Desperate Thrashers Interested In Dafoe

It’s not what Byron Dafoe had in mind on July 1 when unrestricted free agency beckoned but the Atlanta Thrashers could end up being his salvation.

The Thrashers, last in the NHL standings, may turn to Dafoe if they don’t start to get better goaltending from No. 1 starter Milan Hnilicka.

Hnilicka was on the bench last night when Atlanta played the Toronto Maple Leafs as backup Pasi Nurminen got the start. That’s because Hnilicka is 0-8-0 with a 4.10 goals-against average and a .883 save percentage.

“We went through the whole summer and we believed Milan was our guy,” Thrashers general manager Don Waddell said yesterday.

“But up until recently, we really didn’t think it was the area that we thought we needed to improve on. What it comes down to now is that yes, if we are interested in Byron Dafoe, it comes down to a financial decision because you’re going to spend money that you didn’t plan on spending.”