Deal Or No Deal: Leafs-NYR

I want to play a little game with the HTR readers called Deal Or No Deal. I’m going to propose a trade that I have not heard is out there, just for a little fun, and I want your feedback. We’ll start in the “Center of the Universe” with a trade proposal between the New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Glen Sather’s Rangers clearly have 2 glaring problems – a) they need cap room; b) they desparately need a puck-moving defenseman. The Leafs have both!

Brian Burke has already set the market for D Tomas Kaberle (player, pick, prospect). He has also suggested that he’d be willing to take on salary… for a price. The question is – Is Burke willing to take on salary for more than just one year?

Burke and coach Ron Wilson will likely team up for the U.S. Olympic team next season, and one player who may play a big leadership role on that club is F Chris Drury. Back when Drury was a UFA, the San Jose Sharks (then coached by Wilson), were rumored to be after him. Drury has a Stanley Cup ring and is thought of as a clutch performer with awesome character. His leadership & ability is just what the Leafs could use in their rebuild. The hitch – 3 more years at 7.05. Oh… and the no-movement clause in Drury’s contract. But since this is hypothetical anyway, lets assume its not an issue.

This leads us to the Burke-Sather relationship. The two are close friends and co-owners of the WHL’s Chilliwack Bruins. They could easily “scratch each other’s back’s”.

So the deal:

To NYR: D Tomas Kaberle & F Jamal Mayers
To Toronto: F Chris Drury, F Colton Orr, D Bobby Sanguenetti & a 1st round pick.

Its not as though Drury has no value, just that his value is lessened because of his contract. By making this deal, the Leafs would be doing the Rangers a HUGE favour (not only the 2.0 in cap relief, but the puck-moving defenseman as well), and Sather could help the Leafs’ rebuilding process with Sanguenetti & the 1st. The Leafs aren’t likely to find a better center in the UFA market this summer and Drury could be Mr. Everything in Hogtown. And the Leafs could dump Mayers’ contract back on the Rangers for Orr. The tough guy may be less likely to play come playoff time, and Mayers could add the kind of grit & experience playoff teams are looking for. Not to mention that Burke solidifies the club’s toughness by adding the heavyweight, a Burke requisite. Sanguinetti is blessed with offensive gifts and knows when to jump into the play for an offensive chance. He is the Rangers top prospect and would almost certainly have to be involved in any Kaberle deal.

So if Burke wants a player, prospect & pick for Kaberle, and with the Rangers looking to shed salary, does this deal make sense? Is it close? Keep in mind, the deal should be slightly skewed in the Leafs favor based on the cap savings Slats is making. Is there something there? Or is this just non-sense (I know I’m opening myself up to criticism with that statement, but as I stated – just for fun; no name-calling please, LOL)

Ranger fan, Leaf fan, hockey fan – Deal Or No Deal?

**Deal Or No Deal 2.0**
(if you want it)

31 Responses to Deal Or No Deal: Leafs-NYR

  1. broc says:

    Interesting proposition, but no deal.

    If Kaberle is worth a 1st, a prospect, and a player… I doubt Burke is going to want that player to be a salary dump.

    It's as you said though- Drury isn't without value- but only if he's going to a team that wants/needs him. He really doesn't fit into the rebuilding mode of the Leafs, and his contract is 4 more years after this one.

    TO can probably get a good return for Kaberle without having to take a LONG crappy contract (though Burke would probably take a short crappy contract).
    Burke has already said many teams have called him looking to unload their bad contracts, and he stated 2010-2011 is likely when the cap will drop, and these contracts will be even worse than they are now. So, I doubt he'll want one that extends 2 years beyond that timeline. TO doesn't need to take 4 years of bad cap space, when they're giving up a guy who has 2 more years of GOOD cap space.

    Drury kills the deal IMO.

  2. Kramer says:

    The addition of Jamal Mayers should put the Rangers over the top. The final piece to the puzzle.

  3. jus93paq says:

    That's a terrible trade proposal. I've got to think if the Rangers were to trade either big paid center, it would likely be Gomez and not their "captain." They're also giving up 2 #1 drafts, Sanguinetti from 2006 and 2009 Round #1, while at the same time adding 4.25 mil in cap space for another d-man. Plus, isn't he currently injured?

  4. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    hell no to that deal, let the rangers rott with those stupid signings they made, why should any team bail them out, they have nothing to really offer the leafs anyway, why would we want an over paid guy like drury or gomez , the leafs can get better from another team.   sather should be fired anyway,

  5. RossCreek says:

    Well, your always good for a laugh. Keep it up!!

  6. RossCreek says:

    Drury only has 3 years left, not 4 (if I'm not mistaken). But anyway, point taken. Like I said… just for fun… completely unsubstantiated and outside-the-box thinking… getting tired of reading the same Leaf rumors

  7. jus93paq says:

    Why should the Rangers "rott" for their GM's terrible signings? They will figure something out, if not Sather will be fired. But its highly doubtful he will be fired before the trade deadline. When was the last time Toronto won the cup? 1966-67, enjoy your "rebuilding"

  8. blaze says:

    You're complaining about giving up two first rounders for Kaberle? I would keep Kaberle rather than give him away to the Rangers for that, let alone take on that massive contract.

  9. RossCreek says:

    Ranger fan? Personally, I'm not a fan of either team. Just put this together. But the Rangers are in dire need of a guy like Kaberle. He's underpaid in comparison to other defenceman of his calibre. Which is exactly what the Rangers need, what with the albatross that is Wade Redden's contract. The Rangers sorely need to find a top-end affordable puck-mover. Kaberle's contract is amongst the best in the league in terms of value. To get something, you gotta give something. And to create cap space, NY will likely have to move one of Drury or Gomez at a lesser value. I can't see Gomez (and his larger, longer contract) being of interest to Burke, but I can see Drury being of some interest. With the Burke-Sather relationship, who knows? If you coupled this move with looking to replace Drury with a more affordable player (say Olli Jokinen for instance), the Rangers could be a vastly improved team. As a "hockey deal", the Rangers may not want to move Drury. As a "business deal", they may have little choice.

  10. reinjosh says:

    nice article rosscreek, im looking forward to 2.0
    but i like this deal
    yes the leafs may add salary, but they also add a first rounder, bobby sanguenetti (who could give us a nice one-two punch with schenn) and i like colton orr (good depth player)
    the big thing would be drury
    while i think he has potential to rebound, a lot of fans would not like taking him or his contract
    imo the trade is decent for both teams

  11. greatlife15 says:

    3 years at 7.05 for a player who's never even hit 70 points in their career?!

    No thank you. Salary dump like that is just ridiculous.

  12. RossCreek says:

    Point taken. But, as a player, Drury is not useless. He would instantly become their best, most versatile forward. And if the Leafs are truly rebuilding, Drury's salary probably won't negatively affect the Leafs that much. The Leafs would only be taking on an extra 2 mil in the deal. As a fan of niether, I find it an interesting (if nothing else) proposal.

  13. pezzz123 says:

    Maybe Naslund instead of Drury (I doubt the Rangers will trade their captain), and add a 2nd rounder 010.


    nice article. It's nice to see someone contribute to the site on a daily basis.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    no deal. Drury's never been the same since leaving Buffalo.

    the rangers are a big mess.

  15. RossCreek says:

    Fan of either team?

  16. jus93paq says:

    To take on another big D contract, the Rangers would need to get rid of one, albeit Rozival or Redden. Redden could be much better on a different team.

  17. RossCreek says:

    If I'm not mistaken, Rozsival's contract was front-loaded a bit. His cap hit would then be higher than his actual $'s which could make some of the "cheaper" teams interested in him. Teams like Columbus, Tampa, Phoenix, Atlanta, etc. would likely be more interested in a guy like that than someone like Daniel Briere for instance (cap hit of 6.5, but actual $'s next year of 8.0). With Phoenix looking to move Derek Morris, perhaps they might be willing to take Rozsival in a package that would include cheap youth for Olli Jokinen. Or, if a Lecavalier deal is still a possibility, maybe the Lightning take Rozsival's contract for the cap hit along with cheap youth. I agree though, ideally if making the Drury-Kaberle deal, the Rangers would need to move Rozsival for a forward.

  18. LEAFS_54 says:

    absolutly no deal. unless you change drury for prucha and add a second.

  19. wdasilva says:

    Drury's Salary is too big for too many years….

    However, if they throw in Marc Stall and we can add someone else like a Stajan… then yes.

    Don't forget Sather has made dummer moves than this, so to shed salary he might just do it.

  20. hockeylegend488 says:

    the leafs wont attract any big names via free agency and or land any " hail mary" trades at this years deadline. There currently in about 25th place and if anything they may get a second for antropov, may get a mid level prospect and first rounder for kaberle and Stajan, he may fetch a second. If anything clear that cap space completly fold the year, win the tavares sweep stakes and in the new year pitch a bunch of money at calamaeri and whoever else will listen. P. s dont be surprised if your leafs sign another jeff finger this year

  21. Sharxfan20 says:

    Not too crazy about that deal. But, I love the idea of "Deal or No Deal" articles. keep it up!

    If Burke really wanted a draft pick, player, prospect deal, he might do this:

    To Colombus: Nik Antropov, Tomas Kaberle
    To Toronto: 1st in 2009, Nikita Filatov, Jakub Voracek

    Holy cow, That would be great for the Leafs! Colombus has been longing (as rumoured) for the service of Antropov.

  22. reinjosh says:

    at least finger was a better signing then redden
    and you nuts to think that antropov will only get a 2nd
    he is at least getting a first
    probably a first and a prospect
    and kaberle will at least get a top prospect and a 1st rounder and a decent roster player or his isnt being moved
    and stajan may fetch a 2nd which is the only one I agree with

  23. reinjosh says:

    at least finger was a better signing then redden
    and you nuts to think that antropov will only get a 2nd
    he is at least getting a first
    probably a first and a prospect
    and kaberle will at least get a top prospect and a 1st rounder and a decent roster player or his isnt being moved
    and stajan may fetch a 2nd which is the only one I agree with

  24. Rico420 says:

    so basically you get the 1st for Antropov – Filatov and Voracek for Kaberle.

    Seems pretty fair to me.

  25. GoLeafs13 says:

    Thats probably one of the best and most fair trade proposal for the leafs I've seen yet. Especially coming from a sharks fan.

  26. bbruins37 says:

    not horrible but columbus definitely gets the worst of it. filatov will be a star and voracek has a good chance of it also… + the 1st rounder. id say no

  27. mojo19 says:

    Bring on the 2.0. Great job.

    I think its an iteresting deal, i understand where you're coming from with the cap implications for the Rangers it makes them have to throw in the 1st rounder. Personally I would probably hold onto Kaberle instead of taking on Chris Drury's big contract as a Leafs fan.

  28. davey says:

    No deal. The Rangers did with Drury what they've done with every free-agent that showed up for a contract year: gave top salary to an average player. The Leafs are rebuilding under a GM who isn't foolish enough to go after a guy who can't live up to his contract.

  29. Sharxfan20 says:

    NO?????? That's a superb deal for both teams! Even I say so myself. read what the previous readers said. Filatov AND Voracek! Plus, Columbus will be set for a playoff run.

  30. SpamIam says:

    I think its an interesting proposal…  it depends on how burke regards a player like drury… at 32 he is 2 years older than kaberle…  lets consider drury a salary dump… and orr for mayers a wash… the trade then boils down to sanguinetti and the 1st pick for kaberle.  The ranger pick will probably be a 16-20th pick overall which becomes a real crap shoot for the leafs.

    the dilemma for me is i like Drury, but do i like him at $7.1 million for 20 goals?  

    If Burke is anything, he is frugal.  I think Burke takes a pass on this proposal.  Sather?  I think Sather would jump at this in a heartbeat.   A puckmoving defenceman at $4.2 million with a couple more years on his contract, it makes sense for the Rangers.

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