Devils Come to Terms with Hale. Madden or Brylin Could be Odd Man Out.

The NY Post reports the Devils have an agreement in tact to retain David Hale. They have come to terms but has not actually signed yet due to cap restricitons.

Post also suggests Madden or Brylin could be a cap victim.

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  1. Flyers4Ever says:

    Anyone else getting as annoyed with the Devil’s cap situation as with all the Malkin stories? I mean jeeze what are the devil’s expecting to do??? They can’t just keep signing people. They are gonna need to end up trading Brouder for back-up goalies and a forward just to be at the cap level.

  2. neilios says:

    Send Brylin,Madden,and Martin to the Canucks for Kesler,Chouinard,and Rory or Trambley that would save a little $ for the Devils like a mill and a bit,and plus that would put Kesler and Parise back together just like in there junior days.

  3. kamullia says:

    The CBA mandates that they be under the cap by the day after the end of training camp. Whatever that date is for New Jersey, it has to be very very soon since they start the pre-season on the 17th.

  4. tacitus says:

    Well if NJ has to let go of players wont every GM be trying to rip them off since every GM will know NJ’s situation??

  5. kamullia says:

    In theory, yes. And they will certainly try, up to a point. But you also have to understand that the GM’s will be competing with each other to be the one who rips the Devils off, and the competition will benefit the Devils.

    Not every team can just take on some of the players Lamoriello might be trying to move, especially in a package, but the competition should be plenty enough to ensure a healthy bidding.

  6. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    you have to think something has to happen soon. If on the 16th trades have to be made I would think all the other teams would know that and the values of New Jersey players would be bat an all time low. But then again I have to think the Devils know more than me.

  7. kamullia says:

    You can be sure that the return value going back to NJ will not be as high as it would be under normal cir*****stances. You can probably even safely assume that Lamoriello and the Devils will offer to eat some of the salary also.

    But in the end, it’s a matter of demand. If there are enough teams in the hunt for the same package or a specific player, this will minimize the blow in NJ by elevating the trade value. But it will still not be open market value.

  8. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    I don’t know though. I mean lets look at the West.

    Edmonton and Calgary are about as high as the owners will let them go.

    Vancouver has little cap space

    Colorado has little space

    Dallas has little space

    Columbus may as well sign Zherdev

    Phoenix is opperating at a huge loss already

    Now that leave 8 teams in the west, but not 8 tradeing partners since some of those teams are rebuilding Saint Lewis and others. Some others may be at the top of their buget. So now you have a limited number of teams. Plus they need to both have what the Devils want and what the other team needs. Now if one of these teams picks up a devil or two don’t call me wrong since any of the 29 teams may make a trade. All im saying is alot of teams need a pretty good return to make a trade

    I would put my money on Anahiem the SanJose.

  9. kamullia says:

    Keep in mind that demand, does not have to be driven by many bidders. It only takes two really interested bidders to continually keep trying to outbid each other.

    Regardless, return value to NJ will be low. I bet that Gionta’s agent is been going insane from GM’s asking what is his price and feelings about whatever team in order to decide if to bid for him or not.

    I would love to intercept Lamoriello’s cell calls right about now. Just to hear the deals he is offering and listening to. I bet he is so much on the phone with agents, GMs, and scouts that he is even talking while in the john. If he has some kind of limit in his cell minutes, his expense account just took a huge hit.

  10. 2006 says:

    take a look at the canucks cap level

  11. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    If there was two teams really interested i suspect a deal whould have been don’t from fear that one of the two teams backs off or makes a different deal. Maybe since there has to be 2 3 or even 4 players moved the Devils want to make sure all teams can put in offerers for what ever players and decide from there. It might be one big trade or up to 6 or 7 teams getting in on this one.

  12. neilios says:

    I dont think my trade idea was a rip off for the Devils Kesler is $ and a younger version Modano with a little more grit,so I would say the Canucks are getting jipped in that trade.I think the Devils would have to throw in a 1st rounder if anything.

  13. kamullia says:

    Agreed, and in fact I have been saying this was probably going to be the case for months now. I think all of the deals will involve as a minimum 2 and 3 player packages.

    I have been theorizing for a while that perhaps it is not the original deal that Lamoriello will have a hard time pulling, but a secondary deal with the players he is getting in return that he does not necesarily want. As in, trying to flip some of his return players for other players or even, ideally, picks. Two well known fantasy gurus could not disagree with me more and cited to me “sources” telling them otherwise (one even mentioned I had lost my marbles)…but I kept on saying that all the signs were primed for something of the kind.

    At least the fact that you came to the same conclussions I did, vindicates that I must not be the only one having lost his marbles.

  14. Cards85 says:

    I don’t think under this CBA that teams can eat part of the contract in a trade.

  15. kamullia says:

    I did an entire search for “trade” and for “transfer” in the CBA. There is nothing in the CBA that I found that precludes teams from sharing payments of a player contract. In fact, there is measures for such things as re-entry waivers were both clubs share payments and cap hit for such a pickup.

    There is also precedent in Jagr and other players whose salary and cap hit are both shared by different clubs (Ranger and Caps in Jagr’s case).

    Unless someone can show me in the actual CBA where it says you cannot, I will assume you can share salary and cap hit on a player.

  16. DoubleDown says:

    gee, nicely balanced trade. chouinard sucks, rory fitzpatrick sucks. nobody wants ryan kesler. hes going to be a 3rd liner who will max out at 20 goals maybe.

    lous just dying to make the canucks better

  17. DoubleDown says:

    look, if kesler was like a young modano, you would not throw his name into a trade rumor…

  18. Kamakaze says:

    I don’t think this is the problem…

    If I were Lou, I’d GIVE Mogilny and McGillis away along with Lukawich, but I think the problem is finding someone who is interested…

    I have a feeling other teams are holding out till the very last minute to make Lou and the Devils as desperate as possible as to “rip them off”… Fine by me, so long as the deal gets done.

  19. kamullia says:

    I just want to add, the timing will be longer than I thought. Apparently for CBA purposes, pre-season is considered part of training camp.

    Regardless, the timing for New Jersey to fix this issue will be soon.

  20. NjDEVSFN says:

    Flyers, why don’t you just stay annoyed at Gagne and let the Devils do their thing

    they are not signing players (as of yet) to 1/multi year contracts, most of them are TRYOUT contracts

    none of their recent signings (Lachance, Dowd, Lacotoure – if they did indeed sign him) count against the cap right now

    the Devils NEED to make a move so there are tons of RUMORS about them and it is just fitting that they be posted on

  21. Aetherial says:

    You know, I agree. There is a *reason* the Devils are in a lot of rumors.

    It is very much like people complaining about Leaf rumors and “everyone to the Leafs”. The fact is (more before the new CBA). There was a reason the Leafs werein all the rumors… They needed help, and they were willing to spend the money and trade youth to get it.

    People really need to learn not to complain about the *reality* of a situation. The reality is that the Devils situation is the most interesting in the league right now, because of the cap implications that they face, and their behavior, which has been different from every other franchise so far.

    My worry for them is that Lou is a little to confident in his own “brilliance” and he has made some mistakes that are going to hurt, more than he thinks.

    I did read somewhere that they are asking for Malakhov’s and someone else’s salary to not count this year?

  22. Iceman23 says:

    Ok people, listen. This is probably most likely what’s gonna happen and is happening right now. The Devils had two players last year that disrrupted the team and caused imbalance for most of the year, until those players were bumped off the team. Those two were Malakhov and Mogilny. Lou has to find some guys to replace them and anyone who is wanting to move, maybe Lukowich and/or Mcgillis. So right now he’s looking for guys who can fill the shoes so to speak.

    I can almost bet that by the time the season starts, the team will look just like it did last year, except we won’t have Mogilny and Malakhov or maybe either the other two. Lou dealt with a very big problem last year in a team that really had no clue what was going on and it hurt them for 40 games. This year he’s pushing everything and doing everything he can to make sure by the beginning of the season, we have clear heads and no problems hanging over the club.

    And I highly doubt that Madden or Brylin are going anywhere, as well as Gionta. Madden and Bryling are 2 of only a couple of guys that have been on the team for every Stanley Cup and to get rid of them would be retarded. Same with Gionta, who was the leading scorer last year. We fit everyone on the team last year and were fine. I don’t see anyone being overly greedy so much that they can’t fit on the roster, but just a worry of getting the right players in the best balance by opening day. A brilliant coach once said “I’m not looking for the best players, I’m looking for the right ones.” Always the Devils phlosophy. That is what I see right now.

  23. NjDEVSFN says:

    Madden was not on the ’95 team but he is as integral as Brylin

    we do need to move some salary but that is if there is no chance of ridding of Malakhov or Mogilny which no one is 100% sure of yet

    injury in training camp…unable to play due to injury BEFORE training camp

    Mogilny’s hip problem stemmed from his days in Toronto, not New Jersey

    difficult but possible that one or both salaries are gone and all this just blows past

    EVERYTHING will be solved later this month, that we know

  24. Iceman23 says:

    This is always true of the Devils. Even when Lou looks like he’s lost his mind, you eventually come out saying “Ohh, now I see.” And no one is perfect, so mistakes have been made, but usually they get corrected pretty fast too.

    I thought Madden was the in 95. My bad. He’s still probably the best defensive forward we have, next to a very underrated Pandolfo. I think getting rid of Madden would be a huge blow to our team and Lou knows that, so I don’t see that happening, pretty much ever. I think he’ll retire a Devil, as will Brodeur and Elias by the looks of their recent contracts.

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