Devils Bring in Dunham and LaCouture

The NY Post is confirming that the Devils training camp will consist of backup goaltending competition between Mike Dunham and Scott Clemenson..

It is also believed that they have either invited or signed former Ranger tough guy Dan LaCouture.

As soon as Lou waives his magic wand and sheds his cap figure he will likely sign his tryout players.

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  1. NjDEVSFN says:

    it is true that LL is signing players to TRYOUT contracts and not year(ly) ones.

    one reason the NHL is allowing him to do it is cause he aint paying anyone!

    probably at $50+M if he was, lol

  2. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Whatever…………The NJ Devils are going no-where anyways. Their one bright spot is Martin Brodeur, but as he proved last season, he alone can not carry this team. These are not the Devils of recent years.

  3. CaptainInsano says:

    I bet you Lou will try to bring in Gionta on a tryout basis.


    “But Lou, I scored 48 goals and 89 points last year.”


    “Just go skate 50 laps of the rink with the rookies and these hobos we are giving tryouts to, you midget.”

    (Gionta does the laps in world-record time)


    “I did the laps, sir.”


    “Excellent. Here is a 5 million-dollar, one-way contract. Report to Albany immediately, you dwarf.”

    Lou laughs hysterically, then chugs a bottle of Jack Daniels.


  4. passionch says:

    Yeah, that’d be nice! XD

  5. avsrule24 says:

    When are the devils going to take care of their cap issue?

  6. PensinWpg says:

    It will have to be before Oct 4th, all teams have to submit their rosters and payrolls to the league office prior to opening day (I state the obvious of course). Not certain what exact date this is though. By the end of training camp???

    I am very interested on how this is going to be pulled off with the greatest success. Still cannot believe Gionta, Hale and Martin don’t have contracts, a lot to ask of quality players like that.

    Currently 19 players signed, which is below the minimum as well if I remember correctly. They need a backup in Clemmensen or Dunham. So it appears they need to add 4 players and unload a lot of salary. Crazy stuff.

  7. Doctor says:

    It seems as if the Devils are taking in the Ranger’s trash.

  8. tancred says:

    I think its amazing how people are writing off teams before even one game is played. And I’m not saying this just because I’m a Devils fan. Its far too early to be writing off any team, imo.

  9. Kamakaze says:

    What are you talking about?

    They spent half the year without the best skater, scoring forward and leader, had their head coach leave the team a third into the season, dealt with the loss of depth from the horrible play of Mogilny and some defensemen, only one year after loosing Scott Stevens, and one summer after loosing Scott Neidermayer, arguably two of the best defensemen in the NHL…

    Only to win their Division, make it to the Conference Semi’s, and lose to none other than the Stanley Cup Champions…

    Granted they don’t have the depth they might have once had when they brought in Madden, Gomez, Rafalski and White all as FA or Rookies… but they have a fast, skilled team that plays well defensively, they have a great goaltender, and have some good players coming along in Parise, Martin, Hale, Zajac, Tallackson, Bergfors, Corrente…

    I’ll say they have to do something DRASTIC to pull themselves out o the rut they are in due to cap constraints, but “going no-where”???

    Come on, at least the Devils didn’t have half their players leave, some for other countries, just because we couldn’t win the Cup…

  10. kamullia says:

    As per my article, you have to be within the cap (and PBC) the day after training camp ends.

    Something to keep in mind is that unexpired qualifying offers count against the cap. And I have yet to see any of the sites attempting to keep track of the individual team caps keep track of any of these. If you qualified a player, but do not sign him (he refuses, holds out, etc), he still counts against the cap by the amount you qualified him. Granted, usually these amounts are much lower for players that hold out, but it still affects what the team can do.

    Anyone know what the UNEXPIRED qualifying offers for New Jersey are?

  11. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Wow, you’re a little bit defensive, aren’t you???

    As far as my Devil’s comments…..I’m serious, I don’t think the Devils will be very good this year. They should still make the playoffs, but are just a mediocre team this season (IMO). Martin Brodeur is great, and they have a lot of good young talent, but I just don’t see them making a splash this year. They are no where near to being a bad team, and have a bright future. But I just don’t see them going very far this year.

    And as far as your reference to my Oilers losing the cup and players leaving……….I say, OUCH!!!! That hurt…………But seriously, I’m proud to say that my Oilers are the WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS, making it farther than the majority of fans would have dream’t (although I did call it). And as far as the players we’ve lost, it sucked at first, but getting Lupul and Sykora into the fold, and having guys like Schremp, Pouliot, etc coming up from the minors, I’m more than happy with my team, and feel we’ll have a great chance at winning the cup this year.


  12. JannettyTheRocker says:

    You’re right. It’s too early to write off any team, and maybe I’m wrong and the Devils will win the cup…………But with their current team, I just don’t see them contending………….It’s not that I dislike the Devils, it’s that I just think they aren’t great this year.

    Good Luck with your team, hopefully things work out.


  13. Kamakaze says:

    Why would they be WORSE this year?

    They SHOULD have a very similar roster to last season, with younger players gaining some experience.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, EVERY year it’s the same thing, people say the same lines… and every year the Devils make the playoffs.

    I still just don’t get why they are “going nowhere” or are a “mediocre team”.

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