Devils to make a big move?

The New York Post is reporting that Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is looking to make a move to put the Devils “over the top.”

It is noted that the Devils will be active at trying to land Pronger or Neidermayer is they are available at the deadline however it is reported that possibly the most likely player for them to swing a deal for is Ed Jovanovski or Derek Morris of the Coyotes.

Of the available players it is noted that Morris is unrestricted at the end of this season and that Jovo has one more year left on his 6 million dollar contract. In the case of Jovo the Coyotes may look to unload him for a reasonable price in order to unload his contract for next season while they are in financial troubles.

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  1. hockeyhead says:

    one of hottest teams going…..and getting marty back.

    looks like lammy wants to make another blunder like firing julien.

    i hope they mess the team up in time for playoffs.

  2. papichulo71 says:

    Jay McKee from St. Louis would probably be the best fit.  Pending UFA, $4M full year hit

  3. RossCreek says:

    Jay McKee has 1 more year left after this season.

  4. ZeroX93 says:


    FL 4 NJ 0 feb. 17th 09

  5. RossCreek says:

    From everything I've heard and read, Ed Jovanovski has NO desire to leave the desert. I've said it repeatedly, it's unlikely he will waive his no-trade clause.
    As for New Jersey, I think Derek Morris is an option, but watch for the Ducks to possibly make a deal with the Devil. Chris Pronger would be a perfect fit in New Jersey should he be made available. And don't rule out a return to "the swamp" for former Devil Scott Niedermeyer (possibly along with brother Rob).

  6. Jenkinstein says:

    A deal like that would cost NJ a quality forward or dman, so say goodbye to either White, Zajac or Zubrus (or perhaps all three) going the other way.

  7. bpletsch23 says:

    Do you usually judge a team by one game? They lost to the Panthers, but before that they won like 13 out of 15, including wins against Boston and San Jose. So Yeah, I don't thinks its a stretch to say one of the hottest teams in the league.   

  8. RossCreek says:

    Done. If you could land Pronger or Niedermeyer for that – Done! I don't think White is exectly what the Ducks would be looking for. Zubrus could be in play as far as $$ heading back. Zajac would definately interst the Ducks. The Hockey News suggests Niedermeyer for D Andy Greene, D Matthew Corrente, F Nicklas Bergfors.

  9. RANGERSMAN says:


  10. the_word says:

    Lou Lamoriello is an excellent GM, no way does he take perhaps the worst contract in the league in Jovanovski. Jovanovski is McCabe with less offensive upside. He is a terrible skater and constantly turns over the puck. Big contract and a defensive liability, not exactly a Lamoriello type player.

  11. ZeroX93 says:

    yeah they WERE hot. Getting completely shutdown by the lowly panthers from the southLeast division means you are no longer hot. allowing 4 goals is not hot goaltending or Defense. Scoring 0 goals is not hot offense.

    Yes it is safe to say that one game can dictate that. One game dictates many things. most important thing… the stanley cup. Theres only one game out of the series that its actually awarded to someone. So yeah one game says a lot.

    (I'm not saying they're cold either)

  12. jonnygf40 says:

    Actually Jovo has 2 years left on his contract, which pays him $6.5 million a year.

  13. hockeyhead says:

    florida is not lowly.

    geez man.

  14. ZeroX93 says:

    i know I'm a panther fan 🙂 but thats the rep we've gotten all throughout the NHL for being too far south of canada mostly

  15. mozzy says:

    The last thing the NHL needs is a strong Devils team in the playoffs. One of the most boring, talentless teams with less fans than my kitchen ceiling. Nobody wants or needs the devils in the playoffs…how they are winning games is an act of God….or Satan.

  16. bpletsch23 says:

    I guess I'm biased because I'm a devils fan but I don't agree with anyone who still says the Devils are boring. They don't play the trap any more. And they have plenty of talent on this years roster. Zajac, Elias, and Parise are skilled guys who are playing great this year. Rolston is doing what he's supposed to do. Clarkson keeps improving his offensive ability. Their defense is made up of players that can skate and make passes, except for White who ices the puck all the time. This team can generate scoring chances through their speed, through hard work in the zone, and obviously through turnovers if they happen. Actually, they get in trouble when they try to play the sit back style that you refer to.  Sutter's system is an aggressive forecheck system with defenseman pinching at the proper times. 

    I agree about the fans, though.  Fan turnout is always weak.

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