Darryl Sydor AND Petr Sykora headed to the igloo!

According to TSN, the Penguins have signed D Darryl Sydor to a 2-year, 5M$ deal and LW Petr Sykora to a 2 year deal!


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  1. Oil-Life says:

    NOOOO! now sykys gone too!

  2. Penssuck says:

    Damnnnnnnn could be an interesting looking team now.  Great addition.

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    No worries, we have a lot of young talent that can fill some holes………And K-Lowe isn't stupid, he knows what we need, and he'll surely be making some more substantial moves over the next few weeks.

    Losing Sykora and Lupul really sucks IMO, but I have faith in K-Lowe, and he'll get us back to the playoffs this year.

    2008 Stanley Cup Champions. The Mighty Oilers of Edmonton!!!! GO OILERS GO!!!

  4. Oil-Life says:

    well put my friend we just signed nylander!!!!

  5. kamullia says:

    I have lost some respect for Ray Shero over the course of the day. And it has little to do with names that were signed by other teams, but mostly by players signed by the Penguins.

    I believe Petr Sykora could be of help to the Penguins, but that is debatable in my book. Sydor, I frankly believe is a mistake, unless it is for depth. But for depth purposes, he is quite expensive, therefore I do not believe that is the intention. It adds a dimension to the PP, but the Pens hardly needed it, while Sydor at 36 has shown serious signs of struggling to keep up in the new NHL. In the end, Sydor was not the kind of player the Penguins should have added. And then there’s the Dany Sabourin signing.

    This is the same Dany Sabourin that a year ago, had just come from winning the title of best goaltender in the AHL, and was outperforming both Thibault and Fleury in training camp. The same Sabourin that was put on waivers, and lost for no compensation so that he could become backup to Roberto Luongo in Vanvouver, where he did a marvelous job at holding the fort the few times Luongo was not in net, and that includes a stint in overtime no less in the playoffs when Roberto’s equipment malfunctioned (and if memory does not fail, they were facing elimination in the game). The same Dany Sabourin that was put on waivers so that Karl Stewart could be picked off the waiver wire, just so that he would get released by the Pens a few weeks later.

    I have faith in Sabourin abilities, and I do believe he is an upgrade, and at the least a capable replacement for Jocelyn Thibault. But even if Sabourin is older than Fleury, he certainly has had less NHL experience than Fleury, therefore forget mentoring Fleury. If he ever needed mentoring, he better get on the phone from here on. But in the end, the entire journey Shero has done with Sabourin has been a mistake after another, just to now come full circle. Let us not forget the signing and then release of Schaefer.

    If these are the best moves that Ray Shero can muster, even restricted by a budget, the Pittsburgh Penguins will be hard-pressed to get into the playoffs this year and I am starting to believe will be seriously hampered in the chase for a future cup. The only good news is that Shero’s ineptitude when it comes to releasing and signing players (barring a few exceptions), has been masked by some good trades he has been able to manage (while still managing some real stinker trades).

    Ray Shero may have a great reputation, but so far he has not been much more than average when it comes to being graded within the GM community. The one good thing he has is great luck with young players showing up their talent at the right times. Here is hoping his luck does not run out and the Pens have to rely solely on his managing skills.

  6. Jrugges says:

    "If these are the best moves that Ray Shero can muster, even restricted by a budget, the Pittsburgh Penguins will be hard-pressed to get into the playoffs this year and I am starting to believe will be seriously hampered in the chase for a future cup. The only good news is that Shero's ineptitude when it comes to releasing and signing players (barring a few exceptions), has been masked by some good trades he has been able to manage (while still managing some real stinker trades)."

        Man thats a load of sh!t. These two players will make Pittsburg HUGE favorites in the east. They've already got proven reliable scoring/offensive production from the younger players in Staal, Malkin, and of coarse Crosby. They've got a PP qb in Gonchar. Whitney a good two way defender. Sydor now a great defensive defender not to mention a vocal/lockeroom leader. Sykora is almost always a lock for atleast 20 goals and 40 some points. Imagine the power play schemes with Recchi, Staal, Malkin, Crosby, Skyora, Malone, and Armstrong. With Gonchar, Whitney, and now Sydor able to play the points along with the PK. Fluery is solid and is really only going to get better. I just can't see how you think this team isn't going to make the playoff when in actuality they're better than last years playoff team…

  7. Pensfan33 says:

    I really think these were 2 great moves by Shero and just a sign of things to come, Shero still got more up his sleeve. Give the guy a chance Kamula i remember last year you didnt like the Roberts trade either and you see how that panned out for the Pens

    Sykora played at Metalburg and probable is REALLY familiar with MAlkin and can be a really good linemate with him and Gonchar
    and Sydor adds ALOT more experience in the back and that is what the penguins needed i think these were 2 GREAT moves by the Pens and just a sign of more things to come now all they gota do is get rid of MAlone and get another REAL winger to play with crosby my opinion anyway

  8. kamullia says:

    Sydor is not a great defensive defender, but has become more of a power play specialist as of late. The days of Sydor being a great defender went by when the clutch, grab, and hold went out the window in the new CBA. He has been good defensively in Dallas, but as I pointed out, he showed some serious struggling to keep up in the faster NHL last year, being beaten on one-on-one’s constantly. The point being of my post, as far as Sydor, is that there were plenty of comparable cheaper choices or more fitting choices to the defensive style of Therrien (i.e. faster). In the end the addition of Sydor will not help reduce the GA of the Penguins, which is their real problem. Hence Shero has yet to fix their defensive loopholes. Shero needed a true defensive defenseman, and certainly one of better caliber than Darryl Sydor.

    Proven scoring prrodution? From Staal and Malkin? Last I checked they were rookies last year, and finalists for the Calder, therefore I fail to see how one year proves anything. Do I expect them to get better? Absolutely. Would I be shocked if they did not or regressed? Not in the least. Malkin needs to get in better shape, as shown by the fact he was exhausted by the end of the season, while Staal did report fatigue himself, but I expect him to rebound better having a brother to guide him through the process. But the reason why the term “Sophomer Jinx” is available, is that is so recurrent that it merited a description.

    Sykora could work out because on the wings he seems a bit rejuvenated, but I do have some doubts because he is on the smallish side, has been streaky, and the Pens better protect him because if there is a proven history with him, is that he gets rattled if given physical confrontation. And the last one specifically, is how teams have targeted is the best game plan against the Penguins.

    Power play schemes will most certainly change this year. With both probably Malone and Recchi receiving reduced roles. In fact, I would not be surprised to not see Malone at all in the PP, and Recchi be in charge of the second unit.

    Marc-André Fleury has only one full season under his belt as an NHL goaltender, and that was last season. I do expect him to get better and I think he acquainted himself well, but I still believe he probably is in need of a lot of veteran guidance, which all of a sudden he is deprived of.

    And as far as the playoffs, it is a little early to talk about who and how will they be making the playoffs. What I said was that Shero needs to do better to assure the Penguins a spot, because this is not good enough since you must keep in mind that making the playoffs relies on being one of the top eight teams in your conference. Your team can be in the playoffs and improve even from the year before, but if 8 teams improve even more, your team will be missing the playoffs. Altogether, the Pens are in the Atlantic which now has become a goaltending powerhouse of sorts, and have yet to add solid scorers, plus still have defensive troubles. While in the same conference, it is hard to argue that the Rangers just made some big improvements, same as Philadelphia. And while the Islanders and New Jersey have yet to make improvements, at least in the case of the Devils I expect them once again to battle for a playoff spot.

    The only saving grace Shero has at this point is that the majority of the upgrading by teams has been done in the West, but if the trend of movements by the rest of the league, vs. the trade of movements by the Pens, keeps being superior before the start of the season, the Penguins could very well be sitting looking from the outside into the playoffs. And that is not the experience that the young guys need.

  9. intelligentscorpio says:

    Sabourin's loss on waivers last year was a mistake. Shero took a chance and it backfired. By bringing him back for .5 a season to back up Fleury is a good move. Fleury can play 60 games without any problem and Sabourin can pinch in when and as needed. He did play well for us in the past.

    Sykora is a consistent winger and has the Mettalurgik connection with Malkin, but really, he is a proven player and I think that's a good signing.

    Sydor, a wonderful performer is now older and may not be a pp quarterback, but still has good defensive skills. He is fairly consistent in his assignments, and is a good pickup.

    Overall, all three are upgrades on Thibault, Ouellette and Melichar. So, my friend, I have to disagree with you that Shero has not done a good job on day 1. I think, he has not blown the doors open to the barn, but by using the money available to him in solidifyng Whitney and getting these three players is a much needed improvement over the last season. It gives us depth, experience and calms down the youngsters and gives them a chance to learn the game and to perform well in difficult situations and in the playoffs.

    Good is the rating, not great, not poor.

  10. czarrichter says:

    i'm not sure how i feel about these signings. they definitely aren't going to sign or trade for another defenseman now, where would he play? the only way they are going to get a more defensive defenseman now is by trading orpik, which i don't see shero trading our most defensive defenseman for a higher priced defensive defenseman (unless they sit letang for yet another year, which i hope not). i also think that the signing of sykora means that shero is planning to not have espo play this year, so you have to ask yourself is sykora a better option than espo (which is unfair and hard to say). i don't see them adding another winger via free agency either because our roster is full as it is, unless they trade malone or EC. i don't know, i'm not feeling great like i would have if they signed kariya and/or hannan, but i'm feeling the team is better and for a lot less money, and a better penguins team than last year could do some damage; however, the atlantic division just got A LOT tougher already this week.

  11. Jrugges says:

    Lol, I wish I knew you personally so I could make a bet with you for $$ that both Staal and Malkin will get more points than they did last year… Even if all what you said did come true about Malkin and Staal not getting around the same numbers is kinda dumb. Your not very good at scouting good young players b/c I'll tell you these two are sure fire can't miss prospects that are only going to keep getting better with more experiance. Not to mention you can't stop Crosby, so he's able to get anyone he plays with back on track and scoring again.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    surrounding the young superstars with cup winning veterans sounds like a well conceived plan. 

  13. kamullia says:

    I certainly had my reservations about the Roberts’ impact on the Penguins, but he did fair better than I expected, and I am more than happy to admit to that.

    However, my issue with that trade was not over acquiring specifically Roberts, but at giving away Welch for him. With all the specific high offers from Toronto, and Ottawa for Roberts, there is true reason why Florida was willing to part with him for Welch, whom I still believe will be a solid #4, if not better at the NHL level for years to come.

    In other words, my issue with Roberts was not acquiring him. It was the price.

    I share your hope, and not the enthusiasm, that there are more moves in Shero’s agenda. Positive moves, and no more Kwiatkowskis, Ekmans, and Pivkos. The Pens need them.

  14. kamullia says:

    Do not get me wrong. I do not deny in the least that this is an improvement. But as I went into depth in another post, my problem is that it is not enough of an improvement, especially with the strides that other teams are making thus far. And that is why the good moves are not enough. Now, if by “good” you mean the mid-point between “great” and “poor,” then we are talking the same language because that is the message I was trying to convey, that his job is average. But that portrayed image that was given around the league about Shero being a well-above-average manager, is fast eroding so much that if you wait a couple of seconds, you will hear the sonic “boom.”

    And as I also said in my other post, the saving grace is that most of the big improvements are being done out West. But I expect Ottawa to re-sign Emery and be on the hunt again, I always expect something from Lamoriello (only a fool would expect otherwise), NYR and Philly are certainly not chumps, and I also expect that Toronto when it is all said and done will be well improved and in the hunt again (Blake’s signing and his play with a true upper caliber center in Sundin will have a great effect, I fear). If Buffalo, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay make some improvements from their present roster, the Penguins may have a tough time getting in.

    At any rate, in my other post I did mention that Shero typically seems to redeem himself with pulling better than average trades, therefore that’s where his strength lies, and hopefully that will make up for these lukewarm moves.

  15. kamullia says:

    They will sign another defenseman, but it will be depth. I would not be surprised if they signed two, actually, because of possibly not being 100% positive that Letang will make the grade.

    As it stands, they have Eaton, Gonchar, Whitney, Orpik, Sydor, and Letang and that is only 6, with no one ready to step up from WBS and that includes Goligoski if he decides to sign a pro-contract, which I doubt he will. Maybe Shero can trade for another Kwiatkowski for another 4th round pick like last year?

    We share the same overall feelings about these signings.

  16. kamullia says:

    I bow to your scouting prowess, as it is your strong suit as evidence from your spelling and grammar which you undoubtedly mastered while typing those reports.

  17. kamullia says:

    Scratch that about the defensemen. It was not reported in any major media outlet, but the Penguins site announced that they have re-signed both Whitney and Scuderi. I believe this is the amount they will carry on the roster, and I feel they will probably sign another inconsequential defenseman for depth.

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