Date for Heatley deal set by Sens


Bryan Murray still intends to trade Dany Heatley by the end of this weekend’s NHL Entry Draft.

And on Monday, the Senators general manager hinted that at least one team could be close to offering a package that would interest him.“I’m doing a lot of the asking. Nobody has really agreed at the moment. But one team is getting close to where I want to be,” Murray told reporters. “I guess I can take an offer that’s been made, but it’s not one that I want right now.”

But Murray was also quick to point out that he is putting a deadline on making this deal happen. Heatley is owed a $4 million roster bonus on July 1st. And if the Senators are on the hook for that cheque, Murray says it makes it unlikely that Heatley will be playing for a new team in the fall.

“I’ve made it very clear that if we pay any more money, this (trade) probably isn’t going to happen,” stated Murray, who added that he’s spoken with one of Heatley’s agents in the past few days.

Since Heatley’s trade request became public two weeks ago, a number of general managers have stated they would not be interested in the sniper because of the way he’s handled the situation. Leafs general manager Brian Burke and Predators general manager David Poile have both gone on the record to voice their displeasure with Heatley’s camp. On Monday, Murray says he doesn’t mind that rival general managers are making their feelings known and he says it’s not hurting his attempts to trade the disgruntled superstar.

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5 Responses to Date for Heatley deal set by Sens

  1. darthjudd says:

    First off I do not like when a guy demands a huge contract with a "no movement" clause only to demand a trade knowing that a team will have to pay 4 million in bonus's.  Honour your contract and play the game for 7.5 million.
    Id love to see him stick around in canada and it looks like he wants to go to the West. so…
    Canucks trade Raymond, Hansen and Bieska to Sens for Heatley
    (this being based on signing the Sedins and Boumeester)
    Oilers trade Hemsky and Gilbert for Heatley
    Flames trade Phaneuf for Heatley
    none of these will happen, but it is fun to speculate

  2. reinjosh says:

    he would have been paid that 4 million dollar in bonuses regardless
    and i really dont see why he cant ask for a trade
    why is it ok that teams can ask to be moved but players cant asked teams to move them

  3. Kramer says:

    Damn it! CFL season has started again.

  4. muckies says:

    Heatley's in a different category now.  He is the 3rd leading socrer in the NHL since the lockout behind only Ovechkin and Kovulchuk, he had two 50 goal seasons in Ottawa, two 100 point seasons, Olympic selection, a Cup final and was given a 50 million dollar contract (after making 15 million his first 3 years) AND he's an Assistant Captain, not to mention they traded Hossa for him.  That is why it is bad,  Ottawa has given him everything a hockey player could want and he turns around and runs away like a little *****.  Public trade request and calls out the coach, total BS way of doing things, especially for a player like him that should know better. He's got problems im sure, he' probably a Leaf Fan and complete delusional like the rest of you.

  5. Kyleton says:

    The only good part of your statement was when you got around to talking about him making it public. For which I agree completely. It's okay if you end up not liking the direction of the team. He signed his contract when different people were in place, but now its a whole new set up so I have no problem with him requesting a trade. However to make it known to the media is a not professional.

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