Darren Dreger – Leafs looking to deal

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    Taking a healthy run at Lecavalier is really IMO the no. 1 priority for Toronto.

    If he’s looking for term, Nonis should give it to him. He’s a special player even if he is 33 years old.

    The only costs are a) some risk due to age and his injury history and b) money.

    a 5 year deal worth 30 mil is something i’d give him being one of the league’s top players.

    The Letang rumors are interesting. I’d really like a Letang/Phaneuf pairing because well I think good players playing with other good players will help them be better.

    For me, I think they’d feed off eachother and make eachother better. secondly, Dion back on the left side would help immensely. He did play there last year….with either Komisarek or Holzer or Kostka to bad results. Letang is nothing like those players. He’s way better. And if it is true he “wants” to come to Toronto, why not get someone who wants to be here.

    And good things come in 3’s right? Letang, Lecavalier, Bernier, 3 french canadians. I like it.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Although I think the Leafs should chase Lecavalier we have to be careful on term and money. I had said earlier 5 years $27.5 mil…5 for $30 mil is really pushing it I think, but I would do it. That’s the tops though.

      On Letang, I am not sure I like the idea of Dion and him together. That would be two d-men demanding 6+ mil each and they would be the highest paid pairing in the NHL. I’m also not convinced they would work well together. I would rather one or the other and build around that more cap friendly, but that’s me.

      Letang put up 16 pts in 15 games this playoff(tied for 1st on the team), was a +2(one of the better +/- on the team)and played the most minutes per night on the team at over 27 per night. He was not good against Boston in the third round, but was quite good in the first two rounds. I don’t understand this guy being on the block possibly.

    • LN91 says:

      Lecavalier is apparently looking for a 1 year deal…Wants to return to Tampa.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Funny, right after I wrote that about what to give Vinnie, I didn’t like it.
        If one year is true, not sure it’s worth it then, but may be to give Kadri more time to develop and we have nothing else going anyway.
        But, after re-thinking…I would try hard for 3 years 18 mil. money per would go down if he wanted longer term. Too many injuries with this guy to think more than 3 years.

      • mapleleafsfan says:


        Not doubting it, just haven’t heard that anywhere.

    • leafy says:

      Pittsburgh is gonna ask a lot for Letang. Hard to believe they’re just going to give him away.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        they are going to try to get a return similar, but better to what Jordan Staal got IMO.

        If you use the Leafs as an example:

        Kulemin (Sutter)
        Gardiner (Pouliot)
        21st overall (better than the 3rd piece)

        I wouldn’t pay it personally, not with Phaneuf’s cost but that should be the goal for the Pens to get in a deal.

        Personally I think Edmonton would be a good fit.

        7th overall



        Would Oilers fans do it? I highly doubt you get Letang for anything less considering what Staal went for.

    • mojo19 says:

      Agreed Nords. I want Letang and Vinny too.

  2. They seem confident Luongo can be dealt for some picks rather than buying him out. Looking to make a trade by next week.

  3. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Nonis seems hell bent on putting his stamp on this club which is a pleasant surprise, we’ll know soon enough if he can pull anything of value off. I’ll happily eat my words if he steps up.

    • LN91 says:

      I think only 2 players are safe right now in Toronto…Lupul and Bernier. Anyone else could be dealt.

      Why? Because Bernier was just acquired by Nonis and Nonis is the one that signed the Lupul contract.

      Makes sense, a GM’s reputation only really hinges on the players that he brings in/signs…Right?

  4. DannyLeafs says:

    I really hope it’s true that the Leafs are going to be very active. I think if you are going to make that move for Bernier with a good chunk of our tangible tradeable assets, it better be because you know you can at least start addressing those other issue.

    I like the rumours about Letang, and I think it can make sense. I have long stated my belief that if we move Phaneuf we better have a back up plan, but IMO this could be it. I said it before, its rare you can nab one of those high end # 1 defensmen, so it could make sense to get Letang and move Phaneuf. I don’t think it will be in the same deal. I think Pittsburgh will be looking for a similar sort of deal that they got with Staal. I think the big components are an affordable and somewhat servicible replacement, some future potential, and a piece to move forward with. I think Pittsburgh realizes they have a window, and would probably prefer closer to ready prospects then Toronto’s pick, seeing as they don’t have a top pick. Also, being that Pittsburgh is a cup contender, they may prefer a bit more of a sure thing in terms of potential and readiness to play.

    I think a package something like Franson, Kulemin, and Percy makes some sense. I think they would like Franson as he can play the PP, play top 4 minutues, and really was arguably Toronto’s best D-man in the playoffs. He isn’t as flashy on offense as Gardiner, but quite effective. He is a little more steady, and less of crap shoot for Pitt, so I think it is possible they value him more than Gardiner or Reilly. Kulemin at worst is an affordable forward to play 3rd line minutes with enough skill to chip in on offense and move up the lineup during injuries, but could be enticing if he can re-capture his 30 goal playing with Malkin, whom he already has chemistry with. And Percy is a former 2?th pick who is still developing in a position Pittsburgh could use some youth. They probably would prefer that then picking in the 21 spot. You could interchange him with Biggs, Finn, Leivo or whoever they prefer, but the idea is they would prefer a prospect over the pick if the value is fair. Maybe the Leafs need to add more, maybe not, depends on how people view the value of the player involved, I would prefer to maximize value by using players Pittsburgh may see in a preferential light. Obviously this deal only makes sense if the Leafs know they can sign Letang, but I am sure Nonis isn’t dumb enough to move out a bunch of assets to have Letang walk away a year later.

    I agree with the mentalitiy that if you get Letang, Phaneuf should be moved based on the cap hit. I like the idea of getting a young center or top pick for him. Teams like Philly, Edmonton, Colorado, Carolina and Tampa would love to add a player like Phaneuf, and may have the types of assets the leafs covet. Not sure who would be willing to part with what. Not saying any scenarios are likely, but I am sure the Leafs can get a good return for Phaneuf.

    Here are some other trade targets I think are worth exploring.

    Chicago – Hjarmlsson & Bolland. Chicago will be trying to shed some cap space. Bolland is especially appealing, regardless of whether or not they get another Center as he would be the ideal 3rd line guy on a Carlyle team.

    NYR – McDonagh, Staal, Girardi. Not likely, but if this team doesn’t buy out Richards, they will be hard pressed to re-sign everyone in the next couple of years, and while these guys are great, under AV they may not be as inclined to tie up a ton of money to 3 defensive minded defensemen. One of these guys would be the perfect addition to the Leafs top 4. Really unlikely, but its worth kicking tires.

    Minnesota – Clutterbuck, perfect replacement for Komarov, actually an upgrade.

    Free agents of interest – Lecalvier, Briere, Clarkson, Scuderi, Hainsey, Clowe.

    Obviously the Leafs can’t do everything above, so chances are they will need to look to free agency, luckily it does seem like there is a little bit of everything available this year. I like the compliance buyouts as it seems everyone will be so gun shy with them that you won’t end up with a massive overpayment. I mean is it me or is it crazy that Filppula will likely get more money and term than Lecalvier?

    Heres hoping for a crazy year. I am pretty excited, I mean its a deep draft and yet most of the talk is around trades. Just seems like it could be kind of nuts.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      If Letang really wants Toronto could we not just sign him next summer and save gutting our farm to land him?

      • DannyLeafs says:

        I understand the sentiment, but I think getting Letang under contract based on a fuzzy view of the cap going forward might be better than if it goes up. Also, trading bodies that we might lose to free agency if we sign them to other short term deals isn’t as bad as trading all picks and prospects. I mean if getting Letang now means we can trade Phaneuf while he has value, it’s a worthwhile proposition, as I can’t imagine we could financially make both work under the cap. Just say we do wait, do we let Phaneuf walk next summer to sign Letang? Will that be better then trading for Letang now and getting assets back for Phaneuf? If we trade Phaneuf now and don’t get an adequate replacement this year because we want to wait for Letang, will the Leafs miss the playoffs and all of a sudden become an unappealing destination again?

        I think its a good time to jump on things while there is so much turmoil over a shrinking cap. I wouldn’t suggest doing the deal if we don’t have some assurances Letang will sign, and I really don’t think any deal where you don’t give up your top 5-7 assets and manage to lure an elite level player is really one we will come to regret.

      • mojo19 says:

        Anyone who trades for Letang will give him the big extension.

        The only way we could land Letang via free agency is if Pittsburgh elects to keep him this season.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Oilers trade for him so he reflectively wants to agree to spend 8 years of his life there?

          I’m ok with not getting Letang, if we could him for nothing next season so be it.

          • mojo19 says:

            I doubt any team would make the trade without some kind of certainty that something could be worked out. But, hey, maybe you’re right.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              That’s typical Maple Leaf thinking, when we want to trade Phaneuf his value suffers because he’s a pending UFA that other teams will view as a ‘rental’. When it’s another teams talent it’s assumed that the player will agree for an extension where ever he ends up so his value his higher.

              If Letang is so eager for an immediate extension makes me question if he has confidence in his game getting exposed next season.

  5. 93killer93 says:

    Letang apparently turned down an 8 year 56 mil contract from the Pens. He’s looking for an 8 year deal between 7.5 and 8 mil per.

    • leafy says:

      So if the Penguins ask for a roster player for Letang, who would you be willing to give up?

      More than likely, they’ll want a significant roster player. So if we cross out Kessel, Lupul, JVR, Gardiner, and Reimer/Bernier, and assuming the Leafs won’t trade Reilly, it leaves Kadri, Phaneuf and Franson as possible trade bait.

      If I was Pete Rose and had to bet, I’d say one of those 3 cowboys will be moved for Letang.

  6. leafy says:

    Phaneuf’s contract situation is similar to Letang’s. Makes you wonder if a 1 for 1 swap is brewing. But does that necessarily make the Leafs better?

    • Gambo says:

      I don’t think Phaneuf will be in any part of a Letang trade. Just an opinion. I also think that Kulemin will definitely be included in a trade for him, if there is one.

      • leafy says:

        Must be Kulemin and the first pick then. Get it done.

        • mojo19 says:

          We’d probably have to include a prospect with that.

          Kulemin, 1st, Biggs/Finn

          • blaze says:

            Kulemin,Biggs,1st and try him out on Phaneufs left side.

            Phaneuf roams less, and has the perfect one timer option, maybe 20 goals next year.

            Expensive but whatever. Cheap out on the bottom 4.

            • mapleleafsfan says:

              I’d do it for sure. This year wouldn’t be too expensive, Letangs contract is cheap as hell right now. Ditch Liles to open space. Keep franson and Gardiner. Hopefully come extension time some of the younger D, ie
              Blacker, Reilly, Holzer etc have stepped up and can fill out the bottom few D on cheap/ELC contracts.

              If we have the chance to grab Letang for lesser parts, we better do it.

        • DannyLeafs says:

          I think Franson would also be included, as he would be a good PP replacement to soften the loss, but much more affordable. I think Pittsburgh would probably prefer him to Gardiner or Rielly because its a little more certain. Also, considering that the Leafs are picking 21st, I don’t think Pittsburgh is that interested in that pick as much as they would be a prospect like Percy, Finn, Biggs, etc. I think Kulemin, Franson and a prospect would be a reasonable expecatation for both sides.

          • mojo19 says:

            Maybe, but 2 roster players and a 1st is too steep, I think.

            Most reports I’ve read say they’re interested in a roster player, prospect, and a 1st. That’s the typical going rate for any star player as well.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I agree Mojo.
              Especially when you consider that every team knows Letang wants out because he is not getting what he wants…his value drops a little.
              That’s why I originally suggested the
              Kulimen-Could play top six in pitt with their firepower and affordable
              21st-Deep draft which they could try and move up in
              Percy-Puck moving prospect that helps reduce the sting of losing their best puck mover.
              They also do not take any extra contract on as Letang makes more the Kulimen.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    Forget Letang, get Scott Harrington if you are talking with Pitt.

    This kid is a rock on D.

  8. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I still think the Pens are more looking for a Kulimen 1st and Percy. More of a puck moving d-man to grow into the void left by Letang.
    If we get Letang and extend him at $7.5, which I don’t agree with, Phaneuf has to go for other assets.

    A)Phaneuf /Letang would not be a good pairing.IMO

    B)We would need the cap space as you can’t have $14 mil tied up in two D because cheaping out on the the rest of the D is just not wise. Say goodbye to Franson as well.
    Phaneuf Letang
    Fraser Gardiner
    Holzer Blacker/Montador?………that’s bad. Even grabbing a UFA on the $3mil side, still doesn’t look good.

    C)Instead, Move Phaneuf and salary and sign/trade&sign UFA or/and go for a solid lower priced D as part of Phaneuf trade. Like Phaneuf for Smid, Paajarvi, Hemsky(contract take back)
    Smid would give shut-down minutes, Paarjarvi a good prospect and Hemsky would give scoring touch on the rt side with only one year left on contract.

    Scuderi Letang
    Gardiner Franson
    Smid Gunnarsson
    Fraser Reilly
    Only about $3mil more than the defence in B)(not including $3mil ufa or would be about the same)
    Could even move Gunarrsson for assets and have Holzer in the mix to reduce cap a bit more. Liles would be moved or bought-out.

    If we get Letang, Sorry, Dion has to go.IMO

    • blaze says:

      What the point of gettin Letang then? The Leafs have no trouble scoring goals so replace Phaneuf with a guy better offensively and worse defensively? For more money?

      Franson is going to get under 4 mil. Gardiner wont break the bank. There’s a top 4 right there.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        I thought I explained the reasoning.lol
        Letang is a better puck mover, skater and more offensively talented then Dion. Dion is bigger tougher, better in his own end, but somewhere around $14mil per season on these two players is not wise.IMO
        As I said, I don’t think they would even make a good pairing. If they were going to be as solid a pair as a Keith/Seabrook or what Suter/Weber was, that’s different, but they would not compliment each other well. One or the other.IMO If you want Phaneuf over Letang, that’s fine. Not my choice, but both are quality D-men, although I think Letang is better with more upside and a little younger, with less wear and tear on his body then Dion. Letang`s skating ability also allows him to play more minutes easier then Dion as well.
        If you have Dion at $7(extension), Letang at $7.5, Franson at $3 and Gardiner next year at $2.5-$3 that`s $20-$20.5 on four D-men that arguably would still not be the best top 4 in the NHL but would be by far paid the most. Does not make sense.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    Damian Cox tweeted that the centre the Leafs are most interested in is Tyler Bozak.

    Over Weiss, Ribiero, Lecavalier, Richards (if he is bought out), etc.

    That makes no sense to me and I hope its not true.

    Lecavalier is the way to go. Exactly what the Leafs need in terms of leadership, experience, the position he plays, his size, his skill level and his mere presence.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:


    • DannyLeafs says:

      Tweets can lose a lot of content. That could just mean that Bozak is the Centre they have spent the most time talking about and talking to internally. I mean he would be a valuable piece if he came for say 3.5 million, he would be the ideal third line guy in the long run. Good on draws, good PK guy, defensively responsible (when thats what he is focusing on), a little added offense, and the ability to play higher in the line up during injuries. I can see the reason they want to keep him, and the fact that he is asking for so much more then what is fair for his talent is probably the reason they would be talking so much to him and about him internally.

      I still have to believe that if Nonis statements about wanting to be active, and improve on every position is true, he understands the Leafs have a huge need up the middle, so Bozak can’t be the only centre he is interested in.

  10. blaze says:

    One thing I don’t have any interest in at all is acquiring Letang and ditching Phaneuf.

    If that’s the case then pass on Letang. But if you wanna add a huge piece to the D core without subtracting then I’m completely on board.

    Trying to get Letang to fill Phaneufs role would be a complete disaster.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    just taking a look at every team to see which one player Toronto should take a run at….and trying to be realistic about their chances (thus no Toews from Chicago, Crosby from Pitt etc.)

    Minnesota – Cal Clutterbuck – He’d be an ideal replacement for Komarov both as a hitter, agitator and PK guy. He is currently a RFA.

    Chicago – Dave Bolland – he’s another agitator and PK guy who’d add depth to the Leafs weakest position, centre. He is going to be unrestricted in 2014.

    St Louis – Chris Stewart – He is a RFA. His big body and grit would be a great pickup even though the Leafs already have 3 strong scoring wingers.

    Nashville – Kevin Klein – He is a solid, 4th Dman who plays steady D can provide a bit of offence and can skate. He’s very much like Gunnarsson but he shoots RH. He is signed long term.

    Colorado – Paul Stastny – He’s an obvious name on the list b/c of his cap hit at 6.6 mil, him being a UFA in a year and being a centre, a significant need for the Leafs.

    Winnipeg – Zach Bogosian – He is currently a RFA. He is a stud IMO. Maybe not shown it yet, but he does everything well. He is big, can skate, can provide some offence, can play the shutdown role. He’d be ideal pickup to replace Dion if the current captain is no longer in team’s future plans.

    Dallas – Stephane Robidas – I still like him as a rental for a year. He’d be a good mentor to some of the younger Leafs D and would help Dion immensely as his right handed partner.

    Edmonton – RNH – lots of Gagner talk but i still feel RNH is available for the right price. He can fill that no. 1 centre slot for years to come.

    Calgary – 6th overall pick – Calgary’s roster sucks. But that 6th overall pick is attractive. It could allow the leafs to perhaps select Sean Monahan early in the 1st round and fill their centre need that way.

    Vancouver – Kevin Bieska – He’d fill a hole on D and be a cost cutting savings for the Canucks. He has 1 year left on his deal and is someone Nonis is very familiar with. If Dion goes, Bieska can sort of make up for that loss to some degree.

    Phoenix – David Rundblad – He’s been traded a lot,but thats more because teams like him, not because he isn’t wanted. He has a lot of skill and just in case a guy like Gardiner or Reilly is moved, he’d be a nice backfill to the D depth.

    LA – Dwight King – an up and down grinding big winger would be a nice get for the Leafs. him or Nolan. Both would sort of fill that Komarov role but be bigger bodies.

    SJ – Taylor Doherty – This kid is a 6’7 beast. That kind of size on D is hard to find. He has the potential to be a Cody Franson type.

    Anaheim – Bobby Ryan – If he is truly available, he’d be a nice nice get b/c he can actually play centre and could be a “plan b” move to put him there if other options arent to their liking.

    Tampa – Lecavalier – I’ve said enough about him but he really should be the leafs no. 1 priority. He’s too good a veteran to pass up.

    Florida – Stephen Weiss – He’s a centre and solid in all facets and can provide offence. He’d be a nice replacement for Bozak….but not the best one.

    Buffalo – Luke Adam – Just another young player to add depth to the team and would fit into the nucleus as another player on the development path.

    Boston – Andrew Ference – Would b a nice signing for the D to add his valuable experience.

    Montreal – ???? these two teams rarely make trades and their free agent list is poor. Maybe Kaberle…again?

    Detroit – Damian Brunner – Why not? His skills are off the charts. Nothing wrong with getting skill.

    Ottawa – another team who rarely deals with the Leafs. they could potentially swap picks at the draft. Potentially say to grab Bo Horvat at 17.

    NY Rangers – Marc Staal – If the Leafs were to move Dion, He’d fill these minutes lost and be a defensive stud. If they kept Dion, Staal would be an excellent partner for him with the way he can control the defensive game. I don’t care if he is earmarked for Carolina. He is a rock.

    NY Islanders – Evgeni Nabokov – If the Leafs happened to flip a goalie (Reimer), Nabby would be a solid veteran backup as a stopgap until a more long term solution could be put in place.

    Philly – Danny Briere – Briere would be a neat choice. Probably as a replacement for Grabovski only, not really Bozak, but he’d sure help the PP.

    New Jersey – Adam Hendrique – He is a RFA, and is a solid centre who has proven some he can hang with playing with bigger talents. He’d be a nice, more affordable and younger version of Bozak.

    Pittsburgh – Kris Letang – Well thats the flavor of the hour these days. What a get he’d be but the contract he wants….hmmm, that’s something to take a long hard look at. If he came a bit cheaper, the choice would be easy, get him.

    Carolina – 5th overall pick – Rutherford and the Canes are never opposed to making moves and that includes picks, see Jordan Staal trade. This is a spot the Leafs could try and move up to.

    Columbus – 14th overall pick – Toronto could either slide up in the draft, or slip down to 27 where Columbus also picks and maybe grab an additional pick in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    Washington – Jeff Schultz – He’d be a nice depth Dman and could be helped playing with Mark Fraser. Doesn’t have Franson’s upside or offence but has good size and was just 3 years ago the +/- leader in the NHL, at least one of them.

  12. blaze says:

    I am 100% behind big money for big names this off-season. Since 05 we’ve been treated to teams that spent to the cap on no names and mid level players. I’d like to see Toronto aggressively pursue stars.

    The cupboards are stocked with solid role players but low on high end talent. I’m not overly thrilled with Letang overall, not what Toronto needed most but when a player of that caliber is available at a reasonable cost you have to really consider it.

    Spend the money on Kessel, Phaneuf, Letang and maybe dangle Reilly in a package for a star up front. Cut for the cap at the mid/role player level and replace from within.

  13. nordiques100 says:

    I think the 6 Leafs least in danger of moving are Kadri, Lupul, Bernier, JVR, Orr and McClement from the main roster.

    Probably McLaren and Fraser, two affordable talents who are big and tough, just the way Carlyle likes them, they may survive too.

    I am not too sure if all the team’s prospects are safe. Reilly may be, but there probably is some interest in Colborne, Ashton, Biggs, Leivo, Finn, Percy, among the higher end group, and probably some use for guys like D’Amigo, McKegg, Rupert, Blacker, Holzer, Ross among the next level of prospects. The leafs too may not even pick at 21. They could move up, they could even move down or even move right out of the 1st should the right deal be there.

    Because Kessel and Phaneuf are a year away from UFA and a big payday, they could be made available if they cant be re-signed at a reasonable price.

    Because Grabovski, Liles and Komisarek make big cash, they are the most viable buyout candidates on the Leaf roster today.

    Because Gunnarsson and Franson are RFAs coming off decent seasons, they could price themselves out of the Leafs price point and could potentially move.

    Because teams just absolutely love Gardiner, there is a lot of interest there and he could be the asset used to fetch the coveted 1st line centre the Leafs need.

    Teams have interest too in Kulemin. He is an affordable and very useful player who is just entering his prime.

    And the acquisition of Bernier, well that puts into question the future of Reimer. Does he get moved? Would be very interesting to see how that develops since he is a RFA in 2014 and could be looking for a big raise, or at least a solidified starting job rather than a shared one.

    That is a lot of pieces in play. And with the 30 names i mentioned above potentially there for the taking, Nonis could be very very busy. Whether that busy is majorly busy or just busy with adding support to his current group, that remains to be seen.

    But far and away we need a centre, a top centre, and further centre depth as well as a top 4 D. Plus with the losses of Frattin and Komarov, wing depth is now needed for the main team.

    We have some assets to burn and money to spend and cap space to use. The Leafs want to be fiscally responsible and sensible and that’s understood, but at the same time, that shouldn’t make them stand pat out of fear.

  14. DannyLeafs says:

    I think after making the playoffs and the Bernier trade, Nonis needs to be active. I would like to see Letang become a Leaf, but at the same time, if we just kept most of the same D core, and just added in a good top 4 defensive minded guy, I would be OK with that too. If we go that route, I think re-signing Dion becomes a big priority as well.

    I would have to move Kessel in any deal save for a handful that just won’t happen. If we move Kessel for that one good roster player, first rounder and prospect type of deal, I would really have to question Nonis’ Judgement.

    Kessel is an elite level winger, with absolutely no question marks regarding his production. He has literally improved each and every year he has played for the Leafs, he has averaged a goal scoring pace that would place him at 34 goals a season, and hasn’t had a single season where he hasn’t scored at a pace of about 30 goals or more. His assists per game have increased every year since he has been a leaf, and his defensive game and compete level have been improving as well. He is still just 25, there is no reason to let this guy walk or move him out unless it brings back a bonafide superstar, which I don’t see happening.

    Also, I don’t think the price to sign him becomes too insane. I think he will be looking for roughly 7.5 million per season, which is definitely reasonable on a 5 year term. If Nonis can negotiate around that to get him to say 6.75 if Phil wants 8 years, or even 7 on 8 years, I think its a good deal considering what a lot of players seem to want.

  15. kessel_leafs81 says:

    Bold predictions for the offseason

    Clarkson signs in Toronto for relatively cheap, 4 million for 4 years

    Lecalvalier comes to toronto but there is a strong bidding war between Montreal Toronto and Minnesota so sign him expensive at 6.5 million for 5 years

    Schneider gets dealt to Philly for 1st(11th overal) and Scott Laughton

    Philly trades coburn to edmonton for 7th overal pick

    Booth is bought out from van, van signs Horton to replace him and to add grit

    After losing out on lecalvalier Montreal goes for the next French Canadian in Danny briere for two years 5.75 mill (see if he can stay healthy, short term more money stop gap till galchenyuk matures)

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