Devils: GM Lou Lamoriello weighs trades

If the Devils are to avoid missing the playoffs for a second straight season, they will have to find a way to score more goals. That much is certain.

What is not so clear is where they’ll get those goals. The NHL trade deadline is March 5, if general manager Lou Lamoriello can swing a deal for a goal-scorer.

“If we can get goal-scoring, great,” Lamoriello told The Star-Ledger. “If we can get better in another area, great. But we certainly can’t manufacture a transaction.”

The GM said he will continue to explore a deals that could improve the team.

“I think you can always use more finish,” Zajac said. “When you look at our goals-for, it’s not great. If you can add someone who is going to score goals, it will always help you. But if you don’t, other guys have to try to find ways to score goals.”

The Devils rank 25th overall in goals-per-game, averaging just 2.29. Only the Islanders, Panthers, Flames, Oilers and Sabres average less.

“I think we’re capable of scoring more goals,” Zajac suggested. “It’s got to come from the guys in here. We have to find some confidence. Confidence that we’re going to finish. We get a lot of chances but we just don’t have that knack for scoring sometimes.