Devils target Iginla, Drury…and more

According to Tom Gulitti of the Bergen Record Lou Lamerillo is one of the many GM’s inquiring about Flames power forward Jarome Iginla. The article states that the Flames want D Colin White who is a punishing top 4 dman F Jamie Langenbrunner who played for Button when he was director of player personale in Dallas, and highly touted Goalie Prospect Ari Ahonen. In my opinion this asking price is ridiculously high for a player who is good, but not great, if the Flames want they can have a couple defensive prospects plus NHL ready players like Berglund, Bicek, Guolla, Gionta, Rupp which I do not believe they will accept for their “franchise player”

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Larry Brooks, NYPost:

February 16, 2003 — BUFFALO – He may not be the biggest name among those who are being shopped, but make no mistake about it, Chris Drury is the prize commodity on the market. And Slap Shots has been told that the Devils are prepared to go to the ends of the earth – meaning, of course, Calgary – in order to get him.
Overtly mismanaged, the Flames have made it clear they’re willing to deal Drury, now earning an eminently reasonable $2.5 million, because they don’t want to risk a salary arbitration hearing this summer. Oh, there’s also the little matter of the 26- year-old Trumbull native being miserable in Alberta after beginning his career in glorious Colorado with an organization that knows what it’s doing.

As well as the Devils have played, as strong as they seem, they need another scorer; need one badly. Need more size, too – if the impact of Bobby Holik’s departure hasn’t been felt during the season, it will once the tournament commences – but that’s not part of Drury’s equation. But as far as scoring, as far as scoring big goals in pressure situations, as far as scoring big goals in pressure situations while playing responsible hockey away from the puck, that defines the versatile forward whom the Devils could not contain during the 2001 Finals when they abdicated the crown.

The Flames would likely want Scott Gomez as part of the return for Drury, who will be sought by everyone whose anyone in the league, including, you should know, the Avalanche. Lou Lamoriello might even go for it. But if not, the Devils could counter with Brian Gionta and very highly regarded young goaltender Ari Ahonen – the Flames can’t go forward with Roman Turek – in lieu of surrendering Gomez.

Drury is everything and has everything the Devils covet in a player. His salary arbitration award probably won’t reach $3.5M. He’s a gamer, a winner; a character guy. The Devils want him and the Devils need him. And they’re going to do everything they can to get him.


So let’s see. Jarome Iginla was coming off a contract under which he earned $1.7 million, and had no leverage other than staying home as a Group II free agent. The Flames could have offered him a fair-value $3.5-4M per. That’s how a well-run operation would have done it. Instead, because Craig Button feared for his job and didn’t want Iginla holding out, the Flames gave the Hart bridesmaid a two-year, $13M deal under which he’s due $7.5M next year. Now they and the small-market hawks are blaming the league’s economic conditions for their inability to afford keeping him. Oh, please.

The Rangers could get Iginla in a flash by offering Dan Blackburn and taking Turek – $4M next year – off Button’s hands, thus saving Calgary about $10M next season. But don’t hold your breath. But if Calgary wanted to include Drury in the package – let’s say, Drury, Iginla and Turek for Blackburn, Jamie Lundmark and Radek Dvorak – well, what would Glen Sather do then?


Boy, the Islanders come off as awfully smug for a team that’s all of three games over .500 and an organization that hasn’t won a playoff round since 1993, don’t they? Where’s the bump from last year? And what’s with the constant obsession with the Rangers? Yes, they’re ahead of the Blueshirts. So are about 19 other teams. Big whoop.

And while we’re on the subject, they might not want to draw too much attention to any Ranger contract as long as they have Mr. Alexei Yashin under their employ. Which will only be for another eight years, that’s all.

And what’s with the position they’re floating through the media that they can’t deal for Zigmund Palffy unless the exchange of contracts in the deal is equalized? What are they talking about? Palffy’s $7M next season is a team option. He can be acquired as a rental. Or does Islander ownership not have league authorization to increase the previously approved budgeted payroll by even a penny? Is that it?


The Kings have defensemen Aaron Miller and Dmitri Yushkevich (rentals) and Matt Schneider ($3.75M next season) available. The Caps might be in for Miller, the Flyers and Red Wings for Schneider . . . Adam Graves may well be on his way to Ottawa, where he would give the Senators their best chance of winning. Rangers would be interested if not for the fact sweater No. 9 is no longer available.

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  1. Flyers_01 says:

    I think in a trade that doesn’t involve large packets of money strapped to AHL players bodies that this is a fair trade. Iginla would be the best forward on the team if he were traded to NJ.

  2. silva21 says:

    The asking price is a little high, but to get a player of iginla’s caliber, you have to give up many. See it from Calgary’s point of view. They finally get a top scorer but the rest of the teams is far from molding together as a playoff team.

    It took them almost 10 years to finally get a player like Iginla to perform the way he does. They haven’t had a player like that since the guy he was dealt for.

    They are gonna be asking for something big. I think the offer you your putting up for the flames is ‘ridiculuosly low’. Granted, the asking from price was pretty high to start out with, your offering a Craig Patrick sort of deal.

    I’ll give you the fact that guys like Berglund, Guolla, and Gionta are decent players, but i doubt none of those players can even put up 60+ points as a flame.

  3. edmontonrules says:

    I don’t think that this is a high price to pay for Iginla. I almost wish that they wouoldn’t get rid of him. But if Calgary get a few really good players and a prospect with some promise, I’d say do it. You can’t get much worse.

  4. rooney says:

    i like the trade but add in niewendyk and teverdosky and give us drury

  5. mikster says:

    Easy, the Devils will not get Iginla because of his salary. They would not want to jack up their payroll close to $60M.

    As for Drury, he will be the perfect fit for the Devils. However…Gomez and Gionta is too big of an offer.

    The Devils can trade Ahonen, however, since he will never have the chance to be a starter with Brodeur in net.

    Sather will not trade Blackburn, period.

    MAYBE Lundmark, but not Blackburn.

    And, Rangers do not need a back up goalie in Turek. Deal makes no sense.

  6. aaron says:

    Man, if the Devils get Drury (forget Iginla for a second), watch out. Mr. Clutch on a trapping team that only needs 2-3 goals per game? If that deal goes through, the Devils would leap up to Stanley Cup favorites in my esteem.

  7. habs_88_4life says:

    The Flames arn’t going to trade Iginla to New Jersey or New York Rangers. They arn’t gonna trade him to anyone, they can’t afford to lose thier franchise player. He’s having a bad year but we all saw last year the extent of is capabilities, 50+goals and 95 points.

    Are the Devils willing to part with Elias or are the Rangers about to ship out Bure or Lindros ??? …….didn’t think so

  8. mikster says:


  9. MossRocks says:

    Good thing we got some more drivel from Larry Brooks. Drury, Iginla, and Turek for Blackburn, Lundmark and Dvorak?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That is the most retarded trade I have ever heard. The Rangers don’t have enough talent to get Iginla, let alone Drury also. It’s just ridiculous. I can’t even think of a trade that might work because the Rangers have NOTHING. They have four quality prospects/young players in their entire organization. It’s pathetic.

    By the way, I like how he rips Calgary for mismanagement. His favored Rangers are at the same level of incompetency for nearly THREE TIMES THE PRICE. Way to go, Slats, pure genius. Brooks criticizes the Iginla contract – interesting since Iginla is twice the player and 6 yrs younger than Holik, while Holik is making far more money with less production and no upside. Slats is handing out the bad contracts all over the place and Button is the moron?

    As for the Devils rumour: Iginla is only 25 and will continue to be a force in the NHL. The Flames do not need to trade him and will ask for what he is truly worth. He is definitely worth at least Langenbrunner, White and Ahonen, none of whom are particularly outstanding players. Langenbrunner is a second line player on a good day and White is a #4 d-man on a good day. Ahonen is a good goalie prospect – but the numbers for goalie prospects turning in to legit NHL starters are not great.

  10. DARTHJIM says:

    Bitter Ranger fan, huh? A little upset Sather isn’t getting all the bang for your buck? Iginla for Blackburn? Being a Islander fan, I hope they the Ranger$ do that trade! The Rangers need D, not another scorer. Anyone who saw the game with Buffalo last night can see that!

    As for Ziggy, Wang has already stated he isn’t above increasing the Islanders payroll. Also if they can trade Osgood to a contender in need of goalie help, if just as a rental (maybe St. Louis or Philly), the Isles will free up about $4 million next year. Snow has been great (Osgood hasn’t been missed), and DiPietro is the future! Someone has to go and Osgood makes the most money. Say what you want about Yashin, but he has had no help. Palffy would be HUGE on a line with Yashin. Milbury has already stated before that trading Palffy was his worst trade. Now is his chance to make amends.

  11. wingerxx says:

    If Calgary trades Iginla, they might as well just drop out of the league. I’m serious. The thing is, I have a lot of respect for the Calgary franchise, but this guy is the draw. People go to Flames games to see Iginla play. He’s been battling a lot of adversity this year. He will be a great player for them. They have to figure some way to keep him. This so-called trade proposal with the Rangers is preposterous. Sure he would love to give away Dvorak in a deal for a good player, but Sather will not trade Blackburn, he would be out of his mind to do that. Lundmark, maybe, when you could be getting Jarome Iginla in return. But Roman Turek with him? Not in this lifetime. Hmmm…would u rather have Turek or Blackburn long-term? Silly, silly stuff.

  12. wingerxx says:

    Larry Brooks is a stupid, stupid man.

  13. czar5 says:

    Chris Drury fits the bill better than Iginla; for one, his salary is about 40% of JI. He’s a more complete forward and has alot more playoff experience. Scott Gomez would probably be the centerpiece with some throw ins on both sides of the deal. I cant see Lamoriello trading Colin White considering the age of fellow defensive d-men Stevens and Daneyko.

  14. Kraftster says:

    There is no justification for saying Iginla is having a “bad year”…he’s been on a real tear since the break, and will probably net somewhere around 35 goals, and have maybe 70-80 points. By no standards is that a “bad year”. Especially a guy who had that great year last year, but beyond that hasn’t put up numbers like those projected this year. Iginla’s a bit healthier and is showing his value again. Expect any asking price to be deservedly HIGH!

    Also remember it’s not like Iginla is a ufa this summer.

  15. Tradedude says:

    Iginla Stayin’ in Calgary, and I’m sticking to it, he’s get 10 million canadian next season.

  16. MattNJD says:

    Oh please!! Never trade Blackburn huh??? Give me a break! Where’s Cloutier?? Where’s Brendl? Where’s Samaulsson? Where’s Malhotra? “Not trade Blackburn, period. MAYBE Lundmark” Who are you kidding?? The Rangers can hold there prospects for longer than 10 minutes when they hear a big name is out there. Its a joke. A total joke. You idiot Ranger fans wonder “why can’t this team win??? Look at all the talent!” Time to wake up New York. Learn how to build a team, how to groom young players, how to sign only key free agents, instead of overpaying every peice of trash ego on the market. Mark my words, Jamie Lundmark and Dan Blackburn WILL NOT be Rangers within 3 years. MARK MY WORDS.

  17. mikster says:

    Flames are drooling over Blackburn and Lundmark. Both are starters and you can build a team around them.

    Drury is not working out in Calgary, the Flames feel that they are spending too much money on one player, and speding too much money on an inconsistent starter.

    I mean, you look at your financial situation, you wouldn’t trade Drury (not working out), Turek (you’d want to dump him even for a draft pick), Iginla (can’t afford him him), for Blackburn (your future goalie star that you can build a team around), Dvorak (injuries threw him off but he still has upside) and Jamie Lundmark (highly touted in Alberta)???!!!

    You’re nuts! You can’t get a more valuable offer than that. That offer is superb in the long-run.

    You mentioned Langenbrunner who is 3rd line at best and very inconsistent, 27 years of age and makes too much money. Will be a UFA in 4 years and will likely be lost. Colin White is OK…overrated. He is just a solid d-men and you can find others.

    Ahonen is a good goalie, and the River Rats would be struggling to even get just 10 wins without him. However, is he NHL ready? Scandinavian goalies take a while.

    No way in hell i’d take that!

    Flames want to ship Iginla to the East. Flyers are too stupid to not give up Gagne, Leafs don’t have much other than Antropov to offer…..

    Brooks is a retard, however i agree with him. Flames are in financial struggles, always had problems selling tickets and then they sign a player for thta much money? I would have traded him right at that point since his stock value was over the max level.

    You can’t compare Iginla’s signing to Holik’s. Holik was going to get that much money anyway from the Devs or Leafs, so why not get him since you need him? WHo wouldn’t want Holik on their team?

    They are two totally different scenarios.

    I stil say the Flames should say screw it and trade Iginla to the West since there is more talent.

  18. mikster says:

    Salo, Weekes, Luongo….i am starting to see a trend here!!

  19. mikster says:

    Neil Smith was famous for trading his good prospects for players yet keep his busts.

    Cloutier, Sundstrom (two former first rounders) AND a thrid for Tampa’s 1st rounder which turned out to be Brendl. A BUST.

    Where’s Brendl? He is lost in Carolina since he is a lazy bust.

    Samuelsson? a 3rd line two way forward that Rangers also have in the minors in Garth Murray and Ryan Hollweg, they’re probably even better than Mikael.

    Malhotra? Who cares, Rangers got Lyashenko in return. Great swap except Malhotra is still being rushed, and is just a 3rd line guy, a former first? Makes him a bust. Lyashenko is becoming just that and he’s expected to become a defensive specialist.

    Look at Sather’s record of goaltenders. Blackburn is his goalie and he already said that he is untouchable. If he wasn’t untouchable then he would have traded him for Kovalev since Patrick wanted him.

    You have to think more instead of making stupid and biased remarks.

    So far, the only two young players that Slats has given up that have value are Johansson and York.

  20. mattressgenie says:

    As a Flames fans and season ticket holder it may be hard for me to remain objective, but do you not need at least common sense to be a published journalist?? Who is this Larry Brooks? Mismanaged team? Kudos to those of you who have already called him out on this one. $9m for Holik? $5m for Kasparitus? 5 years of missed play-offs?

    Calgary management is in a position where they cannot afford to make any mistakes…financial considerations are always prevelant. I’ll take my small market, hard working team over the Rangers any day.

    There is absolutely no excuse for a team with that budget to miss the play-offs once let alone 5 times in a row. Anyone that knows what a puck is could do at least as goos a job as what Slats has done. Iginla or Drury would be a good catch for any team, but be prepared to pay a price. and I agree with the previous statement, the Rangers simply do not have what it takes to pull this trade off. They have cornered the market on high priced under achieving players…and the Flames are simply not in the makret for those. I see the Devils as much more compatible but I can tell you from experience. if Iginla goes, so might my season ticket.

    Larry Brooks – give your head a shake.

  21. Just-Checking-In says:

    Excellent, excellent, excellent response.

    I think people are expecting garage sales every single day. When teams rip off a few because they can not afford to play, somehow everyone is just waiting to get ripped off.

    Iginla may indeed be dumped this season for salary if there was no end in sight. However with the CBA expiration coming soon, a team like Calgary can afford to ride it out and see what the new CBA brings.

    If a team steps up and offers are really great package of young players than I could really see the flames moving him. What I do not see if the Flames just raising the white flag and bending over on a trade.

    If the Flames just dump salary on Iginla they may as well call the moving vans and put a for sale sign out front.

  22. TheMinister says:

    Damn straight…As a Vancouver fan I’m happy if we beat them, not happy if we tie mind you, but Calgary has done very well with their talent and getting back equal value.

    BTW check out

  23. isles4life says:

    You of all people should talk how many good or better than good players have the Rangersn traded to get that(hugh humm)elite player?

  24. MossRocks says:

    You are forgetting that they can afford Iginla at the moment and they do not have to trade him. This means they will get value in return. Likewise, the fact that Drury is not playing well in Calgary, in no way diminishes his value on the trade market. Button will get value for Drury also.

    You are letting the recent Pittsburgh and Florida trades cloud your vision. Just because Patrick gives players away to save money doesn’t mean Button will also. In normal organizations, salary dumps yield real prospects in return. I wouldn’t trade Iginla for those three guys straight up. Blackburn is too young and could be a bust because it’s so hard to tell with young goalies. Dvorak was never that good and Lundmark has proven nothing… yet. (His value is high only in Edmonton because of the hometown thing and Comrie. Calgary could give a shit about that)

    Take a cue from the last big Button trade… he traded Morris and got Drury in return. (and that was a deal he was forced to make!!!) Mark my words if Drury or Iginla get traded he will get NHL ready, cheap, young players in return. Not projects or total wipeouts like Fata, Lintner, etc. etc. The Rangers simply don’t have any York/Gomez/Drury/Tanguay/Williams/Gagne types hanging around anymore. Poti and Dvorak are the only ones that are close and they are a little old and a little expensive. Sather screwed up Poti’s arbitration hearing, too making him cost more than he should.

    I wouldn’t want Holik. He’s hurt all the time and you could get eight, faster, vastly more exciting Edmonton Oilers for that price. 🙂

    The Flyers have the best shot at Iginla and friends. Pitkanen, Gagne/Williams, Seidenberg, Woywitka are all right up the Flames’ alley. What about Iginla and Drury for Gagne, Williams and Pitkanen? That’s a lot for both teams to deal.

  25. MattNJD says:

    Oh, I need to think?? Maybe you should do a little thinking… Only players of value that Slats has dealt are Johansson and York huh?? Hmm, what would you call Novak and all the first rounders that are gone? I guess they just don’t count since that trade brought in Pavel Bure and NO playoffs. My remarks aren’t biased. The only reason you think they are is because of the NJD on the end of my user name. I talk about facts in this forum. Pure facts. The Rangers give up on youth to land huge salary players… fact. The rangers overpay EVERY big name UFA they think will work in the Ranger “system” (whatever that system is)… fact. If the highest payroll team can’t make the playoffs for 6 years in a row (thats right, they will not make it this year) it is bad to the game… fact. Are those “stupid and baised remarks”? No. They are the joke that is the NY Rangers organization.

  26. mikster says:

    Novak? Not as good as he was supposed to be. Former first rounder, two straight poor training camps, and couldn’t even crack the Panther’s line up? He is also not doing as well in the AHL. Look at those facts, that’s why they traded him.

    Last year, lots of teams gave up a 1st rounder, even the Devils. It was a poor, mediocre at best, draft.

    What other first rounders are gone? I don’t know, all i can think of is Novak and a 1st round of last year.

    Devils were willing to overpay Holik, as were the Leafs and Isle’s willing to overpay Kaspar.

    You’re trying to climb a glass wall, and you’re sliding out by bringing up other topics.

  27. mikster says:

    They can’t afford him next year.

    Flyers don’t want to give up Gagne, so no Gagne no Iginla. If they were willing to tradeGagne, then i’d say yes for the Flyers.

    Devils won’t acquire Iginla.

    All i am doing is narrowing down the possibilities, from the Eastern teams.

    Holik hurt all the time!!! Before he was injured this season, he only missed like 8 games in a span of 4 or 5 years!!!!!!!!

  28. MantaRay says:

    I wouldn’t take Iginla for Gomez even up. So forget about Gionta and Gomez.

    We could get Drury and it wouldn’t cost us much (Gionta and Danton) thats all we need and the Cup is virtually ours.

  29. MossRocks says:

    You must be drunk on Kool-Aid. Gomez has proven that his offense came from Mogilny and he has done little since. Iginla is and always will be twice the player that Scott Gomez is. (Jarome also happens to be the hottest player in the NHL right now and will probably finish the year as a point per game player again. No chance of that for Gomez) The bottom line is the bottom line. Lou just couldn’t fit Jarome into his payscale. But would he take him even up for Gomez? Hell, yes.

    Gionta and Danton are worth far, far less than Antropov and Hoglund, so how will that yield Drury? Gionta and Danton are midgets with no upside. Button won’t be drinking Lou’s Kool-Aid either, so Lou will have to give up quality to get quality. Don’t hold your breath if that’s all the trade leverage that Lou has… unless that Kool-Aid is really, really good, if you know what I’m saying.

  30. Pock says:

    This is a good call, I dont see Lou getting rid of White, especially w/ there 2 veteran defensemen not that far off of retirement. As for Gomez, I think i may be the only devil fan that thinks hes expendable. Put in Tverdosky, mabye Bicek or Guolla, and lets see what we can come up w/. Keep the focus on Drury and Boughner i say, or Rob Niermeyer. I’d hold onto White and Rupp, we need the size.

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