well this isent the first time Marc Savard has bitten another player in similar fashion…. remember the Darcy Tucker incident in Atanta a few years back

    so he's a repeat offender

    …… plus the NHL only suspends a player in this situation if there is clear eveidence that it happened.

    Savard is a little girl.

    ***and im not even a carcillo fan,  but im with him on this one

  3. Boston_Bruins says:

    He's only a repeat offender if he's done it twice. Right now he's done it once and has one guy just saying he did it, and that guy is hands down the biggest diver/embellisher in the league who was caught embellishing a hit that very game.

  4. cam7777 says:

    Man, I don't know that he's the worst in the game.  He's been caught on that pretty bad one earlier in the playoffs, and yea, he embellished on the one last night, but he was still cross-checked – it was still a boston penalty.  i think you're forgetting the entire habs roster if you think he's the worst.  what about lapierre?  man that guy's a little *****.  he'll take your head off from behind, and then cower like a schoolgirl.  At least Carcillo will fight if he has to. 

  5. jpmac says:

    "i think you're forgetting the entire habs roster if you think he's the worst".  That must be the reason they are through to the second round.  I knew there was something to it. 

    Lapierre, even though he was penalized for two, really only dove once.  Thats the consensus of pretty much every hockey "expert".  Plus he has been playing lights out.  He is good at what he does. Period.

  6. hockeyhead says:

    i suppose hanibal lecter is a little girl.

    carcillo is a piece of trash and now a diving montreal-esque faker.

    his whole body should be swallowed by a killer whale.

    this kind of stuff happens all the time in the playoffs.

    carcillo is a tattle tail.

  7. Boston_Bruins says:

    Carcillo is pretty tough but he still embellishes a ridiculous amount. The begin cross check was definitely a penalty but the way Carcillo *****ed his head back when Begin never came close to his head was pure embellishment and should have been called.

  8. leafy says:

    I also dislike Carcillo. Not because he's an annoying little prick, but because he always wants to start trouble against players who don't fight. He is a true weasel. Don Cherry is right on this one.

  9. hockeyhead says:

    cherry is usually right on with his insight.

    i did, however, dislike him calling out milan lucic when colton orr broke his nose.

    but back to the subject….that toothless little weasel carsillo shut right down after thornton tackled him.

    didnt see him running around much at all after that.

    go b's

    oh,  and not to rub it in,  but leaf fans have to be killing themselves watching tuukka rask play in these playoffs.

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