Dear Santa

My mom always told me not to make my list too long or ask for unrealistic gifts, so I’ll try my best, but keep in mind it’s only a wish list! You see, Santa, my Montreal Canadiens need a bit of help, so here goes:

1) A winning streak of longer than one game – I’d be happy with 5 or so to be realistic, but would prefer something closer to 10 (hey, that sounds like something my girlfriend said to me).

2) A nice big Centreman to stand in front of the opposition’s goalie (someone along the lines of Jason Arnott would be nice).

3) A powerplay.

4) A decent penalty killing strategy. I think you might have to look to the bench for this one. If you could replace Charron with Carbo, that’d be sweet!

and finally…

5) I’m a little worried about some of my ‘Leaf-fan’ friends. There heads are getting a bit big – I’m afraid they may explode at any moment. And they’ve had high hopes in the past, but this year most of them have visions of Lord Stanley’s Cup dancing in their heads already. It’s very sad. Let’s face it, it’s going to be a terribly sad day in Leaf Land if they keep this charade up for much longer.

So, please hand the Toronto Maple Leafs a nice, long losing streak to bring them and their fans down to earth (thus minimizing the sorrow come spring) – I’m just thinking of the fans….

If you like, you could start item #1 from above at the same time as #5 this Saturday evening with a nice solid trouncing by the Habs. That would give me a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

There it is, short and sweet (insert girlfriend refernece here if you like) and hopefully at least partially attainable.

Happy Holidays Everybody.

44 Responses to Dear Santa

  1. Hockey_Fan says:

    Why is such garbage posted as articles? I am a Flyers fan but whats the reason for posting this, to rouse some Leafs fans? Come on give me a break.

  2. Habs_Suck says:

    UH huh you know what you should have added?

    I wish the habs had a team that didnt suck instead of team that is only as good as their goalie.

    I wish that they had an average height of more than 5’10. ( 3” depending on how you look at it)

    I wish that they could score goals.

    And you should have prayed to GOD not wished to santa that the leafs don’t kick their @$$ on saturday night.


    You must be short if you’re a Habs fan.

  3. big_booty says:

    I want Woywitka and those picks back.

  4. habsoverserver says:

    Habs will trade Perrault before the trade deadline. He is stuck on the fourth line and will be a free agent at the end of the season. Two teams are short at center and could use his faceoff prowess: the Devils and the Wings. THe Wings could offer a third line forward. The Devils could offer a young defenseman.

    The Habs woud love to package Perrault with Rivet or Audette but no team wants to take on the salary so the deal may take a while.

  5. DohCanada says:

    The reason for posting this ‘garbage’ is this. Mostly, with all the stupid Peca rumors flying around (it’ll never happen – I’m not big on Koivu, but it’ll never happen), I thought I’d add my 2 cents in a different manner than saying “um, duh, I think the Habs should make a different trade.” The main reason was actually the fact that they need a big guy to stand in front of the net. It sort of blossomed into the whole Santa thing, because (and I’ll spell it out slowly Hockey Fan who happens to be a Flyer fan) NEXT WEEK IS CHRISTMAS.

    And Leafs and Habs fans take any opportunity they can to bash each others teams. It’s a sport in itself – and I’ll admit Leaf fans definitely have the upper hand these days – but I thought I should go on the offensive to give the Habs some ideas.

    By the way – regarding the PK – I meant to mention that they’ve been hot the last 3 1/2 weeks – hope they can keep it up. It’s definitely helping them get points.

  6. Hockey_Fan says:

    Save your Christmas wish list for you momma.

  7. Chronic says:

    I hate to be the one to break this to you but from what I gather (here and various other sources) I don’t think Leafs fans take any opportunity to bash Habs fans.

    20 years ago for sure. Maybe 10 years ago to a lesser degree, but now?

    I don’t think Leaf fans think much about Montreal at all any more really.

    I mean it’s a TRADITIONAL rivalry sure. Seeing them play brings back fond memories of yesteryear, but when was the last time these two had a real series of consequence? Or the last time they fought over the same spot in the divsional standings for that matter?

    They are in two different places these days. The Leafs battling hard and fruitlessly to make it to the final 2 (at least) and the Habs clawing into the playoffs.

    It seems now Leafs’ fans most hate the Senators, the Flyers, the Devils (to a lesser degree) and oddly enough I think they hate the Islanders more than the Habs (from that one horrible series).

    So Leaf fans should feel complimented the Habs fans still think so highly as to generate hate for them. And for Hab fans it’s sort of a false sence of importance to include themselves as “rivals” from their spot in the standings in the last couple of years.

    But you’re right, if Santa brings the Habs a bunch of big time players (cuz that’s the only way you’re getting them) and the Habs begin challenging for bigger things then the Habs will once again begin to be trashed by the Leafy people. But for now, like this posting it’s pretty much just tradional.

    PS. Ofcourse, I sort of just bashed the Habs. Didn’t mean to. I hope Santa brings your team something good. I feel bad for you guys. Your team sort of remind me a bunch of little Tiny Tims. Oops – shouldn’t have said tiny, verticly challenged at the Forward positions is more correct.

    As Tim says “Merry Christmas Everyone”.

  8. PeterPuck says:

    And the Leafs aren’t as good as their goalie, come on, they count heavily on Balfour…….

  9. Tradedude says:

    defense is stepping us, and belfour doesn’t score goals, but yeah, belfour is the bomb

  10. Tradedude says:

    Leaf this leaf that… they suck yeah i know i’ve heard it a million times. Leaf fans stink too because they love their team and don’t make “wish lists” about everything. Leaf fans also suck because they’re aren’t as many fans as before because there aren’t as many leaf articles.. leaf fans also suck because they don’t rub their winning streak into others’ faces.. they also suck because leaf fans because “dohcanada” the famous, says so.. they also suck because they cheer on their team and don’t boo them.. they also suck because their in the same division as the very highly Montreal Canadiens.. they also suck because they decide whether the leafs win or lose.. they also suck because leaf bashers want them to suck.. and finally, they suck because our heads are a “bit-big” and the fans’ heads matters of the leafs’ performance.

    Yeah, that’s about right. Leaf fans suck and that’s why.

    Go habs! Die in hell leaf fans!

  11. Tradedude says:

    You give us Hitch and we’ll send packing your 3rd pick in 05

  12. nocuphere says:

    Yeah Belfour is winning all our games! The rest of them are just garbage. Only an idiot would say that. The leafs get a contribution from someone different every night, thats what seperates the powerful from the weak; a balance threat throughout.

  13. movingfire says:

    How about picking up Chouinard for a 2nd round pick and them trading him the next year for a 5th….great GM..

  14. wayne2 says:

    The habs should definately trade Koivu if they can.

    Ribeiro does about the same kind of work,is cheaper,younger and on top of that Koivu is always

    hurt.Arnott would be a great fit in Montreal.I dont

    think Koivu would attrack Dallas though,maybe a

    guy like Sunstrom or Kilger packaged with Rivet

    since they(Dallas)need help on defense.Maybe get a pick with Arnott,the extra forward for Montreal

    would liberate a spot since we all know they have

    to many 3rd line players on their roster.

  15. wayne2 says:

    The habs should definately trade Koivu if they can.

    Ribeiro does about the same kind of work,is cheaper,younger and on top of that Koivu is always

    hurt.Arnott would be a great fit in Montreal.I dont

    think Koivu would attrack Dallas though,maybe a

    guy like Sunstrom or Kilger packaged with Rivet

    since they(Dallas)need help on defense.Maybe get a pick with Arnott,the extra forward for Montreal

    would liberate a spot since we all know they have

    to many 3rd line players on their roster.

  16. HabsNick says:

    I’ll just explain point #5 a bit more.

    You see, there’s a lot of people who dont like Toronto already, which comes as no big surprise to most people. The worse of them though are french canadians, since we’re trained from birth to hate the Maple Leafs and love the Habs, while most english canadians usually hate the Habs and love the Maple Leafs (although that hate more turned to pity since 1994 as the Habs went to the gutter). Even being a french canadian, i got picked on as a kid since i owned a Oilers jersey, up until they went on to win a few Cups in a row, which shut them up.

    I’m a hockey fan first, and a Habs fan second only because they’re the local team (i’d still call the Oilers my favorite team though if it wasnt for city loyalty). Even if not being a rabid fan of one team, i still hate the Maple Leafs because that’s how i was raised, and a *majority*, not all of them, have a better-than-thou attitude. One of my better friends still happens to prefer the Leafs and i don’t hold that against him.

  17. DohCanada says:

    Interesting how you mention the Leafs and/or their fans ‘suck’ing no fewer than 11 times in your post. Not once did I infer that the Leafs and/or their fans suck. As a Habs fan, it is my birthright to be diabolically opposed to the Leafs, but everybody has their own opinions, no matter how wrong they are.

    But I understand your self-loathing probably stems from the many years of tyranny under Harold Ballard’s rule. Maybe you should see a shrink about that, or perhaps drugs would help.

    Have a happy Christmas, and good luck in ’04.

  18. simplyhabby says:

    I am a Hab fan living in hockey town and it is the fans that makes the leafs very hated. I do feel for the leafers because they have put a great team on the ice for so many years only to have a large let down.

    I very much agree that the leafs need to go on a losing streak just for the sake of the fans. Montreal and Boston tied 1-1 the other night in an old time hockey affair. One of the more entertaining games to watch this year. What do my friends as leaf fans say about that game? Why couldn’t the habs beat Boston at home. How pathetic.

    Leaf fans feel that there team is unstoppable. Well I hate to break it to you leafers but they can be stopped. Philly, and Jersey are juggernauts and can do a number on the leafs.

  19. mojo19 says:

    habs suck dude, especialy compared to the leafs, they dont have 1 player who is the same calibre as Nolan, or Sundin or Mogilny, Nieuwendyk, or Roberts. (Unless you count Theodore, but Eddie cancels him out.) canadians will miss the playoffs

  20. mattdude says:

    I wonder what habs fans are going to whine about this christmas. hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea. That is why we are first in the NHL and habs won’t even make it to the playoffs. Their toughest player is Jose theodore who has to defend himself when getting boled over, and whats this, they actually have a player on the team that is not french-canadian. every one of those players suck and you guys won’t get anybody good for the players you have now. Your only chance is trading away mathieu garon for somebody who might actually score.

  21. FranckLuvsHabs says:

    You nkow what, it’s not even worth it when we have Leaf fans around…until the Leafs actually win a Stanley Cup (might I remind everyone that it’s been nearly 40 years since it happened for the last time), they can continue on with their “Habs suck” banter. they can finish 1st overall for all I care. They will, however, be killed in the playoffs by either Philadelphia or New Jersey, as usual. Montreal’s 24 Cup banners hang proudly as Leaf fans wonder if they’ll ever see a Cup parada in the streets of Toronto again.

  22. FranckLuvsHabs says:

    Finally an intelligent post. I think Chronic put it in a way that is objective and acceptable to everyone. Hab and Leaf fans love bashing each other, and for sure, when one team is obviously better than the other, it gives fuel for the better team. I agree with Chronic when he says that the rivalry isn’t what it used to be. I grew up watching the Habs-Nordiques rivalry as well as the Habs-Bruins rivalry. The Montreal-Toronto rivalry just doesn’t turn me on.

  23. Tradedude says:

    The Great One speaks from the heart.. dohcanada.. man your the best.. tellin ppl off.. wow u showed them (y)

  24. Tradedude says:

    I don’t think we’re unstoppable.. who said that??? No team can go 82-0 and there’s a weakness in every team. You hab fans are starting to piss me off.. I’m a leaf fan.. I like the habs.. I like the fans.. now that fans are turning against me and saying that the leafs should go on major losing streak for the sake of the fans.. hmmm… sounds reasonable

  25. Tradedude says:

    Give Respect man, there rebuilding.. leafs are loading up to shut their fuckin bashers up

  26. Tradedude says:

    Hab fan dissing leafs.

    I never thought I’d seen the day…

  27. Tradedude says:

    good. My dad is a hab fan. We get along. Sometimes. lol.

  28. habsoverserver says:

    It is pathetic that Souray is second in scoring for the Habs. Apparently Ribiero is the only forward aware that the season has started.

    The Habs would not lose much on the ice right now if a veteran forward was traded.

  29. 24cups says:

    Koivu and Zednik are doing pretty good too. Give Ryder one year or two. Perreault is playing good but I think Julien doesn’t like him making him play on the fourth line (????). Bulis played an awesome game tonight against the Preds, he should play like this everygame. Dagenais shows some positive points too. They have to make room for Begin on the third line when he’ll come back (Dackel?). I think tonight was the first time that Ribeiro played with Koivu on the PP, I liked it!!! We have a decent team but one GOOD change or two and we’re up in the standings (4th or 5th)!!! Go Habs Go

  30. 24cups says:

    1- Habs will probably make it to the playoffs

    2- When Theo is boled over, every players are ready to drop the gloves (finaly)

    3- Theo = toughest ??????????????

    4- We have some pretty good players

    5- We still struggle but wait for Gainey to make one or two minor changes to make the habs one of the most competitive team in the NHL, we’re not far from being it.

    6- don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying leafs suck, they give a good show, it’s nice to have canadian teams on top. But I personaly don’t think they’re the best team in the NHL. Long winning streak even happens to the worst teams.

  31. 24cups says:

    Koivu had more points last season than any of these players. Zednik and Ribeiro are comparable statistically. The only difference is Montreal’s players won’t be too old to play in a couple of years, they’re young and progressing, not old and regressing. I admit it : Leafs are a pretty good team. Long winning streak even happens to the worst teams (shit happens).

  32. tmeyers says:

    Why is it pathetic? A hat trick last night is pretty damn good! By the way he also leads all defensman in goals by 3! He’s tough, He hits, He fights, he’s smart and he scores. If he maintains his play throughout the season, he will win the Norris.

    Sheldon Souray, MON D

    Wade Redden, OTT D

    Rob Blake, COL D

    Dick Tarnstrom, PIT D

    S. Niedermayer, NJ D

    Zdeno Chara, OTT D

    Pavel Kubina, TB

    Souray for CAPTAIN!

  33. tmeyers says:

    hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea! hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea! hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea! hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea!

    Everybody NOW!..

    hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea! hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea! hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea! hmmmmm oooooo leafs suck o yea!

  34. habsoverserver says:

    Souray is awesome. Trading Malakov for Souray and a 2nd round draft pick was great. He is making the rest of the Habs look bad.

    Souray should at least have an A. But he’s not going to win the Norris. If he gets nominated that would be amazing.

  35. habsoverserver says:

    I agree that Ryder, Dagenias and Begin are doing well. I wrote that we would not lose a step if we traded a VETERAN forward. Prior to this season, Perrault, Audette, Juneau, Dackell, Sundstrom and Kilger all could be traded. Now even Koivu and Zed could be traded without it destroying the team. Of all the veterans, the one I think still has the most potential is Bulis.

    BTW you saw that Chouinard got traded for a fifth round pick and the Habs sent him to Phila for a second rounder less than a year ago. Habs got god vlaue

  36. 24cups says:

    You know that Begin is out for 3 months, it sucks cuz he was one of those players that Habs absolutely needs. Sundstrom is staying, he’s the kind of defensive player that every team needs, Juneau and Dackel are the same kind of players but are not doing as good as Sundstrom. It is true that we wouldn’t loose much trading a veteran forward. About the Chouinard thing, what do you mean… …habs players are worthed more when they play in mtl?!?

  37. Tradedude says:

    sundin had 72 points. koivu, 71. Sundin rarely gets hurt, but i respect Koivu. Btw, points aren’t everything. And winning streaks don’t just happen, takes hard work boy.

  38. Tradedude says:

    I liked Souray last year. So ha!!!!

  39. habsoverserver says:

    last year? he sat last year with a bad wrist

  40. 24cups says:

    I always liked Souray since he’s with the habs. Im not really impressed about how he’s playing right now, he’s this kind of player. I never doubted him.

  41. 24cups says:

    You’re right about the hard work cuz the Leafs gives everything they got, they play hard and well. But it takes 2 or 3 losts in a row to kill the momemtum. Look at the Lighting, they had a pretty long good streak but are now struggling. You know what I mean, that’s how we differentiate an excellent team and a decent team. An excellent team always have long winning streaks wiht few loses between them… …there’s no ups and downs, only ups!!!

  42. habsoverserver says:

    I meant, he was traded to tehe flyers for a second round pick but phila could only get a fifith round pick when they traded him so montreal did well in trading him. at the time he was traded by the habs, some people thought that the flyers got a great deal (they were going to use him on a line w/ Gagne with whome he played in the minors) but it turns out that montreal made a good trade.

  43. 24cups says:

    Don’t tell me that Houle was the GM!?!

  44. OldNord says:

    That was last year, Savard was the GM. About Bégin, that sucks to loose, he’s intense and interesting to seeing check the players of the other teams but give Benoît Gratton 2 or 3 games and I think this guy could do the same role.

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