Devils waive Mogilny

In light of Patrick Elias’ return General Manager Lou Lamoriello is facing cap issues so he has decided to put future hall of famer Alexander Mogilny on waivers

Wow what a shocker this is! They are only around 500k over the cap, they could have easily waived one of their other players. So where is he going to now? Florida was interested this summer, Habs are looking for a scoring touch, could he have another run in Vancouver? San Jose is looking for some offense and with Primeau out for a while could Philly look for some depth at the wing?


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  1. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    if islanders deal niinima for a pick, i can see them going for him with the new found cap space they’d have.

    but they would have to move quick in dealing niinima. like tommorow!

  2. NHLman says:

    Here’s the info: according to Stan Fischler as seen on MSG network, the releasing of Mogilny was not the result of a necessity to get under the cap; this move is a result of an apparent disinterest in the team’s scheme on Alexander Mogilny’s part. Although Mogilny has played fairly well this season it seems that he has not been giving it his full effort and does not want to play the Devils’ system. This move is in hopes of increasing team chemistry– addition by subtraction. The fact that this gets New Jersey under the cap is not the reason for this move.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    If he clears waivers, and then traded to Toronto, it’d cost us about $875 in cap space this year, and 1.75 the next.

  4. 92-93 says:

    i really don’t know what lou was thinking here. i mean, he’s the best GM in the league (or one of the best anyways).

    i suppose he did this to get more room to move under the cap. if the Devils were in the Leafs or Flyers situation, the rise in the cap next year would make this move seem dumb. but the Devils are not in that situation so they have to do what they can.

    nevertheless, its a shocking move and its one that is going to have a lot of negative intangible effects in the locker room.

    Mogilny may not be a long-term signing but he WOULD help any team out there.

  5. Enigma says:

    Ottawa picks him up….assuming they have the cap room.

  6. bruin37 says:

    nobody is talking about the bruins picking him up it will help us out big time. mogiliny bergeron boyes. samsanov zamnov murray. what do u people think just a thought.

  7. le_sean says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Montreal, if he can go on the left wing.

    Mogilny – Koivu – Kovalev

    Just an idea; you’re not giving up any players for him (well maybe POTENTIAL players because of the money). They are in serious need of some offence, and Zednik is not a 1st line kind of player, and winning the Lady Byng is a good thing, probably a good guy in the dressing room and some veteran presence they could use, smarten up the other Russians.

    I don’t know why Julien sent Perezhogin down to the minors, he is a great and skilled player. I would put him with Ribeiro and Ryder, since Ribby sometimes feels like not carrying the puck or playing good every night, you can put Perezhogin (who has tremendous hands and speed) AND KEEP HIM ON THAT LINE…the only reason he wasn not producing is because they shuffle him all the time, he is an outstanding player.

    Perezhogin – Ribeiro – Ryder

    Now Julien could have a great 3rd line that can provide some scoring chances, once Plekanec comes back (best rookie for them I believe). Maybe Bonk would have more points with players that can actually finish plays, I mean he can make some good passes and he’s strong on the puck (not worth that money, but no one wants him). I wouldn’t mind putting him on waivers though, not too big of a deal.

    Zednik – Bonk – Plekanec


    Zednik – Plekanec – Higgins

    Now they have a great player in Begin, I love this guy, very underrated. And what is with Murray? I was sceptical of the Hossa/Murray trade at first, but this guy is fantastic, a younger Begin, all heart and grit. Add Bulis who can set up and play great defence, you have a VERY good 4th line. I hate leaving out Sundstrom, he is playing very well lately.

    Murray – Begin – Bulis/Sundstrom

    I know, this is more about the Canadiens and less about Mogilny, but I think this team would be great to watch. I’m not a coach, however I believe this formation could work. Julien has to learn how to keep people together, STOP SHUFFLING. You cannot get chemistry that way. Oh ya, and I hate Dagenais, kick him off lol.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    I’d honestly rather have Niinimaa than Mogilny right now. The guy looks bored. I can see why New Jersey released him.

  9. dcz28 says:

    I think Mogilny has one more year on his contract so the Sens shouldn’t be spending their money on him since this summer they have to sign Havlat, Spezza, Redden and Chara to new deals…i don’t know about you but i think the money would be better spent on those for guys then on Mogilny

  10. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    ninimma looks bored too. and the isles don’t score enough goals.

  11. Flyaz says:

    I think your a little over dramatic by listing him as a future hall of famer. Joe Sakic is a future hall of famer, Steve Yzerman, same thing. Alexander Mogilny has a chance but being bold enough to outright call him a future hall of famer is a bit absurd. Glenn Anderson won 5 cups and scored one point shy of 1100….and he’s not there. Alex Mogilny is far from a shue in.

  12. Flyaz says:

    I’m sure he tried….Lou is a smart man. Probably no takers, in a non cap world somebody would have taken him for sure but that’s not the reality of today’s NHL. After awhile he just needed to clear the cap space. That would be my guess anyways.

  13. Damian78 says:

    According to TSN we were $900,000 under the cap before he was placed on waivers. With an annual salary of $3.5 million if he clears waivers which is very possible since I think Lou would have already tried to trade him and there was no takers. That means that they are $4.4 million under the cap now and I smell a trade coming. I don’t agree with waiving him cause I think Lou’s expectations were too high. Th main thing that is bad for the team is the players once they clear waivers and they report to the AHL they still get paid. So even though it doesn’t coun’t against the cap it is a still a financial loss for the organization.

  14. Flyaz says:

    They do have a lot of cap room, but there two goalies are only getting paid 900k each a year. Plus Joseph is clearly the starter on that team. Also Joseph if I’m not mistaken signed for one year…and I don’t think he’ll be there next year as his play this season has renewed interest in him so he will probably have some offers on the table for next season.

  15. NemiNA says:

    Do you really think Mogilyny will work well under hitchc*ck? I don’t. I think philly is up against the cap anyways with all the young players they have to pay.

    Mogilny only has about 1.75 mil let of his salary since the season’s halfway through. SO he’s only a little expensive.

  16. doanerfan says:

    Phx is the obvious choice here.

  17. buds8 says:

    guess that hasn’t been working out too well over the last 10 years…..considering they’ve missed the playoffs 50% of the time!

  18. AntoinePortilick says:

    I agree. It’s time for the youth movement which seems to be doing alright right now. So Ferg, don’t do it.

  19. bleedingblu says:

    Well in my opinion, I don’t think anyone will pick up Mogilny’s 7 mil, 2 yr contract but once he clears waivers I could see a potential trade with a few teams that really need his services. Either way, Jersey will have to pick up a part of the tab in order to negotiate a trade with another club.

    I could really see him moving to Washington to join young Ovechkin just as long as his hips could keep up with the streaky rookie and everyone knows that Washington definitely has some money to spend.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Toronto made a pitch. I know that Toronto is not lacking with scoring and everyone is right about there being a huge opportunity with defence but, Lindros is not healing very well and apparently his wrist has been put into a cast. If he doesn’t heal up soon he may miss the season. If this happens, his salary won’t go against the cap. In my opinion, Toronto doesn’t need another veteran.

    I could also see him going back to Vancouver. A familiar face in the line up may spark this club.

  20. Freeze says:

    Could Columbus be interested? Maybe reunite (from their days back in Russia) Mogilny with a struggling Fedorov and hope the pair can catch fire. Fedorov has just been a huge disappointment since his trade from Anahiem where I think he’s only scored 1 goal (on the pp) since coming to Columbus. With Foote and Fedorov and Nash, I wonder how much cap space they have left.

  21. cecilturtle says:

    How is Boucher doing for Pheonix? I get the Bouchier and the Checkmonic trades confused. Did Pheonix give up Handzus and Esch to Philly for Bouchier? Because the way I see it… Boucher and Esch are average at best backup goalies. But to give Philly Handzus as well? Why? Why would you include a big strong skilled constantly improving center in a trade for two scrubb minor league goaltenders? Anyway, my question to you is… How is Doucher doing for you? Obviously not as well as the Esch because Esch is on Team USA and not Boucher! And you threw in Handzus… You know I will be cursing your franchise tonight if philly takes the lead in or wins tonights game! Anyway, Maybe if you throw in another top player they will trade the Team USA goalie back to you for the goalie you have now… The one who did not make team USA?

    Cecil Turtle

  22. Gretzkin says:

    1.75 mil this year.

    3.5 Next year on his contract.

    It’s still over 5 million.

    A bit expensive for somebody who is only getting worse as his body breaks down.

  23. Gretzkin says:


    What a strange thing to read this morning.

    Mogilny on waivers.

    Okay, he’s not having an “Alexander Mogilny” season by any means, but he’s got 25 points in about 32 games, so he can still produce a bit when he is out there.

    Thing is, ALMO is a bit of a lame duck nowadays, and I thought the same thing his last season in Toronto.

    Put the guy in the offensive zone, and he’s either going to set up or score, but his back and hips hinder any type of Allstar performance.

    All you have to do is hit him now, and he’s shaken.

    I was a bit surprised he even came back to play, as I thought he would have the wits about him to call it a day.

    I’m glad that JFJ didn’t resign him in Toronto, along with Roberts or Niewy.

    All three of these players are amazing, but are limited in their sense of health. Although, Roberts and Niewy are doing better than I thought they would this year.

    Not good for the playoffs if you asked me.

    The super interesting part of this is the fact that Lou Lamorello has said that this was not a salary cap move, just a personnel move.

    That being said, it tells me that he has likely tried to trade the over priced winger, and has had no takers. Now he’s cutting his losses by putting him throught waivers.

    A Personnel Move: Nobody in New Jersey is safe, so play hard every night, or you could be next.

    (Although if I played in New Jersey, I’d want a trade)

    So, New Jersey has been the hottest realistic topic in the potential trade market. Needing a much needed rebuild, as the wheels seemed to fall of the cart beginning with the D core leaving, and leaving Marty the Party standing at the ladies tee with his dick out.

    Now, we armchair GMs have been trading goalies ferociously this season. I mean, we’ve been trading Roberto Luongo to 29 other teams in the NHL.

    We’ve packed Theodore’s bags on a daily basis, etc…

    I think, out of all of these goaltenders, Martin Brodeur should request a trade and set the ball rolling on a mid-season rebuild. It would actually be a good thing for the Devils at this point, as they need to replenish and start a new.

    And, it would be good for Brodeur.

    God Speed ALMO!

    P.S. Didn’t Martin Brodeur get caught red handed by his wife, having sex with her sister a couple of years ago?


  24. Komic-J says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised…I would have made the same thing. The Devils made the same mistake the Habs did when they signed Radek Bonk…I only hope this won’t be Gainey’s solution to the Canadiens problem, because he isn’t…

  25. Komic-J says:

    Koivu and Kovalev both need someone to go in the corner or a big presence in front of the net. Mogilny is not what Montreal needs right now, we already have a lot of those “talented” russian player on our team, and quite frankly, I don’t see a lot of difference between him and Zednik. I’d rather see Perezhogin play on the first line, and Zednik on the second line with Ribeiro and Ryder…

    But you’re 100% right when you say that Perezhogin needs to be used on the first two line and stay there for awhile…give him a real shot ! Mike Ribeiro is getting some heat right now, but maybe if Claude Julien gave him a “steady” left winger, it would help the guy. He doesn’t have any value right now, so trading him would be stupid…so give him a shot…a real one !

  26. digs says:

    New Jerseys needs a serious rebuild, and I think a lot of people here are right in the assumption that he was baited with no takers.

    My predictions:

    1-ALMO ends up with a team in the West!

    2- Brodeur ends up in Montreal for Mike Ribeiro, Dagenais and all the Habs gangstas (hey-we all have dreams!)

    3- Devils hire Suter after he leads Team Canada to gold against the Russians tonight!

  27. Flyaz says:

    Cechmanek got traded to LA for two second round picks. Boucher got traded with a third round pick to Phoenix for Esche and Handzus. The reason that Handzus was included was because at the time Boucher had a season, and playoffs as a starting goaltender in the NHL and Esche saw limited time as a backup in Phoenix. I don’t think anyone at the time really thought he would be a starter, and the Flyers got him to be a backup to Cechmanek. So trading what both teams deemed as a starter for what both teams deemed a backup there had to be something else thrown into the mix….Handzus. What a great trade that turned out to be for the Flyers and Flyers fans. Boucher has only played around 5 games this season. I think he’s been injured but regardless Joseph is there starter now so it doesn’t really matter. Esche also made it to game 7 of the conference final the last time hockey was played, and played very well. Although it looks like Nittymaki has won over the #1 job while Esche has been injured I would hardly call him a “scrub minor league goaltender” But regardless, that should clear things up for you.

  28. wingerxxx says:

    That is assuming quite a lot. A trade or claim in Mogilny would be a shot in the foot right now. Watching him play in his last few games, I can see why New Jersey waived him. He is good in the offensive zone, but elsewhere, he has turned into an extreme liability. His skating has really tailed off. This is why no team put a claim on him. Only a team desperate for scoring has any business looking into his services right now, and Toronto was smart not to pick him up.

  29. 92-93 says:

    i had posted this back on Nov 1 when the leafs had a 6-4-2 record and everyone was losing it over the leafs’ ‘poor’ start. I want to update it now in light of the leaf’s injuries/win streak and Mogilny being waived (believe it or not, someone on this site actually – for some unfathomable reason – accused me of plagarizing this info, which, can only be thought up and posted by ‘experts’ and ‘journalists’ apparently) …

    Back on Nov 1 the stats between JFJ’s signings and who he released looked like this:

    Allison and O’Neill and Lindros:

    34 games played, 14 goals, 18 assists, 32 points, -18, a combined average age of 30 years old and an average salary of $4.55 million.

    Nieuwendyk and Roberts and Mogilny:

    25 games played, 7 goals, 11 assists, 18 points, +2, a combined average age of 38 years old and an average salary of $8 million.

    As of today, the players that Toronto let go have almost caught up in Games Played to the players they’ve signed (because Roberts and Nieuwy have returned from injuries while Allison and Lindros are currently injured), and the differences in +/- and points have only gotten larger.

    Allison and O’Neill and Lindros:

    104 games played, 30 goals, 52 assists, 82 points, -17, a combined average age of 30 years old and an average salary of $4.55 million.

    Nieuwendyk and Roberts and Mogilny:

    98 games played, 31 goals, 36 assists, 67 points, +7, a combined average age of 38 years old and an average salary of $8 million.

    Once again, the Leafs’ trio of signings are not playing that good defensively compared to the players they let go. yet the players they let go are older (by about 8 years!), are more or just as injury-prone, and have not produced as much offensively. Moreover, the Leafs trio are signed for HALF THE AMOUNT of the (OLDER) players they let go.

    back on nov 1 i stated that ‘things can change very quickly (the leafs’ trio could get hurt and probably will at some point’) but i think many have overstated how much of an idiot JFJ was when he made these moves. Considering the injuries and the waiving of the players they let go, and considering the players that have stepped up (Sundin, Wellwood, Poni, Kilger, Pohl, Czerkawksi) in the absence of the players they’ve signed, the leafs are not that bad off.

    all in all, its a testament to the leafs’ new philosophy (incorporate youth more) and offensive depth. now, if only the older players like O’Neill, Tucker, Allison, etc. could play better in their own end like the younger players on the Leafs squad!

  30. Turnbull says:

    yeah…..and they’ll still suck just as bad.

  31. hemskyrulz06 says:

    Oilers should pick him up. dvorak coming back and they are playing really good right know here is how the lines would look like.

    first line








    not to bad

  32. EmptyNetter says:

    I wondered if an all-Russian line would work —

    Samsonov Zhamnov Mogilny

    Sturm Bergeron Boyes

    Looks like Murray would be the odd man out.

  33. Aetherial says:

    Anyone who thinks for one second, regardless of the quotes and rumors and reasoning, that this somehow ISN’T about cap space is smoking something AWFUL strong.


    Never forget that.

    Even if you are delusional and you somehow believe that the Devils don’t want to clear cap room… The fact is, they had to have at least tried to trade this guy and there were NO takers …

    because of the cap.


    Everything else is BS.

  34. 92-93 says:

    well, i wouldn’t compare Mogilny’s good numbers with Bonk’s. sure, they were both signed for too much, but you cannot tell me that Bonk is anywhere near as good as Mogilny.

  35. nordiques100 says:

    you are correct about Marty. couldnt blame the guy. his wife is hot, but her sister is hotter LOL

  36. Gretzkin says:


    I never saw his wife, but Hockey wives in general are hot.

    Even Wade Belak has a hot wife… Go figure.

    As for the sister. Don’t we all want to take a run at our girls’ sister. Just the principle.

  37. NemiNA says:

    yeah thanks i forgot about next year. EVEN better reason not to take him!

  38. NemiNA says:

    and the hire barry melrose’s mullet as their mascot in increase fan morale! I swear that thing cures cancer.

  39. Komic-J says:

    Mogilny is a better player than Bonk ever was, is or ever will be, no doubt about that. But Lou Lamoriello spent way too much money on him, and on other players like Malakhov and McGillis this summer. It’s a risk in the new NHL because if the player don’t meet your expectations (like Mogilny and Bonk), their contract makes them impossible to move…that’s what I meant.

  40. sketchy says:

    No Chance Of That

    Really, the Oilers are winning, offence is not a problem. AlMo is just a distraction for the new Oilers core.

    Forget it, 3.5 Millions per year for two, they’d rather trade for Weight than pick up the Mogilny contract.

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