Devils Want Dunham

The NY Post has learned the Devils are talking to former Ranger Mike Dunham about returning for a second stint in New Jersey. They are at the same time courting Scott Clemmensen, their No. 2 last season.

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  1. J_Retz says:

    The devils have a #2?

  2. 33roy says:

    With Broduer you do not need a # 2. He is just like the great PATRICK ROY the more he plays the better he gets and when he gets a night off the team looses. GO AVS GO

  3. SensShark says:

    You know if one of the players wanted to play nets for a couple games to give Brodeur a night off that could work too……

  4. Milohabs says:

    Here’s a thought. And don’t call me completely crazy here, but the Devils may be forced to make a drastic trade or two to get under the cap. Maybe they ship out Brodeur and his 5 million for some rookies, draft picks and they go with Dunham & Clemesson?? I know it sounds crazy but Gretzky was traded a few times, Roy was dealt to Colorado, Thornton to San Jose, Pronger to Anaheim (after signing long-term and going to the finals). Crazier things have happened. Lou would get A TON of prospects & picks for Brodeur.

    On my wish list, Brodeur to Montreal for Abeisher and several hig draft picks. This would save Lou 3 million right off the bat.

    I know that will never happen, but it’s nice to dream. If Brodeur came to Montreal, they’d be instant cup contenders.

  5. cecilturtle says:

    Why??? As a Rangers fan… Until last year the Rangers did not face a Devils backup goalie since 1994. Why should the Devils waste any money on a backup goalie… A back up goalie who will only play at most 10 games a year and only against the worst – most struggling teams in the league? Why not give the Albany River Rat goalie(s) a bone or two or ten with the big club. Seems a much better move than signing some broken down goalie trying to hang on for another year. Put yourself in Dunham’s skates for a minute… Why would you sign with NJ when Brodure is certain to play 70-75 games a year? Seems to me, Dunham only wants to collect a paycheck while doing (playing) as little as possible!

    Cecil Turtle

  6. habsoverserver says:

    If they were trading Broduer, they would get a starting goalie in return, so they would have no need to look at Dunham.

  7. tacitus says:

    how come no goalie has ever wanted to play an entire season????

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    They should Trade Gomez, Mogilney, Malakov, or Gionta for some goalie prospects. In about 5 years they’ll be looking for a starter.

  9. FlamingHomer says:

    For the amount of games #2 will get into, Lou might as well play the position himself and save the cap room.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    in the new NHL, every team needs a number 2. Don’t forget that at the beggining of the Season Markanen and Ward were backups.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    because by the end of the season you have nothing left for the playoffs. its tough being a goalie, you’re on the ice for 60 minutes every game.

  12. ranford4life says:

    Don’t forget, Brodeur will be 35 this year. Although this does not make him a relic like Belfour, Lou has to see that he’s no spring chicken. Last season Brodeur missed six consecutive games with a knee injury. With the new style of the NHL, and its utter lack of respect for the safety of its goaltenders, injuries like the one he had will become even more common. Waste money on a back-up goalie? If it gets you an extra 2 or 3 wins a season, a solid back-up is a wise investment.

    This is simply another person underestimating the value of a winning team’s goaltending.

    Need more proof? The final four teams in the this year’s playoffs had goaltenders that split duties all season long. Think about that.

  13. 33roy says:

    Awesome idea Lou

    Give Patirkc a call maybe he will play for nothing when Marty needs a break that would be an awesome duo Marty and Patrick and lets all face it Patty could still play and win win win. Just ask all the REd Wing fans

  14. habsfan09 says:

    They should sign “Red Light” Racicot

  15. MantaRay says:

    All you had to read was “the NY Post has learned” and moved on to the next topic. NY Post is almost never right about anything. Its the National Inquirer of New York Papers.

  16. Doctor says:

    good, now when brodeur goes down with a thrown out back 2 weeks into the season the devils will not win more than 30 games. you guys suck.

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