Daniel Carcillo points a (bitten) finger at Marc Savard

Philadelphia Flyers enforcer Daniel Carcillo anticipated he would be involved in some unpleasant incidents during last night’s playoff game with the Bruins at the Garden.

An act of cannibalism was not one of them.

insisted that he was bitten in the finger by Bruins center Marc Savard during a scrum to the left of the Flyers net at 5:55 of the second period. The forward didn’t expose the indented digit in the visitors dressing room, but he had some harsh things to say about Savard.

“I did, yeah, the last time I was bit was in grade school,” said Carcillo when asked if there were bite marks on his hand. “It’s not a good feeling and it’s pretty cowardly.”

didn’t deny that his teeth came in contact with Carcillo’s hand, but he insisted that the Flyers left winger was practicing an unlicensed form of dentistry.

“He pummeled on my face,” said Savard . “He pulled on my teeth, so I guess that’s biting when a guy tries to pull your front teeth out like his. I don’t see how that (is biting).”

In the seconds leading up to the alleged gorge, Savard was whacking away at Flyers goalie Brian Boucher . Carcillo reacted in a rage as he and defenseman Kimmo Timonen drove Savard into the boards behind the goal.

Left winger Scott Hartnell joined the fun and landed a dropping shot on the side of Savard’s helmet. After the combatants were separated, Savard was sent to the penalty box for slashing Boucher .

wasn’t buying Savard’s version. An accomplished NHL brawler, Carcill o insisted he has never tried to extract another man’s teeth with an open hand during a hockey game.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I do when I get in a scrum, I try and pull people’s teeth out,” said Carcillo in a tone of biting sarcasm. “He bit me, and the ref didn’t see.

“Guys don’t bite, men don’t bite.”