Deadline Predictions – or Facts?

I’ll never claim to have Eklund-like ‘connections’. But, I have some, (and more than the newspaper) lol.

None of these are SURE things. They’re just ‘interior buzz’.


Alot of teams could use his power, size and skill up the middle. Not really a loan player, he’ll demand a much higher return than most deadline trades. It’s not as likely that he’ll get traded than the Rumour Mill would lead on. But it will probably happen.

Olli Jokinen –

(to Calgary) for J. Leopold & picks and/or prospects


Olli Jokinen –

(to Ottawa) for A. Meszaros & picks and/or prospects

(If D. Hasek’s injury is worse than we know of, this deal with Florida could turn into a blockbuster at the deadline)

Olli Jokinen and Roberto Luongo –

(to Ottawa) for M. Havlat & A. Meszaros & picks and/or prospects (but this is not very likely)


A sturdy rear-guard. Not much offense in him, but he’s a worthy loan player with quite a few quality years left in him.

Brendan Witt –

(to Nashville or Montreal (if they have secure their spot)) for a 2nd or 3rd round pick in 06 & a quality prospect. Or some mixture of the sort.


Has injury difficulties, but they’re in his past. He’s a point-per-game, gifted playmaker who’s bonuses aren’t THAT unattractive, because he’s still qualified. Plus, he’s not just a loan player, he still has many quality years left.

(if Olli doesn’t land in Calgary)

Jason Allison (with Khavanov or Klee)

(to Calgary) for J. Leopold (maybe with a mid-pick)


Jason Allison

(to Boston) for 4th round pick and quality prospect


Will be the most active at the deadline. Selling alot of quality.

Joseph…… gone (to Edm, Ott or Van)

Morris……. gone

Sanderson. gone

Ricci………. gone


If they get on a hotstreak in their next few games, the Leafs will buy slightly. But don’t expect too much.

John Leclair or Geoff Sanderson or any other aging forward


Eric Weinrich or Lyle Odelein or any other aging rearguard.

If they aren’t in good shape in the games before Mar. 9th:

1. JFJ will be fired in or before the offseason. We know the board has told him ‘making the playoffs is a MUST’. And Quinn will also be fired.

2. Listed below are the players that will be be deadline victims in this (most likely) cir*****stance:

Fowards – J. Allison and M. Czerkawski

Defensemen – K. Klee and A. Khavanov

Goalie – E. Belfour

Aki Berg and Nik Antropov will most likely stay and be resigned at about $1.2m a piece.

And don’t expect any ‘big names’ back. Just picks and decent prospects. No Bertuzzi. No Malkin. You crazy trade rumour junkies.

(I’ll post another “Deadline Predictions – or Facts?” if/when I get more info!)