Devils are Cheap

There have been multiple reports that the devils are chasing highly paid and highly touted snipers, checkers, and finesse players. I’m here to put these rumors to sleep. The Star-ledger dedicated a page to the Palffy rumor, and half to the Nolan rumors. These simply aren’t true.

In the past the devils have come up with big trades, like the Morrison-Mogilny trade, the Arnott and McKay-Langenbrunner and Nieuwendyk trade. Many people overlook the fact that these were not expected. The rumors have been Selanne in 1996 and also many years now Robert Lang. These are all from the Star-Ledger, obviously not a reliable source. The devils do what they need to. In the year that Mogilny came to NJ the public speculated that we gave up too much. Morrison, and Pederson. I believe these are true, conditionally. Many teams take years to win a cup, the Devils sacrificed and got it. So it was an excellent trade.

Other historical trades Sykora for Tverdovsky, and also the recent acquisitions of Rheaume, and Kariya, are unexpected. I do not question Lou Lamriello however. No matter what he has done he hasn’t regretted it. The Devils remain one of the top teams in the league, every-year.

My opinion on trades is this, the devils need scoring, not of late, but in general. The devils have the set-up men, Gomez, Brylin, and Bicek, and they have the finishers in Elias, Madden, Nieuwendyk, and Friesen. If you look at every team in the league, they all have a finesse man, this is what the devils could use, another Elias. To this I look to the financially poor teams, and the players that are under rated. The devils don’t overpay, and they don’t make deals with their rich divisional neighbors (NYR, and PHI). The poor teams are these, Atlanta, Buffalo, and Ottawa. The cheap players are these: Satan, Stefan, Bonk, White, and Fisher. If I had to pick one I like Bonk, and Satan and Stefan. So I hope Lou Lamriello shares the same ideas as me.

Finally the devils are a great team for 2 reasons, defense and goaltending

Without Brodeur and Ahonen coming, the devils would be dead

With out our speedy Rafalski, and Niedermeyer, and Matteucci coming up through the minors we’d be gone as well

-hope you liked my first article

Cujoe169, and yes I spelled Cujo wrong

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  1. mikster says:

    Soemone who actually gets it. Forget Iggy, Nolan, or Palffy to the Devs. That’s stupid. The Devils ownership will not allow them to push their payroll over $60M and be one of the highest paid teams.

    I say the Devils will go after Drury, Satan, Huselius, Sanderson.

  2. pop0331 says:

    Wow! Someone’s not actually bashing the Devils here!!! Can hardly believe it. The Devs do not need a huge trade for some sniper, we know how to turn it on when we need to and Marty is always gonna be there! Unless Burns keeps playing the Shite out of him! He’s always played alot of games but I’d have to say this year we’ve barely seen Schawb, you almost forget he’s here! And I have no idea on this but I saw the other night that most of the “playoff” teams in the League have risen their prices if that said team goes to the finals drastically. I hope not at the swamp. I’d like to still walk up to the box office with 3 buddies of mine and get 4 seats in a row the night of the game, just like we did in 95 & 2000. Anyone know if the Devils released any price changes about this? Oh yeah, by the way to all you Ranger Fans out there. The nail is in the coffin and tonite we are gonna piss all over your grave!!! 🙂

  3. cwhockey says:

    You are right. Every single year, there are at least a handful of trades at the deadline that no one expected. The rumor mongers are busy thinking about big names going to big teams. Maybe the GMs themselves give a hint at a trade to the media, knowing they will never go through with it. It would make a good shield for a real trade they have brewing. Who knows? I like talking about who will go where, but I’ve realized I don’t have a clue what will actually happen. Makes it more exciting actually.

    As for who the Devils might go for, you can scratch Stefan off that list. Atlanta has no plans to trade him. Why trade a young player who is just starting to find some game; and doing it because his value is higher than before is verging on insanity. He could be traded but Atlanta’s asking price would be much higher than the Devils would pay. Thrashers don’t have plans to get rid of their youngsters.

  4. Aetherial says:

    Agreed on this article.

    The Devils will make a small deal maybe but no Palffy, nolan, Iginla, Satan stuff.

    They don’t want to give up that much and they don’t want to spend that much.

  5. guinsfan4life says:

    Maybe they’ll go after Straka or Hrdina??

  6. mikster says:

    Straka no, he is too injury prone. Hrdina is not their type of player.

  7. swedishvoice says:

    Ok hears my thougts… and excuse my por spelling, I’m swedish so english is not my native tunge.

    The Devils are not done with the trades, period, Lou still have a triuph card up hes sleave. Allthow I think that all the devils fans (including me) can forget players like Nolan Iginla and Palfy. But i think that there is a fare chans that Satan my land in the Devils if not to the deadline he will land in the off-season (the devils need Satan, not only as a good player but for marketing), i allso think that there is a chans that we might see Husse (Huselius) or Marcus Nilsson, Magnus Arvedsson (a replacer for Brylin in hes injury) or maybe even Bonk.

    But i still say… Lou is not done just yet…

  8. mikster says:

    No one bashes the Devils!!! It’s always Rangers and Leafs bashing here.

    Devils win tonight, hands down.

  9. swedishvoice says:

    Straka has a 9milion $ salery… I say NO WAY….

  10. aaron says:

    I can see Sanderson going to the Devils. He seems like the type of player they could use.

  11. devilfan says:

    There ya go. We should never see another rumor involving the Devils anymore.

    As fan it is nice to see that these stars are coming, but I know that we will probably never get anyone.

    When a rumor is made you can almost gurantee it 100% that it will not happen. Look for Lou to get someone out of Phoenix or Edmonton. Maybe a Amonte or a Carter, someone that isnt too exspensive but has not been playing well for their teams.

    Everyone thought Mike Danton would be traded by the New Year and here comes the deadline on March 11, and Danton is sitting at home.

    That was very well written, I dont particularly want anyone you mentioned except Satan, but Buffalo is not going to trade their best player.

  12. mikster says:


    Lou is a skit huvud!!!

    Thats all i know on svenska, but i do have some Swedish blood.

    Don’t worry about your spelling, i understood enough, and i agree with you. I say the Devs should get Huselius. Head Coach Keenan is too stupid to not understand Husse’s game.

  13. MantaRay says:

    There is a reason these high priced players are on the market: their teams can’t afford them.

    The Devils are in the playoffs every year because our management is smart and fiscally responsible.

    They sign people their actual worth based on performance. We don’t get pushed around by agents and actually have an accountable GM.

    Lou Lamoriello is the best GM in the game today and has the track record to prove it.

    If we get Palffy, Selanne, etc. you can bet that their former teams will pay half thier salary, much like Mogilny when Vancouver paid him to play in NJ.

  14. guinsfan4life says:

    nine mil for the next two years.

  15. Aetherial says:

    NJ doesn’t have the kind of talent in their system to give back that would motivate a team to pick up part of the Palffy Selanne etc. salaries!

    Other teams (Philly, Toronto, NY, Colorado, Detroit, Dallas , St. Louis, Vancouver etc.) will pay the salary if the deal is right.

    This eliminates NJ IMHO as they are a fiscally responsible organization.

  16. Leaf_Expert says:

    Devils are cheap.. But I expect them to make a run a Gratton or Sanderson… But leaning more on Sanderson… I’ll keep a close eye on his status…

  17. JCaramagna says:

    Yes, the Devils are cheap. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t take on any salary to win now. After all, Joe Nieuwendyk will be an unrestricted free agent (we know Lamoriello doesn’t keep those guys around after the summer), and he’d only be responsible for 1/8th of this year’s salary for whoever he trades for. Remember, we thought Mogilny was too high-priced at $5M+, but Lou traded for him. So I wouldn’t be shocked if Lou made a trade for a big name.

    However, do NOT expect NJ to go after a big-time finesse player. It doesn’t make sense. NJ is full of finesse players: Elias, Brylin, Gomez, Gionta, Bicek, etc. What NJ needs is a legitimatepower forward who is a scoring threat. The Devs have 3 forwards of substantial size: Mike Rupp, a rookie, Turner Stevenson, hardly a goal-scoring threat, and fighting Jim McKenzie. While many scoff at the notion of Owen Nolan, he seems the perfect fit, and he makes nearly what Mogilny made when NJ traded for the Russian. His physical play and leadership up front would be a perfect compliment to NJ”s perimeter players on the power play who often lack the size and skill combination to get tip-ins and deflection garbage goals.

    And how will NJ handle the salary demands of a veteran scoring forward? Oleg Tverdovsky is the answer. Oleg Tverdovsky is NJ’s THIRD-BEST puck-rushing defenseman, behind both Rafalski and Niedermayer. His $3.5M is a lot to pay for a guy who plays about half as many minutes a she could on another team. Tverdovsky was injured for a long stretch during the season and the Devils didn’t have a problem winning without him. If they package Tverdovsky with estranged center Mike Danton and one of their finesse forwards (perhaps Gionta or Bicek) they will be a much better team without spending much more in payroll. San Jose could use a defenseman like Tverdovsky to be the puck-carrying defenseman they’ve lacked since Suter retired (Jillson didn’t work out).

  18. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    The Devils have shown they’re willing to trade for players they can use in a rental basis. I can see them making a trade for a semi-big name and only using him for this year. (Most of the salary would have been paid by now)

  19. Rushing says:

    BTW…….Dallas has already said that the “FIRST” round of the playoffs tickets will remain the exact same price as they are now. They will NOT be raised.

  20. ottin6 says:

    Who ever said that Fisher or White were even on the block? It would be assinine for Ottawa to trade either of them…

  21. amok says:

    I’d guess Danton is sitting at home because no one wants a third or fourth line malcontent.

    I hope Danton likes NHL 2003 because that’s as close to playing in an NHL game as that guy should get.

  22. amok says:

    I’d be cheap too if I had that empty a building and one of the top teams in the league playing in it.

    Lou should trade Steve Kariya to any organization that can send him a couple hundred people to attend the games.

  23. amok says:

    That’s cool that the Stars are doing that. I’m not sure how much the prices get jacked up in Vancouver for the playoffs, but I know last year I paid an arm and a firstborn child for tickets to all three games against the Wings.

  24. DaMick says:

    Decent article

    Huselius is the guy i can see in a Devils uniform soon……and disliked by youknowwho.


  25. swedishvoice says:

    I think Danton could be of some use to some teams, maybe not as a regular but as an extra aggressor. Maybe he would be a good addition in Culumbus, the Sens, the Cans or the Sabers.

  26. Aetherial says:

    Too inexperienced; I am not thinking this is what New Jersey wants exactly.

  27. Pock says:

    Scoring is a concern, but not as much a concern as everyone is making it out to be here. Jersey has the elements to score goals, they outplay most opponents, and a lesser marketted player is needed. I think the devils have a bigger ploblem then that in there physical play. Philly is a big team, Toronto is a very physical team, and the Isles will try to ground you down during a playoff series. The addiction of Rheaume is a stroke of genious, a bit of size, and much needed physical play. Combine that w/ the Rupp, and things look better, but one more of these kinds of players would go a long way in a grind out series w/ one of the above mentioned teams. Maybe a Brad May type player suits the bill. Theres four players away from the physical side that i’d like to see wear a devils uniform: Drury, Rob Nierdermeyer, Sanderson, and Andrew Cassels. Interesting that you put Madden as a goal scorer, he has unbelievable work ethic, a speedy player, and suits the devils style of play perfectly w/ his positional play, but i wouldn’t call him a goal scorer though. Outstanding article, well written and informative, great job there mik. Looking forward to the return of Brylin.

    Go Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. aafiv says:

    I can’t stand the Devils but I must say Lamoriello always makes the right move for his team and manages to keep them competitive without spending a ton of money. The Devils are doing very well so I don’t see a big trade – as many have also speculated – because they don’t need one.

    The Devils should be concentrating on tightening up for the playoffs, not contemplating a change in chemistry. I think Lamoriello’s behavior at the deadline will bear this out.

  29. swedishvoice says:

    How is this for a trade idea (that will make thh sweds love the devs)?

    To FLA:

    Oleg Teverdovski

    Brian Gionta (or Berglund or Biek)

    To NJ

    Kristian Huselius (young talant just 24yrs old)

    Marcus Nilsson (size, cheking and just 24yrs old)

    Maybe not playoff gritt but look at the future.

  30. Pock says:

    I’d take that trade, doubt if Fl. would though, i’d like to see Gionta stay put, he doesnt have much size, but he can definately put the puck in the net, just needs a bit of time. Not to mention, although the devs went out in the first round, his play was consistant. Tev and Bicak would be my choice, but again if you want something you have to give something.

  31. devfanman4 says:

    I totally agree. The Devils parted with Mogilny after he brought us the cup. They are cheap and all these rumors about Iginla, Palffy, etc will not happen. Unless they are rental players for this post-season. I just hope Lou doesn’t trade away Gomez, I think he’s a great set up guy and could use another Mogilny type player. Elias hasn’t cut it for him yet.

  32. devfanman4 says:

    don’t Devils prices usually go up or am I insane?

  33. MantaRay says:

    The way teams are dumping high salaried players (Bure, Kovalev, Mironov, Jagr, et al) it really doesn’t matter what they get in return as long as the team making the deal can gain back some money.

    If the Devils gave up 4 or 5 players with salaries totaling 2.5 million for a $7.5 million player with the former team paying 3.0 million, the team still saves $1.5 million dollars. Its viable.

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