Devils may finally deal Danton; and Tverdovsky?

According to TFP the NY Post said that New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello should end his two-month punishment of Mike Danton and give his banishment a destination by the end of All-Star weekend. Danton, however, doubts it. “I’m not holding my breath when it comes to Lou ever trading me,” Danton said yesterday through agent Dave Frost. “He has absolutely no intention of letting me play in the NHL again. He has no problem going against his word… “I will not be traded.” There have been continued talks with San Jose and Florida, while Atlanta and Calgary are in the mix.

As for Oleg Tverdosvky, sources suggest Lamoriello may have been using him as trade bait before the defenseman received an independent second opinion of a likely November concussion. Two possible destinations for Tverdovsky may have been Colorado and Detroit. It will be tough to trade Tverdovsky now until he plays regularly again, says the Post.

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