Dear Santa

My mom always told me not to make my list too long or ask for unrealistic gifts, so I’ll try my best, but keep in mind it’s only a wish list! You see, Santa, my Montreal Canadiens need a bit of help, so here goes:

1) A winning streak of longer than one game – I’d be happy with 5 or so to be realistic, but would prefer something closer to 10 (hey, that sounds like something my girlfriend said to me).

2) A nice big Centreman to stand in front of the opposition’s goalie (someone along the lines of Jason Arnott would be nice).

3) A powerplay.

4) A decent penalty killing strategy. I think you might have to look to the bench for this one. If you could replace Charron with Carbo, that’d be sweet!

and finally…

5) I’m a little worried about some of my ‘Leaf-fan’ friends. There heads are getting a bit big – I’m afraid they may explode at any moment. And they’ve had high hopes in the past, but this year most of them have visions of Lord Stanley’s Cup dancing in their heads already. It’s very sad. Let’s face it, it’s going to be a terribly sad day in Leaf Land if they keep this charade up for much longer.

So, please hand the Toronto Maple Leafs a nice, long losing streak to bring them and their fans down to earth (thus minimizing the sorrow come spring) – I’m just thinking of the fans….

If you like, you could start item #1 from above at the same time as #5 this Saturday evening with a nice solid trouncing by the Habs. That would give me a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

There it is, short and sweet (insert girlfriend refernece here if you like) and hopefully at least partially attainable.

Happy Holidays Everybody.