Devils Acquire Smehlik, Marshall

This is quite funny. I could not log on to the site for the whole day until tonight. So, I was expecting so many submitted articles about the trades and I saw all trade stories submitted except for any of them from the Devils.

Either the Devils fans are actually following orders that the staff will take care of the stories, that the other fans would submit the stories, or no one just cares about anything the Devils do!

Anyway, the Devils acquired defenseman Richard Smehlik from the Atlanta Thrashers and Grant Marshall from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Conditionals and 4th round picks were sent in return.

Smehlik is a great addition to the Devils, fits in perfectly and talk about a d-man who knows what the playoffs are like with a world class goalie. Marshall is a 4th line gritty player, and a much needed one for a Devils team that is small and not tough.

In the end, this defines key playoff trade coming up next for the Devils

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  1. DaMick says:

    These guys are perfect for penalty killing….and considering ther recent rash of injures and the so-so play of tverdosky…

    it made alot of sense…Decent guys…dirt cheap


  2. cwhockey says:

    Actually, Smehlik makes quite a hefty salary, $2.75M. But considering that NJ will only have to pay that salary for a couple months, it is fairly cheap for them.

    Still, good addition by the Devils. He was only a -4 on a defensively challenged team. Can’t skate that well but makes up for it with intelligence.

  3. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    i have a bad feeling the devils will get plaffy or satan tuesday!

  4. Devil666 says:

    I think Tverdovsky is almost definetly going to be traded now. They already had more than enough defenseman and now another? Using him in a trade will still leave them with 7 good defensemen and an 8th in Ray Giroux if he is needed.

    I would love to see the Devils get Chris Drury. He seems like he would fit in better with the Devils than a player like Teemu Selanne or Ziggy Palffy.

    I know Lou will do the unexpected so I don’t even know why I bother trying to figure out what he is going to do next.

  5. jon95616 says:

    The Kings president guaranteed to the fans that Palffy will not be traded…we’ll see how well he keeps his promises…

  6. jon95616 says:

    I have the feeling Selanne will be the guy for them tomorrow…as Palffy is promised to be off the trade block by the Kings president.

    The Devils have to counter moves made by Philadelphia and Toronto…im guessing Selanne is a Devil tomorrow…Though Satan becoming a Devil is possible as well.

  7. cwhockey says:

    I’m guessing by dirt cheap you meant what they gave up. Brain cramped, didn’t think of it until now.

    Actually not bad for Atlanta though. Basically, the sent Rheaume and Smehlik to NJ and got a 4th round pick. Rheaume was picked up on waivers and Smehlik a UFA signing. Only thing they gave up was money for a 4th round pick. Good for a team that needed gap-fillers until some youngsters develop.

  8. Rico71 says:

    I see Selanne coming to the Devils…

    They need some offense and Selanne would be a great acquisition. Maybe Tverdovsky and a draft pick, or one of the younger players would seal the deal.

    They need to counter the Nolan and Amonte trades to their primary rivals in the East. Ottawa has not really gotten a real impact player, but their roster is good enough offensively.

  9. jon95616 says:

    It would be funny if Tverdovsky got traded for Selanne a second time. (Anaheim to Winnipeg, 1st)

    Its possible though.

    They definetly need to counter the Toronto and Philadelphia trades.

  10. TrojanMan says:

    no they dont, not the way they play the game.

  11. jon95616 says:

    Yeah i guess with their defensive play and great goaltending they are still right there with the other elite 3 in the East….but I think they will make a move tomorrow.

  12. rooney says:

    devils better get a goal scorer. all these teams are getting players for nothing kovalov and amonte. amonte was traded for a minor leaguer who is 32. where is lou lamorillo to make a trade like that. how does the league even allow a trade like that. look at pitt. all 4 of those players they recieved in the kovalov trade wouldnt even make the roster of a good team. lou needs to stop spending the money on defense 2.45 million for smelik when we could of had claude lemieux earlier this year. if lou doesnt get a goal scorer then he loses his title as best gm in the nhl

  13. LousKoolAid says:

    No mikster, as much as you want to believe no ones cares about the Devils, we just dont come to this website to get the latest trades. The majority of people on this website only care about the sappy Maple leafs and all of the ‘dream team’ line combinations. Why get worked up about this. The franchise has not won a stanley cup since 1967. Talk about pathetic. This is a franchise that needs to fire cigar-chomping Pat Quinn.

    and… Where is Owen Nolan going to get them? No where!!! The senators or devils will take them out in the second round.

  14. Pock says:

    To Jersey: Satan, Zhitnik

    To Buffalo: Tverdosky, Bergland, Stevenson, and a second rd pick will be todays trade

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