Devils look to the Hurricane

The New Jersey Devils are rumored to be talking to the Carolina Hurricanes for the next big trade. Rod Brind’amour is the player the Devils have their eye on right now. Carolina is looking to move Brind’amour because of the fact that he has 2 years left on his contract that would see him be payed 5 million dollars in each of the next 2 seasons with an option for a third year at 4 million.

Meanwhile the Devils would like to trade forward Jeff Friesen to the Hurricanes for Brind’amour. Friesen will become a restricted free agent this summer and could keep his 3 million dollar salary by accepting a qualifying offer. Friesen has 22 points in 49 games this season for the Devils while Brind’amour has just 16 points in just as many games for the Hurricanes.

Besides Carolina, Brind’amour has also played for the Flyers and Blues. Friesen has played for Sharks and the Mighty Ducks before he was traded to New Jersey.

Peter Bondra is also popping up in rumors to New Jersey as well as Ottawa. The Capitals are asking for a young prospect preferably a defencemen and a draft pick.Ottawa has already offered the Capitals combinations of players such as Petr Schastlivy, Antoine Vermette and Shane Hnidy as well as draft pick.

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  1. Donovan says:

    I thought Frisien was a center. Brind’Amour will be a great fit in Jersey. I actually think this may go down.

  2. Captain_Crunch17 says:

    Hey Everyone! First time post! Hope to contribute to an already great site.

    The last I heard about this was that talks kind of stalled. There was something about New Jersey not really wanting to give up Friesen straight up for Roddy.

    Has anyone heard how long Stevens might be out and could they maybe be looking for a d-man to replace him while he’s out?

  3. jacosta says:

    I don’t understand this deal at all. Friesen in the playoffs last year was money. He was the go to guy fo rbig time goals. Brindamour has been sidelined recently with a groin problem. We all know that those are extremely unpredictable.

    Friesen is offense. Brindamour will help to clog up the defensive zone some more with his sound 2 way game.

    I would love to see this go down because that means they won’t take a player that I would want my team to have. Especially off Carolina.


  4. dkball7 says:

    This won’t happen. If anything it will be something like:

    To Car:

    Jeff Friesen

    3rd round pick

    To NJ:

    Jeff O’neill

    Then we would go out and sign Berezin and win the cup again 🙂

  5. dkball7 says:

    Sean Brown has looked great so far… mabie sign Yuskie?

  6. Lint07 says:

    That would be a STUPID move by the Devils.

    Sending a playoff performer like Friesen for an aging veteran with a 4M$ price tag like Rod Brind’Amour…

    It just doesen’t look right to me. Of course Brind’Amour is extremely good at faceoffs, one of the top-5 in the league for that matter and of course every team can use a good faceoff taker come playoff time but giving up Jeff Friesen is just too much.

    Why don’t they just turn around and acquire the best in the league at taking faceoffs?? Yanic Perreault is rotting on the 4th line in Montreal and doesen’t have the ice time he’d need to express his talents. The guy is a veteran, he is a 25-goal scorer and yet accepts to be demoted to the 4th line for the best interest of the team. That’s the kind of player every teams need come playoff time. The Devils could make him play just about everywhere and use him for important faceoffs when needed. Pat Burns knows him well too so IMO he could be a perfect fit for New Jersey.

    I say that a 2nd pick (considering it’d almost be a 3rd pick because of the rank NJ will finish) could be enough to get Perreault from us. Then they could afford to keep Friesen while having their centermen they needed.

    What do you think about it Manta? Would you do it?

  7. Lint07 says:

    Welcome aboard! I Look forward to see your posts.

  8. cgolding says:

    brindy would prolly show up big against the flyers… still a bitter man…

    nevermind the bullox,


  9. Captain_Crunch17 says:

    I read a possible trade rumor between the Flames and Devils.

    The deal would see Scott Gomez go to Calgary for Craig Conroy and Chuck Kobasew. Now, this rumor was posted byt the New York Post and we all know the reputation of Larry Brooks.

    I think this trade could work out for both teams. Gomez has been in the dog house for a while. I think he has great offensive skills but hasn’t been able to showcase them in New Jersey.

    Meanwhile, New Jersey would get a skilled center in Conroy, who has scored 75 pts and 59 pts the last couple years. Also they get a young developing Kobasew who has showed flashes of great play.

  10. jerzjayme says:

    in my biased view i dont see either of these happening (for the devils, i see ottowa getting bondra).

    i like the yannic idea though


  11. DevilInside says:

    I don’t think anyone (including Stevens) knows how long he’ll be out…hopefully he’ll be back before the playoffs…I don’t think they’ll be looking to sign anyone else, since Brown has looked good in NJ lately (better than he has for the River Rats), and Hale and Martin keep getting better. I think signing someone new would just add to the number of new people not used to playing together, which may be a big part of why losing Stevens hurts so bad in the first place.

  12. swedishvoice says:

    Ither Lou will sit and do nothing but som scrap trades like last year… or.

    He will pull a series of big timers, smthing like this.

    Send Jeff Friesen to the Cans with a late pic for Jeff O’neal. Or acuier Jeff O’neal for Grant Marchall and som prospects and pics.

    If Jeff Friesen gets traded Lou will signe Berezin to a short team deal to make up for the loss of firepower on the left side.

    Then he will bye out an old time center, Perreault or Zhamnov… For pics or Bicek

    The lines will then be somethin like this.

    Elias, Gomez, O’Neal

    Pandolfo, Madden, Gionta

    Friesen/Berezin, Zhamnov/Perreault, Langenbrunner

    Rupp/Berglund, Brylin, Stevnson

    Larionov and Rasmusson as extras

    He don’t need to pic up on D for the boys he have is greate.

    Scotty/ Rafalski

    Nieds/ Whity

    Martin/ Brown

    Albelin, Hale is extra and we sill have Giroux in the rats.

    Now how about that?

  13. MantaRay says:

    The Devils may be in talks with Carolina but it is not going to be for Friesen…or Gomez, or Elias, etc.

    Lou Lamoriello doesn’t make deals…he makes steals.

    Brind’amor would probably be a nice fit, we need his face-off skills and he is probably one of the better defensive center out there,


    He is too injury prone the last few years and his contract is too big. His play has deteriorated and we aren’t going to give up more than a later round pick. Or a package with ONeil for Berglund/Bicek and maybe a pick.

    The Canes want Hale or Martin, which I don’t think Lou is going to give up with Stevens probably playing in his last season.

    Bondra doesn’t fit in NJ. I would love him to come, especially with Washington seemingly giving him away. But I have doubts if Lou would go for him.

    Lou is an alchemist, he NEVER makes the trades that people talk about. Lamoriello trades usually knock your socks of because it comes out of nowhere.

    Don’t pay attention to any Devil trade rumors since they never happen. Just wait and then watch your socks.

  14. Lint07 says:

    Like I stated above, Yanic Perreault is the cheap answer for a great faceoff veteran…

    a 2nd pick might be just enough to grab him from us.

  15. Captainspoon says:

    exactly, Brindamour is basically worthless, besides faceoffs(which we do need), but not enough to give up Friesen. I think he should have went for gonchar before he got hurt.

  16. MurphyTheWonderDog says:


  17. dkball7 says:

    Yea bitter about his wife…

  18. jerzjayme says:

    what the fuck is so funny?

  19. NJDKev47 says:

    I’m a big Devils fan and the Devils NEVER make a move that is a rumor. They always do something that no one talks about or expects.

  20. RolandNJD says:

    Not gonna happen. The Devils need offensive help. Brind’Amour is defense, plus he is injured right now… and too much money for Lou to spend money on.

    – Roland

  21. RolandNJD says:

    Yikes I’m an idiot! I meant too much money for Lou to buy a player for.

    Yes, that’s what I meant. = : )

    – Roland

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