Deadline deals during the Cup finals?

Well,… not really … but many deals could arise in late June when the Entry Draft is set off to be not as strong as last year….. but a few sleepers are sitting in the shadows.

With the Lockout brewing in all sorts of story’s still, a few dumps for picks could just as well happen.

Many teams do have guys they still wanna deal … and many of them have replacements in there farm ready to move up.Well, let’s start with who else but the Rangers…

Poit a good Offensive Defense men is on the block, and every team can use one of them. The only problem with this guy is he lacks Defense… (THE POSITION HE PLAYS!) and hit’s virtually no one.

He could be the help the Rangers need to move up a few spots in this draft if they really need to move up in this thin draft.

Holik is also there…. And he could go, The Rangers may be willing to deal this guy out of town if they really want to, but not without a high price in return.

These are the only 2 worth dealing now, beside for Duhnam, Mirinov, and maybe one other, which would not draw too much attention.

The next team… Washington: This team has a position they could move it grabs them a mid round pick. Kozlig could go….. and why not Oulette is just itching for the a chance to take it. They already have Ovichanckin for 1st… why not let Oulette start his run and get another 10-15th overall pick… maybe more? Ask me it’s a smart move for Washington to do.

Mad Mike Milbery is known to shake up the Draft every year… which can;t be a good thing if thats the only thing they do every year… but who knows.. maybe it’s Yashin’s way out.

Many teams could also trade the rights to players left and right.. not as if that would mean anything…. If the lockout happens they can do that all they want and it would never matter.

So let’s here it.. Who on your team could be moved this draft…. It’s not to early to get into this … it’s about a month away.

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