Darkhorses Part 2

Ok, may people commented on part 1. I see know that I should of worded it a little different. As for the players I mentioned who were not “darkhorses” I meant that they would have immensely better seasons than in previous years. Theodore would be elevated to the best goalie in the league, he was good last year but not the best. One comment said Modano had 77 pts last year and said how can he have a breakout year? 77 pts? That is not a good year for Modano. That is an average year. Im talking in the 100 pt range. Well anyhow here is part 2…..Nashville: Mark Eaton, David Legwand

Eaton had a year noone expected last year and this year will be the same, he is pretty much the blueline for the preds. Legwand is the best player on the team bar none. This year should be a breakout year pts wise for him.

New Jersey: Scott Gomez, Brian Rafalski

Gomez will once again return to the form he was at in his rookie season. Rafalski will be one of the leaders in pts in the d-men category this year.

NYI: Jason Blake, Shawn Bates.

Blake will emerge to be a 20-25 goal scorer this season. He is an amazing skater and will prove he can score this year. Bates had his best NHL season last year scoring 17 goals. I see him having an even better season, now that he will see more time that Czerkawski is gone. I see Bates scoring 30 goals easily.

NYR: Dan Blackburn, Radek Dvorak

Blackburn had great season last year. But this year he will be even better. Look for Mike Richter to be watching from the bench alot this year. Dvorak can score every knows this. But everyone thinks he can only score when paired with his czech mates. This year he will prove otherwise. Dvorak will score 40 this year.

Ottawa: Chris Phillips, Jani Hurme

Phillips will do what everyone expected him to when he was first drafted by the sens. Him and redden will make a solid 1-2 punch on the blueline. Hurme despite Lalime playing well last year, Hurme will suprise everyone and outplay Lalime for the starting job.

Philadelphia: Justin Williams, Eric Desjardins

Williams continues to get better every year. this year look for Justin to improve again this time as a 30 goal scorer. Desjardins had a terrible year last year. But I got a chance to look at him at the skate zone a last week. He is working extremely hard and looks to have his best season yet looming ahead.

Phoenix: Ossi Vaananen, Daniel Briere

Vaananen is a more physical Janne Niinamaa with a bigger upside. Just what phoenix needs. Briere scored 30 goals last year. Look for more where that came from this year.

Pittsburgh: Alexey Morosov, Kris Beech

Morosov will finally fulfill his potential this year. He will be great playing will Kovalev and hopefully Straka if he returns on time to start the season. Beech has the most upside on the roster and this year will show his great improvement for the previous year.

San Jose: Brad Stuart, Matt Bradley

Stuart has great potential to be a top defenseman in this league. I think Stuart will score about 40-45 pts this year. And the next, even more. Bradley showed he can play at this level last year. This year he will help the club out immensely.

St. Louis: Daniel Corso, Sergei Varlarmov

Neither have played a full NHL season yet in their careers. This year both will get playing time and both will score 20-25 goals helping St. Louis get back to the West’s elite.

Tampa Bay: Ruslan Fedotenko, Cory Sarich

Fedotenko is more than capable of scoring 30-35 goals a year. Hes improved every year as well. And More playing time in Tampa will show it and also show Tampa wasnt robbed as bad as you think. Sarich is a young physical defenseman that’s presence on the blueline will be a factor this year in Tampa.

Toronto: Nathan Dempsey, Mikael Renberg

Dempsey is great up and coming d-man, had a bad playoffs but will rebound this year. Renberg as I see it has never had a bad year in the NHL. The first two years of his career were great. 38 goals rookie year, 26 the next in 47 games (lockout yr) he will return to that form this year as long as he stays healthy.

Washington: Matt Pettinger, Robert Lang

Pettinger is a talented young player, this kid should have a great year this year. Lang will flourish playing with Jagr this year as will caps, Unfortunately they will not do anything big because of the NYR, flyers and devils.

Vancouver: Artem Chubarov and Matt Cooke

These two will have great years this year for the canucks both of them will score over 20 goals. Only if they had a goalie……..

I did make a mistake about skoula. I meant the finals against NJ not Florida. My mistake.

38 Responses to Darkhorses Part 2

  1. mikster says:

    I think Dvorak will have a tough time scoring 30 goals next season. His best skill is his speed, and two straight injuries will affect his speed this upcoming season.

    This guy is a good player, he has yet to reach his prime. He can definitely be a good 2nd line RW. Besides, the guy is only 25 years old, just because he played 8 seasons, doesn’t make him old.

  2. ShaneDawg says:

    I disagree about Lang flourishing with Jagr. I live in pittsburgh and I’ve watched legit players be turned into nothing but set up men for Jagr. Look at Jan Hrdina, he would force the puck to Jagr when an 8-year-old would have known better. jagr leaves, Hrdina becomes a force and a scoring threat. Lang might have resiliance to play his own game. But the only guys I saw do that were Lemieux and francis. Nedved too but we all know he won’t budge for ANYBODY. I’m afraid Lang, coming from working as a team with Kovalev and Straka won’t have the same mentality was Jagr and they could clash. That’s my 2 cents. Sorry kids, no refunds.

  3. ProngerBlues44 says:

    This one was much better, but another problem with St. Louis:

    Daniel Corso?? I can see you looking at the stats, he does show improvement over his two partial seasons, but if you watch this guy he is a wash. Corso doesnt skate, doesnt try at all. I hope to God he doesnt make the team this year. He doesnt even look like he wants to be here.

    I agree with you on Varlamov though. He has talent!

    Good article

    ~Jeff P.

  4. r_milley says:

    Oh boy, MORE crap!

    Dempsey isnt even in the Leafs organziation anymore.

    And Modano’s career high is 93pts back in 92-93. And since then he’s got 29(in 30 games), 81, 83, 59(in 52 games), 81, 81, 84, 77. Seems like 77 is a good season, or at least on average where he’s been throughout his career. Anything over 90pts is considered an amazing season for ANY player so I think 77 is a good season for Modano.

    And if you think Theordore was “good” last year you obviously didnt watch many Habs games. Theodore didnt win the Hart and Vezina because he was “good”.

  5. BattleOfTheInnerDemons says:

    Dempsey is not with Toronto no more.

  6. Rushing says:

    The reason why Modano never has been a high scorer is because Dallas has “always” been a DEFENSIVE team ’til last year. Last year though, Mo was still used basically as a Defensive player while the rest of the team was the scoring. He did more for the team in assists and usually has. He does more with his speed and gets the puck down the ice quicker and then passes off ususally. Now, perhaps……..with new players and more offense this will help him even more.

  7. titans says:

    Renberg’s never had a bad year in the NHL??? O.K. what about when he was withe the Lightning? Or how bout last year? I don’t exactly remember him tearing it up in Toronto.

    Yea DeJardone’s workin real hard…TOO BAD HE SUCKS ISN”T IT????

    And exactly how will Gomez return to his rookie form??

    Legwand might be the best scorer on the Predators, but on that team you score 15 goals a year and you earn that title.

  8. r_milley says:

    He was top 10 in the league in scoring last year, he was far from a defensive center. And highest point total came in a year when people were scoring well over 110pts. This year he scored 77 in a year when 1 person got above 95.

  9. r_milley says:

    LOL, if every player who “worked hard” in the off season had amazing improvements we’d have an awful lot of scoring.

  10. Amazingoilers says:

    I can’t believe this guy, Theodore won the HART trophy as the league MVP and won the VEZINA trophy as the best goaltender yet you say he isn’t great and only good, that’s crazy. Also Briere had his breakout season last year your a little late……and yes you are right on one guy, Nathan Dempsey, he will break out but not with Toronto because he’s a Blackhawk now LOL!

  11. Captain27 says:

    Radek Dvorak will score 40 this year?

    40 what? Penalty Minutes?

    Following that “logic” of yours… if Dvorak scores 40 goals, Igor Ulanov will score 60 and Jim Dowd will crack the century mark in goals.

    It’d be one thing if you write “Dvorak might have the potential to score 40” but “Dvorak WILL score 40 this year.” is beyond absurd…maybe Sandy McCarthy will chicken dance this year too.

    Ranger fans claim Peca’s career is ruined because of his knee surgery…but Radek has the same surgery and now he’s putting up Jagr numbers…I JUST DON’T GET IT!

  12. titans says:

    Yea I’m really excited that Rico’s “working hard” Too bad Clarkey isn’t workin hard at getting us some talent on the roster.

  13. bluntman says:

    i agree with the Dempsy deal, but i also have to put in Eddie Belfore. i mean, here’s a guy who was happy to leave his old team mates and locale to play for a great team. i hope that this second chance from a sub-par season will spark the younger Belfore that we saw win the cup over the woeful Sabres. if he does that, then i hope to see a Leaf-Red Wing final, and that would be a great triupth

  14. bluntman says:

    sorry, my bad Dempsy is gone, so lets just add, hummmm McCabe, he’ll be replacing Yucsky

  15. Habfan1234 says:

    Didn’t Dempsey sign with Chicago?

  16. aaron says:

    Uh…he was actually forced out b/c no one in Dallas wanted him. And when did the Leafs turn into a great team?

    Oh, he beat the “woeful Sabres”, did he? Well, that makes him great, doesn’t it?

  17. Amazingoilers says:

    Mike Modano scored 50 goals and added 43 assists for 93 points in the 93/94 season, his second straight 93 point season. In 946 games in the NHL he has scored 416 goals and added 561 assists for 977 points, over a point per game. Sounds like the guy has broken out to me. Not to many guys who aren’t stars make $8 million bucks a season, well unless your Bobby Holik that is.

  18. flyerfan2000 says:

    amazing oilers you are a moron. I said that the people who weren’t darkhorses would have immensly better seasons than in the last couple years. 93/94 was 8 years ago idiot. That isnt now. Im talking about NOW

  19. r_milley says:

    so what is Modano going to do? He was top 10 in the league last year with 77 pts. I’d consider that a good season. Immensly better would be leading the league in scoring for him.

  20. Rushing says:

    Look at his scoring last year. His scoring was 34 goals and 43 assists. It shows that he gives more than he shoots. He is more into Defense and always has been since he’s been in Dallas. That is the way Hitck***** has taught him. The year before he was basically the same way. He had 33 goals and 51 assists. If there every becomes somebody to assist to Mo as much as he does to them……..WOW!

    Evidently you don’t know Modano. He has been in the final few for the picks of the James Norris Memorial Trophy several times. He is an outstanding Defensive player.

    Just like Forsberg can score very well also….he is also a very good defensive player. Mo is the same.

  21. r_milley says:

    You obviously do though since you remember iim bein nominated for the Norris.

    It’s amazing how a guy who finished top 10 in league scoring last year will breakout this year because Hitch is gone.

    I dont think I have to prove MY hockey knowledge to YOU since you obviously know what the Norris trophy is, after all it’s just some secondary trophy, nothing important.


  22. Rotty says:

    Well at least i’m not the only one that thinks you should lay off the pipe!!

    Dvorek scoring 40 goals…..LOL!!!

    Dempsey was signed by Chicago and in the few games he was in the lineup during the playoffs he played really well !

    so buddy I think you should do a little more research before you start making all these “Predictions”!!

  23. habsrulz says:

    Norris trophy=best d-man in the league

    Selke trophy= best defensive player

    but i don’t think modano ever nominate for any of those trophy

  24. Amazingoilers says:

    I’m the moron? lol I’m not the one who wrote Nathan Dempsey will have a break through season with the Leafs. I wouldn’t have written that because I know he plays for Chicago……and as far as Modano he’s been an elite player for a decade is my point, no longer needing to “break out” You said that your talking 100 point guys, well last year NOONE got 100 points. Modano still finished high in the scoring race which is pretty good since his Dallas team went through so much change over. But anyways I think anyone who read your part 1 knows who the moron is…..

  25. flyerfan2000 says:

    lol yea ur pretty much the dipshit that knows jackshit about hockey, but hey thats ok. Dempsey…..well i forgot he went to chicago, mistake oh well. But your a flat out moron. 77pts a good year? noone had a good year in the nhl pts wise last year except for Naslund and Iginla you fuckkin idiot. Watch the NHL then get back to me. And your oilers will sshit the bed again this year for the 12 year in a row.

  26. r_milley says:

    go look in the mirror to see who it is.

  27. brianA says:

    yeah ok i dont know about you but as a flyers fan i’ve watched dejardins get progressively worse. i dont care if he’s getting steriods from his baseball playing friends there isnt anyways this guy is going to have a break out season. we should have traded him while he was still worth something.

    i say replace him w/ johnsson (i think thats how u spell it). he had a good yeaar but burnt out. i think the D will progress and he should be fine this season the whole way

  28. Amazingoilers says:

    Actually unlike you I do know my hockey and I watch and play hockey thats why i don’t forget when guys get traded. I got one question for you regarding your comment about the Oilers shitting the bed, how many cups do the Flyers have since the Oilers came into the league? And write this name down as a darkhorse that will come back to haunt you. JIRI DOPITA, incase your unaware or forgot, he is now an Oiler. He is now out of the clutch and grab Eastern Conference and out of the Bobby Clarke nightmare called Philly. He is coming to the best ice in the NHL and will have some good linemates and plenty of icetime and will light it up. One more question for you. How did you get this website to post your uninformative, ridiculous and quite laughable articles? How much did that cost you?

  29. Leaf_Expert says:

    You are obviously not following the nhl cause then u would know that some of the players u typed aren’t even with the team you put them with.


  30. Brettsko says:

    “””Eaton had a year noone expected last year and this year will be the same, he is pretty much the blueline for the preds. “”””

    Yeah, don’t know where the Pred’s would be without Eaton’s 8 point, -11 season. Not to mention that 1 power play assist he had…he just has mad skills!

    Could you possibly be thinking of Andy “Turnstile Defense” Delmore?

    And just because two players are from the same country, in this case Finland, that doesn’t make them comprable. Vaananen’s game is nothing like Niinimaa’s. Its like comparing Colin White to Scott Niedermayer because they’re both Canadian/

  31. aaron says:

    And that would be…you?

  32. flyerfan2000 says:

    hahah yea i know stfu u moron, i made a mistake wit one player jackass so stfu.

  33. flyerfan2000 says:

    r smily…go look in the mirror?? hahahah good one. You need a spoon to eat amazing oilers ass? Yea i think you do. By the way The oilers do shit the bed every year. At least the flyers are always in contention. Jiri Dopita is a fluke, he wont go nowhere, after this year they’ll dump him off and he’ll be working at some k-mart some where. So start thinkin about what your saying jackass.

  34. PanMan says:

    For the Rangers, I would not predict that Dvorak would score 40. Maybe if he didn’t get injured I would say yes. However, he’ll miss the start of the season, which means he’ll have less games to score 40 in, he will miss training camp (players don’t do very well when they miss camp, ex Morris, Poti etc.) and he will need some time to recover from the injury mentally when he’s playing. I think 20 goals is more realistic this year.

    I would also say that Kloucek will break out this year. He’ll be among the league leaders in hits along with Kasparaitis, and the two of them on the blueline on two different pairs will make the other team shudder. He will also get around 30 pts, maybe even 10 goals.

    I agree Balackburn will be better than last year and Richter will have to sit a few games because of Blackburn’s play. He should get a solid 20 wins and play in 30-35 games. He’ll even get a shutout or two.

    Another player that I think will have a breakout year is Tom Poti. He is a offensive defenseman that will put up 15 goals and 50 pts. He’ll also play more physical becasue the coaches will teach him and so will Kasparaitis. He will also be paired with either Kloucek or Kasparaitis which will enable him to pinch into the play often without getting burned much. I would like to see him paired with Kloucek and see them turn out to be like the McCabe-Kaberle pair in Toronto.

  35. r_milley says:

    Flyers are always in contention?

    You’ve just shown your amount of hockey knowledge

  36. RooksOilers says:

    And the flyers have done WHAT?

    Point Proven!

  37. RooksOilers says:

    Hey amazing wasnt it great when the OIL beat the flyers not once but twice for the CUP! LOL

  38. Rushing says:

    I ask “your” forgiveness here. Watching tv and doing this too at the same time gets me off track. Oh yeah, r_milley’s too. LOL

    My point was just to say how Mo has been “more” into defense the past numerous year as a Star. I just have a feeling that may somehow change this year, to a certain degree anyway, with Tippett. You could have had Hitch***** write a 500 page essay on Hockey and you still wouldn’t find the word offense in that essay. That just wasn’t his style.

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