Devils are Cheap

There have been multiple reports that the devils are chasing highly paid and highly touted snipers, checkers, and finesse players. I’m here to put these rumors to sleep. The Star-ledger dedicated a page to the Palffy rumor, and half to the Nolan rumors. These simply aren’t true.

In the past the devils have come up with big trades, like the Morrison-Mogilny trade, the Arnott and McKay-Langenbrunner and Nieuwendyk trade. Many people overlook the fact that these were not expected. The rumors have been Selanne in 1996 and also many years now Robert Lang. These are all from the Star-Ledger, obviously not a reliable source. The devils do what they need to. In the year that Mogilny came to NJ the public speculated that we gave up too much. Morrison, and Pederson. I believe these are true, conditionally. Many teams take years to win a cup, the Devils sacrificed and got it. So it was an excellent trade.

Other historical trades Sykora for Tverdovsky, and also the recent acquisitions of Rheaume, and Kariya, are unexpected. I do not question Lou Lamriello however. No matter what he has done he hasn’t regretted it. The Devils remain one of the top teams in the league, every-year.

My opinion on trades is this, the devils need scoring, not of late, but in general. The devils have the set-up men, Gomez, Brylin, and Bicek, and they have the finishers in Elias, Madden, Nieuwendyk, and Friesen. If you look at every team in the league, they all have a finesse man, this is what the devils could use, another Elias. To this I look to the financially poor teams, and the players that are under rated. The devils don’t overpay, and they don’t make deals with their rich divisional neighbors (NYR, and PHI). The poor teams are these, Atlanta, Buffalo, and Ottawa. The cheap players are these: Satan, Stefan, Bonk, White, and Fisher. If I had to pick one I like Bonk, and Satan and Stefan. So I hope Lou Lamriello shares the same ideas as me.

Finally the devils are a great team for 2 reasons, defense and goaltending

Without Brodeur and Ahonen coming, the devils would be dead

With out our speedy Rafalski, and Niedermeyer, and Matteucci coming up through the minors we’d be gone as well

-hope you liked my first article

Cujoe169, and yes I spelled Cujo wrong